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  1. Ok. This has run its course. The answer has been given aside from a couple obstinate posters here ...the info is good, so I'll lock it down, but keep it so the information is available.
  2. I remember!!! Too bad! Sorry for the wait, here she is! By the way,... no t-hooks, it came that way... Sent from my SM-A426U using Tapatalk
  3. Yet you keep bringing it up?!?!?!?!?!? YOU ARE WRONG. PERIOD. HARD STOP. THANK YOU! END OF DISCUSSION.
  4. I have an original West Vest Douglas I had customized to a 13.5, w/ gap caps and t-hooks. Photo to come around 9am or so this morning.
  5. Another good idea! Thanks Arik! PINNED!
  6. Ok, great idea for a topic @Cavalier1948 !! And this is not directed towards you, but ...TO EVERYONE ELSE.... before this goes TOO far, let's try to keep this forum here for photos and quick descriptions of your CP. I ask this so that different information regarding CPs, how they work, opinions, reviews, how to fix them, trick them out, what have you- does not get lost within this thread. Does that make sense? Any ideas, or thoughts, please send me a private message. This is the same concept used within the 'Mask Porn' thread. When you use the word 'porn' ...it should be focused on 'photos'. Again, any further ideas etc, ...please send me a private message. So, as for now, let's keep this thread to photos and brief explanations
  7. YES YOU SHOULD!!!!!!!! Tough SH*#! BE CONVINCED! THIS BALL IS NOT LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERIOD! STOP IT NOW! CORRECT IT like you've been told many times on this site from VERY knowledgeable umpires! And to the rest of you who may feel that @Recontra is correct, ... RE-READ this thread and understand the facts of this situation. NO EGGS...NO OMELETTE !
  8. Roger, I think he's been wearing that thing forever!
  9. he's looking for these ......... OKA - CP gap protection plates
  10. There's no "if" here... and typically yes, ... the post season of anything CWS and MLB playoffs, with more media coverage, hot mics etc .... yes, you're more apt to hear this during these settings as opposed to a regular season televised game on some random Wednesday night.
  11. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my SM-A426U using Tapatalk
  12. More on topic .... I do locate pitches under certain circumstances. Typically the closer the pitch, or the CLOSER IT MAY LOOK from the dugouts, the more I'll locate. Obvious sky-high pitches or pitches in the dirt, ....you know what I mean .... that does not get located... (no need) My favorite is the 0-2 pitch when the catcher sets up WAY outside to get the kid to go fishing, and the pitcher NAILS the glove, but it's about a foot outside ... whack! "THAT'S OUTSIDE!!!!" crowd: "ooohhhhhhhhhhhh!" Then the catcher looks up and says ... "I love it when they think that pitch is a strike" ...
  13. I'm not, and I didn't. But, I think we understand now where each of us are coming from. (hard stop please)
  14. That's a very different viewpoint ... a comment like this would have helped: "interesting, I wasn't aware of this before and have never really heard it until this postseason" .... THAT is a very different view than what you were portraying above. It's all good, and I'm not your boss
  15. that's all well and good .... but it's been pointed out many times that this is nothing new. Just because you 'just recently heard it' or noticed it doesn't mean it's new. Others have pointed this out as well on this thread. Also, each year the technology gets a bit better and better, microphones pick up more and more ...so maybe it's more pronounced this year? Maybe, ...but again, doesn't make the 'mechanic' of locating pitches 'new' ....
  16. YES! ....from my post yesterday.......... YEARS also .... look here too!
  17. THIS IS NOTHING NEW GUYS .................... NO NEW GUIDANCE..........
  18. ....it's been going on for years now. playoffs or not ... some guys locate, some guys don't (I think more do, especially at that level) ... we're just getting the bonus of being able to hear it on the broadcast
  19. Moved here to the "Free for All" section .......
  20. Discussed many times on here ..... here are a couple.... And here, in this one, I have a post within that shows 3 more links to read ....
  21. my ENTIRE concern is the horrific mis-application of the rule .... and that it could have been done by someone who has enough experience to 'know better'
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