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  1. I'm sorry you couldn't use it. For baseball and for guys my size (5-11 220) it fits good and is low profile compared to many other protectors. It's a very good CP and I only sold it because I have 3 others and it wasn't being used enough. I use my Frankenstein the most now (Gold plates, Adams pad jacket and shoulder caps). This was my backup to that though. It still has a lot of life left if someone is looking for a good CP. @umpstu
  2. LOL I think most have stopped for the year in my neck of the woods, so might be sitting on this awhile anyhow. I hope you have better luck.
  3. Haggard surname... West Tennessee... makes me think you gotta be related to Merle somewhere? As to the holy grail, I think that is the Riddell Power. The CPU4000 aka System 7 is bulletproof, but so is the Wilson Gold. And if you want heat, the Gold has it for you! I know some swear by the new Cobalt and I love some of it's features as well, but the shoulders fit me very oddly. If you don't mind the warmth, my top three all-time CPs are Wilson Gold, Douglas with added gap protection and the CPU4000. I really like the F3 V3 also. You feel the hits more in the F3, but not pain, just you know you were hit. With the Gold and CPU4000 you may not feel anything when hit, they're that good! Douglas I can feel occasionally, but nothing painful.
  4. Check eBay and you may find one from time-to-time. They're out there. BaseballMonkey.com has new 12" (fit's like 13" at ribs) and extra padding in stock, but no 15" left. I do see them come up every so often on eBay, Mercari, OfferUp, SidelineSwap, etc.
  5. Personally, I’ll take a Wilson Gold over everything else available today. I know this makes Max sad, but the Gold just fits me better than anything else out there. I know the Gold carapace is sufficient to knock everything down. They just need to work on the padding (still as the memory foam might reduce it by 1/4" - 1/3" at best). But I have chosen to work around that by using the pad jacket from a Schutt/Adams with d30 foam. Now, I have a very thin and safe CP! I'm using the Gold chest plate and gap covers, Adams/Schutt shoulder caps and pad jacket with a UL harness.
  6. Do you believe this is excessive? I see this happen somewhat frequently at that level. In my area they don't have these carts, so it's not a problem for me personally regardless.
  7. I have no problems with sharing. Whoever is closer can have the first sale. I'm not in a rush to sell it anyhow.
  8. It’s all good, those closer to CA can take yours (you save on shipping) and I’ll take east coast
  9. I like! But can’t swing it unfortunately. One of these days…
  10. Selling a brand-new navy blue Spyder TG. $75 shipped within the cont. USA Brand-new from Japan
  11. I have a brand-new CP for sale. It is the large/xl (13") version of the new Gold with Memory Foam padding. I think I'm sticking with my Frankenstein CP (Schutt pad jacket with Gold plates), so I am selling this one. CP is brand new and hasn't been game-worn. I've only tried it on and I like the new clips and the CP is really nice, but I have two CP's already and don't really need a third wheel. I could return it to UA, but thought it might be a faster return of my funds to offer it on here. Plus, this way it'll give someone a discount versus simply returning it for a full refund. Asking $235 shipped within the cont. USA (UA price is now $249.99)
  12. I just picked up a Wilson Aluminum. The pads need washed (I'll be doing them tonight) in this pic, but they'll be clean when I ship it. I do know where you can get brand-new Wilson mem foams for $25+ if you just want new pads. Mask has some scratches on the frame, but don't blame me because I just picked it up as-is. The frame is starting to show wear on the silver coat. In my opinion, it's ready for a refresh as Mask It. The silver on these frames start "pitting" after awhile and this one is beginning to do that as you can see in the photos. Asking $65 shipped obo within the cont. USA
  13. I Beauty is in the eye of the beholder of course, but... @Thunderheads go ahead and lock this one up please. I don't think the other masks and gear are going to sell on here, so I'll try FB and/or eBay. Thanks!
  14. Now we're getting somewhere! "One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas... how he got in my pajamas I'll never know! He had very firm tusks, of course in Alabama the tusc-aloosa." - Groucho Marx
  15. True. The MLB guys that normally help during the LLWS one game always wear their MLB gear also. I figure they've earned it. Kind of like a retired veteran wearing the highest rank that they earned while serving. I wouldn't expect them to wear an E1, CWO1 or O1 insignia, when they attained 6-7 ranks higher before they retired. He's entitled to wear MLB gear because he earned it.
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