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  1. Not me... I cover basics and we go play.. Most of the time these coaches are not listening anyways...
  2. JaxRolo

    Tag-up questions

    Sometimes Veterans are the worst... They havent gone to formal training and brushed up on rules for years... yet they try to teach others!!!!
  3. We don't need no stinking Orange base!
  4. JaxRolo

    End of Game Out

    Run Sores... Don't be afraid to ask questions...
  5. IOWA - Idiots Out Wondering Around.. My wife is from Iowa...
  6. I think you did well enough! Keep up the good work... It was a judgement call... Not something to go to your partner for.
  7. Not a Balk he is throwing directly to first. No balk..
  8. No no one even came near me...
  9. Took a foul ball to the mask that left me dizzy... Couple innings later inside pitch hit batter and ricochet and hit me square on the stomach just below the CP. Took my breath away....
  10. The new baseballs are supposed to NOT hurt as much when you get hit....
  11. We have a committer that decides... BUT... Normally it don't matter. We have a couple of board members that decide... Last year our state crew was 3 umpires... One got injured and one of the Board members put himself in... He decided to do all the Plates during the playoffs...
  12. JaxRolo


    Are memberships still a thing? Why are there so many ads when looking at posts?
  13. I’m not saying the call was right or wrong.. she’s done a great job but I just don’t see obstruction...
  14. A strike shall be called on the batter for violation of 7-3-1 (leaves the batters box). If the pitcher legally delivers the ball, it shall be called a strike and the ball remains live. Thus, two strikes are called on the batter.
  15. Yes but I need to find the rule in the book but can’t find it... I called this today and need to prove I was right...
  16. What’s the rule where you can get 2 strikes on 1 pitch??
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