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  1. Knowing he didn't "say that" makes me take back my initial comment
  2. What school? That's not necessary! I never understood the 'berating' style of teaching/instructing.
  3. OK. I'm not 100% sure that @Tborze is kidding here, but ...I don't think so. I think that direction instantly labels you as a Red Ass and would cause more problems than not. Keeping in mind, this is a coach making a hand signal, not a verbal (which could warrant a stern warning). There are other much better ideas here, but for me ... I lean towards IGNORE. If it's CONSTANT, then it's simply a: "Coach, .. I got this ...please let me make the calls" (do it with a calm voice and maybe a smile) ... usually you'll get an apology. If it continues ... you can always use what was mentioned above: Coach signals a big safe sign: (B/R is out) ...just extend your timing a little longer ..... "NOPE ... look right at him and sell a big punch out" That's my .02, ymmv
  4. That's' mine right there .... except, I have a 'shovel' TG on mine ....
  5. I think that question from Matt was for something else
  6. UPDATE: Well, unfortunately, it doesn't look like the smoke is going to come to fruition. Sounds like the feedback from All-Star's retailers, Ump-Attire @JimKirk and others, the preference was blue. P.S. Don't shoot the messenger!!!!!!!!
  7. while indeed a true statement ... this is a post in the equipment forum discussing shirt color
  8. Not sure if this has been said yet, but ... another way is to announce it during your "TIME" call ... "Hang on-Hang on! - TIME! - (done with your hand or hands up) ... let him get set please" THEN, there's absolutely ZERO question at all. It doesn't happen often, but I've used this method and it has worked. YMMV
  9. yes, he really was a horses ass in that altercation but ...to his credit, ...he apologized after the fact in his press conference and knew he was wrong after seeing it again. Lots of guys won't admit they're wrong, .. he did
  10. Wait a minute ... hang on .... I watched the first 45 minutes or so of this game and didn't notice till now that .... wait .... @MadMax ....is that a ....WILSON frame?!?
  11. LMAO!!!! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  12. Hey everyone! Max just sent me a message to let me know that he is doing the Northwoods League All-Star game tonight at 7 p.m. central Time. Free live streaming on Northwoods League.com Congratulations Max, go get em! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  13. a blue visor on a black mask w/ gray pads is great when you still have to wear Navy!
  14. Ok guys ... with respect to @Fittske24 .... (and yes, I'm at fault here too) .... but let's drop the idle chatter. If you don't have further info for Ken, then please refrain. Thanks ...
  15. The real crux of all of this is highlighted in red and bolded.
  16. Oh, I get it .... and you're right about the 'dumpster fires' that happen often on the other pages ... he certainly does a good job at stamping those out quickly ...
  17. We've got a Fittske sighting folks!!!!!!!!
  18. it's referring to being 'suspended' or 'muted' on the "Umplife" facebook page .... super strict over there, ...Ray and his moderators run a SUPER tight ship! (sometimes too tight in my opinion, but... it's his page )
  19. No. If the mask came out w/ all of the Cobalt stuff, then - maybe. FM4K was out long before their Cobalt line of gear. You're too progressive of a thinker @MadMax .... there IS some logic there, but you continue to confuse the casual 'gear whore'
  20. I love what Ray does, and he's a great guy, but man, ...you sneeze the wrong way and you're on their naughty list ...it's kind of over the top.
  21. just getting around to this ..... now in the High School forum
  22. Thunderheads


    Ok. You see ... saying that you don't understand why, or don't like the rule because of the reasons you stated is very different than not listening to other experienced umpires tell you what/how you should do it, and then just ignore them and say you're going to call a balk anyhow. I hope you see the difference.
  23. Thunderheads


    OK @agdz59 .... You're pissing me off. You're NOT listening to MANY VERY EXPERIENCED umpires on this site who have told you that you are wrong. I'll add to that list - YOU ARE WRONG! If the pitcher does NOT HAVE the ball, the ball CAN NOT, BY RULE, be put into play. Thus, no balk. Start over-stearn warning to defensive team. PERIOD. If you call a balk in this situation, as you've been told MANY TIMES, ...it is wrong, and many other umpires call this incorrectly as well. LEARN FROM THIS, and please, stop arguing with this. Again, you are wrong, end of discussion, move on, and shut up about it. Enough about it. Thank you
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