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  1. LOL - and that's exactly where I am right now. Also, the reason I'm on here hoping someone else took a chance and can verify it's authenticity so I can make a much lower risk gamble.
  2. Yes, I saw that too, but a lot of these really good prices are from sellers who don't have any feedback yet. I know eBay will stand behind me, but I don't want my funds caught up while they refund if it goes bad.
  3. Has anyone dealt with any of these guys? All are first-time (or almost first-time) sellers and yet are offering UNBELIEVABLE pricing. Reminds me think of the old adage, if it seems too good to be true... I'm hoping one of you has dealt with or took a shot on one of these and can offer some feedback. I hate to get my funds tied up with a bad transaction. Thanks!
  4. Sorry this has been gone a long while now. @Thunderheads lock it up please. Thank you.
  5. Other guy took it. Thanks for your interest
  6. Pm replied. Waiting on one guy ahead of you to confirm he wants and to send payment or it’s yours. Thanks
  7. Need to clean up my gear bag, so putting some things up for sale. I may keep some depending on what goes first. I'm open to offers on any and all gear listed for sale. Diamond frame (vinyl covered). This is a unique mask, I've never seen this model with vinyl on it. It's not as heavy as you'd think and when you remove the vinyl, it should be much lighter. I was thinking of maybe removing vinyl and chopping chin guard for a Japanese-styled mask. I honestly do not know it is aluminum or steel, but my guess is hollow steel. ----- Asking $30 shipped obo. F3 shins, brand new, size 14.5" with F3 storage bag --- asking $105 shipped obo. Genuine Nike (non-retail/college) hollow-steel mask frame. Please note this is for the frame only. Frame is vinyl-covered in navy blue right now. It's begging to go to Mask-It and be done in gunmetal. It was the bullpen mask of ex-Phillies catcher Cameron Rupp. I know it was his, it doesn't appear to have seen a lot of use though which leads me to believe it was a backup or bullpen mask. ----- SOLD
  8. i have thought of that... but I'm fat enough (46-48 chest) I need them.... kinda.
  9. I really like Ray's harness, but I have to say I never replaced my HDX-XV harness as it fit me too well. I don't think it's worth a $36+ upgrade on a $60 CP in my honest opinion.
  10. If you can find a 13" Platinum and do the heat treatment on the shoulders, remove the billow pad (neck), and attach a UL harness on it - then you'll have a great fitting CP that you won't even recognize as the one that came from the box. They can really fit you well if you spend some time on them. But to others points, I have found that the Gold fit me much better right out of the box. Then, with an UL harness on it - it's even better! The only thing I'd change (and haven't yet) now is to fix those annoying "wings" from moving forward when you throw a ball back to the pitcher. Of course, I could just stop throwing balls back, but I'd rather fix my CP with the "lako" strap as Max states. I just haven't motivated myself to get it done yet. I even have material and Chicago Screws on-hand, so just pure laziness on my part. Find what works best for your body type. Ideally, try on several CPs before deciding which fits best on you. Too many of us bought the MLB logo or what a friend had and it wasn't what we needed.
  11. I'm back! American Legion Senior game on 6/11. Technically, not AL - but same teams, ages, etc. just no AL this year.
  12. I gave up also... loan kept getting smaller and smaller and got tired of the hassle. Not worth it for the tiny loan amount.
  13. What about using bicep protectors? They're already curved and are about the right size. Just remove the padding and use the plastic and secure using Chicago screws or another method.
  14. #5 - needs a maybe. I'm not dumb and going to purposely go somewhere with extremely high infection rates, but its less of a factor in "normal" areas. I answered "yes" simply because if the scenario was bad enough, then I wouldn't accept the game in that locale.
  15. I'd say an old-style Diamond or old-style Honig's
  16. 17 pages in... what's the score anyways? Who's winning? Any minds been changed yet?
  17. Where did you get these? Thanks
  18. they do fit the Adidas pretty well too, but a little tight up top.
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