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  1. I have done several tournaments and scrimmages and it's like it's back to normal.. No masks gloves. Social distancing... Like nothing ever happened..
  2. When the tournaments don't make anyone but the umpire wear a mask it doesn't make sense.. Like I said a mask outside the umpire mask satisfies the requirement..
  3. Take your mask off... I dont care what anyone does with sunglasses...
  4. Unfortunately it's not all about safety but its just to comply with policies.. When a tournament only makes umpires wear a mask it doesn't make sense... See the pic I posted..
  5. I guess the new guy didn't know!
  6. I wonder around all the time!
  7. I just got an invitation to Umpire a Tournament in Palm Beach June 5th. Director thinks its a 95% chance it will happen. Assignor says it's 50/50 So we will see!
  8. Only person ive seen wearing one is a guy at cooperstown
  9. JaxRolo

    No Call?

    Fielder has right to field the ball... Runners has no rights.. This is not a case of their are both doing what they are suppose to do.. nope
  10. Does anyone use the bicep padding???
  11. I think you need to call balls and strikes from behind the mound...
  12. If not he should... I almost want to get it framed...
  13. I received new Base shoes, pants, Belt, Lineuo card holder... I need to use them.... Need my games!!!!
  14. Whats the registration process again?
  15. It's ridiculous! There are almost as many ads as posts...
  16. Anyone spits on me they are going down!!!
  17. Everything up to march 28th cancelled. Started getting new assignments today for the 29th and after...
  18. I love it!!!! I will keep this in mind!
  19. Im Cuban I no comprende the Inglish launguage too good....
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