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  1. I’m not saying the call was right or wrong.. she’s done a great job but I just don’t see obstruction...
  2. A strike shall be called on the batter for violation of 7-3-1 (leaves the batters box). If the pitcher legally delivers the ball, it shall be called a strike and the ball remains live. Thus, two strikes are called on the batter.
  3. Yes but I need to find the rule in the book but can’t find it... I called this today and need to prove I was right...
  4. What’s the rule where you can get 2 strikes on 1 pitch??
  5. I like it but not for 850!!! or 750 or 150 even!
  6. Kinda silly. Normally at pre-game I tell my partner how I signal..
  7. I removed my W but forgot how. I believe I used sandpaper.. I sandpapered mine and used Flat Black paint to paint it.
  8. Good! Thanks for the reply!
  9. Do they teach them to go 1blx on plays at the plate? I saw it a lot during the series.
  10. JaxRolo

    Hit or no hit

    Of course it's a foul ball. Became dead in the box.
  11. Fitbits. Seen some wearing watches
  12. Also if it's raining helps keep your bill dry! lol
  13. JaxRolo

    Steal of Home

    mmm... I'll add a couple of things:
  14. JaxRolo

    Hands hit

    Must have hurt! Time! That's a strike on the Batter!! Fans: C'mon Blue!!! Ball hit him!!
  15. If he reaches Home Plate before the pitcher makes any motion associated with the pith then the run scores.
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