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  1. An offensive coach, trying to get a 'safe' call confusing the fielder? No, ... fielder will look at the umpire every time. Won't happen, don't ever go there. Re-look at the definition: "Offensive interference is an act by the team at bat which interferes with, obstructs, impedes, hinders, or confuses any fielder attempting to make a play.
  2. Is it how far the bat travels, or .... did the batter attempt to strike at the pitch? Different answers for different questions
  3. Ahhh .... this is very near and dear to me as I am the same way (not like I used to be, but). It's ok to 'try to be liked' as you say. But, as others have said, being an umpire, it's impossible. I've always been stubborn and thought: "I know I can't please everyone, but dammit, I'm going to try" .... I've given that up, because it's not worth trying, because in this "profession" it's impossible. Become "liked" by doing a good job, looking the part, being approachable, hustling, etc .... you won't feel as though you're "liked" ...but YOU WILL become respected, and that my friend is about as close as you're going to get being an umpire. It's ok to be this way on a personal level ...you just have to realize it's unattainable as an umpire
  4. You should be drinking water all day, all the time. I mean, at least get in 64 ounces. I've been drinking that much for years now. It's just habit. I'm typing this, listening to a meeting, drinking coffee with a 24 oz. Tervis Tumbler that sits on my desk every day. I'll usually go through 4 of those in a day, at least. Nice reminder!
  5. Always wondered about that TG, thanks @wolfe_man ! And,... has anyone noticed how much weight Cubby has lost??! WOW!
  6. it's been around longer than that for sure ....
  7. Conformity? Geeez My God, relax ...... it's my choice based on logic. Loop it through itself around my beltloop, and drop the stop-watch into my back pocket. Easy to get to, with no chance of "dropping" it or it coming out of my pocket. Yes, you can still see the cord, and no, no one cares
  8. Hell, I wear a stop watch on the bases but it's on my belt loop and in my back pocket, ...the string doesn't hang out the back like they do on the MLB field. It's to keep the time between innings constant (keeps the game moving)
  9. My comment stands, and baseball is still the cheapest to attend Sent from my SM-A426U using Tapatalk
  10. Where do I start? How about here: Keith just nailed this! (with one exception) ... football is NOT the national pastime. Baseball still is (regardless of how much it's changed ) But, again, he is spot on in this post. And let's not forget, baseball is STILL the most affordable sport (of the big 4) to attend! The hot dogs are better, and the beer is SO MUCH colder at a baseball game! Great post Keith! 🍻
  11. Yes they do, and that's what it is. They have stopwatches for when games are televised and they can keep things on track. The lanyards are indeed stopwatches.
  12. Gil, saw the video, ... and still a little confused as to what took so long. The count doesn't matter, ... BI, batters out, R1 goes back to first (regardless of the count) right?
  13. Correct, the World Series play is fine except for the 'safe call' by DeMuth. Not technically wrong, because he was safe, but ...if you're talking pure mechanics ... call time, award the plate.
  14. Did you see the clip from the World Series in 2013 within that video? Does that answer your question? (DeMuth shouldn't have signaled 'safe', but ... like Lentz did, .. call time. Then go through the mechanic.
  15. That entire play belongs in an umpiring text-book! Perfect! @johnnyg08
  16. sure thing. Within the buy/sell/trade forum is a thread called "transaction experience"
  17. sent over to the Transaction Experience page .....
  18. A few MLB guys are rocking Honig's pads also .... Nic Lentz is one of them (on a Wilson Ti frame [I believe])
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