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  1. Kulpa admitted he should have been called out after the game. Interesting.
  2. To be fair, Chris is the one that answered his question. I was just trying to give him the information he sought (who makes the case). Max provided much more insight and attention-to-detail on why he doesn't want to use what he thinks he does.
  3. LOL I almost threw out our head coach. Every close pitch, he'd sigh/inhale deeply and then walk out of the dugout down towards the fans (out of play). I finally had enough and told him just to stay out there if he didn't like it. Guess who's son the pitcher was?
  4. No brand shown, but closer. https://www.amazon.com/-/es/dp/B00WRHA0UO
  5. I think it's a standard box trunk (wood) from what I've seen. Here's a link to a neat article on how their stuff gets around and includes pics of their trunks. https://www.ttnews.com/articles/two-freight-carriers-make-sure-mlb-umpires-gear-always-safe-and-arrives-time
  6. I've had the experience of umpiring for my son's LL team. Never, and I mean never, again. I will never umpire LL baseball again. If you think you'll get a pass because your son is on the home team, you're so wrong. If anything, they think that you'll give them every close pitch - will be a strike for them and a ball against them when they bat. Every close play also is supposed to be theirs. I was to be paid $30 a game which I gave back to the coach after the first game after hearing so much griping/whining/complaining from our parents. I kept my word and fulfilled the rest of
  7. LOL I miss a few every game... not because I want too, but for one reason or another. Sometimes, my timing is off, sometimes the catcher does a poor job of receiving it, sometimes it's something else... that's part of the game as far as I'm concerned. Sounds like you did great! And more importantly I hope you had fun!
  8. @Thunderheadslock it up please. Thanks
  9. I’ll think about it. Not sure I want a Zett. Thanks
  10. Grey, added to post. Sorry about that.
  11. $30 shipped obo. I bought them last Fall and never use them. Once ball has started I just leave my shoes on the floor of my SUV, so figured I may as well pass them on.
  12. I’m curious too. Might be a one-off.
  13. NEW Under Armour Black Sportsmask (L/XL size) - sealed in plastic - $20 shipped obo Navy ball bags (2 Honig's, 2 no name on them) - $15 shipped obo Champro & Markwort Metal 4-Dial Indicators - $15 shipped obo NEW Champro Plastic 4-Dial Indicator - $8 shipped obo I will combine shipping for multiple item orders. The more you buy, the better the deal I can give you.
  14. It's a run on my last name (Wolfe). My "W" was all scratched up, so some black duct tape covered it up and then I thought it needed some color, so the old car logo went on there. Just a note, it is not visible while I'm wearing my umpire shirt. I made sure it sits below my throat opening.
  15. Note: Your article says the sizes vary in length; however, what I found in comparing a M/L to a L/XL is that they are the same length, but the width is different. The M/L is about 8.5" across the main chest piece whereas the L/XL is 9.5" wide. As shown above in photos, both have the exact same length on the chest plastic measured from top-to-bottom.
  16. I saw this too - excellent move by Ump-Attire! This is why you're #1. You care about the customer!
  17. I can't cover for him any longer. I tried...
  18. And there was nothing earlier that happened to make the umpire think that F1 was maybe trying to bump him for some reason? No balk calls, too many no's on check-swings, etc.? Just out of the blue U2 tosses him because he touched an umpire? IMHO, sounds like we're missing something. I don't know how an umpire rises to that level and stays there for decades with an ego like that - unless we're missing something.
  19. I don't disagree, but I need more information about the official. I'm trying to get facts before I go and take man's officials license from him.
  20. Please tell me this wasn't LL or lower levels of baseball where there hardly could be an intent to "bump" the official? Even at higher levels, you'd better be really sure he intended to bump you before you toss them. I mean he hustled over, you got the out and then you toss him? I would love to have been there to see the aftermath of that one. How long has the official been at it? Old or young? Sorry, I need more details.
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