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  1. With this description, a conclusion can be drawn that you are referring to Majors and below. Given the age group, if the player "continues" to do this after being warned, then I'm warning the adult base coach. That ADULT is the one telling the player to do it. I'm ejecting a coach before a player in this scenario.
  2. Soooooo, last Thursday was 3 weeks Post Op. on Saturday, I did a LL (players moving up to) majors fall ball game on the bases. It was a last minute fill in kind of deal. It's slow enough, I didn't need to "run". I'd probably been better off working the plate. However, my knee has it's own way of telling me that it was my last game for the year. Kind of like when you hurt something or just start working out........and REALLY feel it the day after. Well, Sunday was spent rotating elevation/ice packs and anti-inflammatory meds along with short walks in the yard.
  3. Before, during or after reaching base?
  4. Thanks @stkjock! All is well so far. Got staples removed today. Down to steri-strips and a generally bad attitude about the whole evolution. Got cleared to drive, but not cleared to return to work (Facility). I've been working from home this week. Told my VP what the doc said, and he responds with "I guess you can just keep working from home.....like me"
  5. This one time..........at band Ump camp........
  6. no, I just used it to get a This photo was post-op though. There is a little old lady who lives on our lane that walks her dogs twice a day. Township isn't keeping grass cut along the road, so I ran down and back (yes on that side of the road) to give her a little path to get out of the way of traffic, should she need it.
  7. Well, Total right knee replacement went well. Actually, only pain I have had is in my quad, where they had the air tourniquet on it. So 4 hours post op, I'm on a walker going down the hall. One week post op, I dropped from crutches to a cane. Only used the cane for one day, be walking with no assistance since Friday. I will probably get staples out this Thursday at my 2 week follow up. Hopefully, I will get released to drive again. The physical therapist wouldn't release me to drive, so I took my lawn tractor and left!
  8. I understand where you're coming from, but 1) I don't work solo, and 2) I don't guess. Either I saw a (insert scenario here), or I didn't. Never guess.
  9. By "choosing" Captains on your own, I think you are averting the natural selection process.
  10. Good luck @Vegas_Ump!! I have my 2nd knee replacement scheduled for next Thursday. My only fear is that it doesn't recover as well/quickly as the first one did.
  11. Did the official not notice in that previous event? Did the official get caught staring at her (and subsequently ruled to "cover his tracks")? We will probably never know the truth behind why everything transpired the way it did. Agreed that this should have been handled with preventative officiating, and aDRESSed with the coach before making it an issue.
  12. While I understand both theories on time/no time while cleaning the plate, We will just have to agree to disagree. It takes all of....what?....3 seconds to clean the plate? There's two of you on the field. I'm sure your partner can cover it alone for 3 seconds. Conversely, if you are working solo, and need to turn your back to the field to clean the plate, I agree with calling time.
  13. Which is why............. Let's face it, I'm sure we all know WHO is going to end up with the HR ball.
  14. When we have home runs in our local league, I explain to the parents that the rulebook states that "No awards shall be made to players on the basis of comparable skills or accomplishments". I then add, "nowhere does it state that I cannot thank the parents for what they do behind the scenes" (as I hand mom the HR ball).
  15. I've got a pitch (engaged with the plate), and a no stop balk. Run scores. If he disengages, obviously it is no longer a pitch, and now becomes a play.
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