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  1. Yes, there is definitely a different standard in baseball versus other sports. It's getting worse too. I won't do LL as too many ignorant coaches and fans have no clue about the game or the rules. It's starting to be almost as bad at Babe Ruth now. I didn't used to get questioned by fans, rarely by a few coaches on a banger they might have wanted, but that's it. This year, I'm getting a lot of noise from the stands on calls that aren't even close! I called a kid out at 3B last week on a slide where he NEVER reached the base at all, stopped a whole foot short of it, and was tagged out. The "home" fans start chewing me out and saying I must want to go home early or something... my partner could see from HP that he never reached the bag. Their coach was right there, actually closer to the play than I was, and he just turned and walked away without a word, but the fans saw I missed it from 150' away. For some reason in baseball, it's a "part of the game" to chew on the umpire, even when he is right!
  2. wolfe_man

    balk rules?

    Ouch! Easy with the truth there, that smarts! In OH, the HS umpires are selected by the good-ole boys network. I truly do not believe how good you are matters, it is who you know for the most part. There are exceptions of course, but the guys that get the playoff spots in my area are not the best umpires necessarily, but somehow they are all involved in leadership spots by some large coincidence.
  3. How big of a gap do we need to leave between the eye bar of the mask and the front of the bill? Do pads compress an inch or two? If you went to the link I provided, there are multiple MLB catchers doing it this way with different masks (many wearing the Nike). I have used the coach's cap before under my Adidas and other masks with no problem. I've read your article before and agree with it, but for one point. Catchers have worn skull caps for a long time before umpires or even coaches started thinking about it. Some even wore them bill forward with no problems. With today's flatter profile masks, you should make sure you have enough room for your pads to compress, but a coach's cap will work under many masks safely. You do not have to spend the $60 to buy an All Star product as the only fix. We umpires have been wearing gear designed for catchers primarily for a long time. Only late in the game have companies (F3, All Star) started caring what we umpires need or want, but it is better late than never and we truly appreciate every effort being made on our behalf now. Sorry about my rant, I saw you have already responded below saying it might work. I take safety seriously, especially when talking about my head (eyes, ears, brain). I would never put myself, or another umpire, into a product that I did not believe would work safely for them. I have worn coach's skull caps and will continue doing so in my set up. While i appreciate what All Star and Ump-Attire did with the Skully (and other products), I don't feel the need to buy what's in all reality a coach's skull cap with more padding and a shorter bill for twice the price of a standard coach's cap as the only means of safety on the plate. The main idea is to make sure it works for YOU. There is no blanket statement that covers every person's situation. I say a coach's cap can work and I have proved it myself. Remember, some of us have very limited funds and have to "engineer" our own gear to fit better or make ends meet. One area though I try very hard not to compromise on is safety. The SC500 and BC500 from All Star both will work under some masks depending on your setup. Again, appreciate all you are doing for us, but I felt this needed a reply. Thank you, Keith
  4. Refer back to @maven's comments for this part. The batter is responsible to avoid the throw regardless. If a WP comes inside, then he'd better lay flat on the ground trying to get out of the way of the catcher's throw or he may be liable for INT. For the batter, the only safe place is where he is supposed to be - in the batter's box. Posted yesterday at 07:45 AM "By leaving the batter's box (or making "any other movement" than swinging at the pitch), the batter makes himself liable to batter INT. Had he been legally in the box and been hit by that throw, it would be nothing."
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    DH rule

    I lost you right after you said, "to expand on @aaluck's point", can you please re-peat? Just messing with you Max, don't get Mad!
  6. I know it's been requested by some, so maybe they're thinking about doing it. I know what you mean about memory though, it seems like I've heard something about memory and age or something like that somewhere, sometime.
  7. At the present time, the only deerskin LUC pads are for the MAG and are brown (some might say orange).
  8. Guys, a very easy and cheap fix is a back supporter... just get a really thin one that breathes well. I've used them on CP's before when I felt the harness wasn't doing enough for me (pre-UL harness). I now keep one with me in case anything snaps or breaks. It's attached to itself via Velcro like a large flexible belt... and it has the added benefit of lower back support if you need it. It should hold those "wings" tight against your ribs for you.
  9. Totally agree. There's nothing better than working with a regular partner who knows where you will be and you know where he is almost always. That's when you truly are a team also and it makes it so much easier to do a good job!
  10. That's the problem with 2-man, you can't possibly see everything. Acknowledging that, yes, you would make your best guess by pausing, reading & reacting to what you saw from C. This is why the PU also should be going to the 45-foot line and checking for pulled foot at 1B. Now, if there's a runner at 3B, then he may not make it up the line that far, but he can still check for pulled foot. In my case, my partner knows I'll go with what I saw/thought I saw... and if questioned, we immediately will get together. Any good PU though knows this is your call and shouldn't override you, you should go to him for help though if you aren't sure. This is good game management to show you want to do a good job and get the call right. This can possibly earn you some respect from the coaches for the next time there's a banger that doesn't go their way, but it doesn't always do that, but it is the right thing to do in my opinion.
  11. That'd be unique. Those leather pads are SO soft though. They feel really nice against your face.
  12. I'm not in big-boy (college, MiLB) ball like some of you guys, but in NFHS in Ohio (and Legion, Babe Ruth, Tourney's, etc.) we're asked to have one and I always have mine with me. My biggest problem is I seem to keep getting partners who don't give consistent counts and the scoreboard is never right (if there at all), so if I didn't have my indicator I'd have no true idea what the count was. Edit: I know I am keeping track in my head, but I'm also doing other things and I don't want to make a mistake (I am aware it's PU responsibility to keep count also).
  13. I can't find the rule either, but I'll look more later. I'm trusting one of our rules guys can answer this much quicker. @maven @Senor Azul
  14. I believe the run would score. My main reason is if you don't allow the run to score, then you are penalizing the offense for your missed call. Also, I found the below chart that I believe would also indicate that you allow the run.
  15. Yeah, but how did you like the wings? I'm looking forward to getting one in my hands and trying it out!
  16. For FED (Rule 7 covers this part): An improper batter is considered to be at bat as soon as he is in the batter’s box and the ball is live. When the improper batter’s infraction is first discovered by either team, time may be requested and the improper batter replaced by the proper batter with the improper batter’s ball and strike count still in effect, provided the infraction is detected before the improper batter is put out or becomes a base runner. Only the defensive team may appeal batting out of order after the batter has completed his time at bat. Any outs made on the play stand. An out for batting out of order supersedes an out by the improper batter on a play. While the improper batter is at bat, if a runner advances because of a stolen base, balk, wild pitch or passed ball, such advance is legal. PENALTIES For batting out of order (7-1-1 and 7-1-2): A batter shall be called out, on appeal, when he fails to bat in his proper turn and another batter completes a time at bat in his place. When an improper batter becomes a runner or is put out and the defensive team appeals to the umpire before the first legal or illegal pitch, or, play or attempted play, or prior to an intentional base on balls or before the infielders leave the diamond if a half-inning is ending, the umpire shall declare the proper batter out and return all runners to the base occupied at the time of the pitch. When an improper batter becomes a runner or is put out and a legal pitch or illegal pitch has been delivered to the succeeding batter, or an intentional base on balls has occurred, or all infielders have left the diamond if a half inning is ending, and before an appeal is made, the improper batter becomes the proper batter and the results of his time at bat become legal. When the proper batter is called out because he has failed to bat in turn, the next batter shall be the batter whose name follows that of the proper batter thus called out. When an improper batter becomes a proper batter because no appeal is properly made as above, the next batter shall be the batter whose name follows that of such legalized improper batter. The instant an improper batter’s actions are legalized, the batting order picks up with the name following that of the legalized improper batter. NOTE: When several players bat out of order before discovery so that a player’s time at bat occurs while he is a runner, such player remains on base, but he is NOT out as a batter. Source: https://www.umpirebible.com/fed/7.0.htm
  17. Personally, I don't want the UA pads but I'd like to get a hold of some EvoShield ones. I think they'll both fit most traditional mask frames, but I just like the more traditional look of the EvoShield ones over the UA's design. Anyone else find it interesting that the actual Windpact website only shows links to the EvoShield mask and not the UA one?
  18. I can't say for sure as I've not had any, but the EvoShield ones appear to fit most traditional masks by appearance. The UA ones are possibly more tricky.
  19. I just heard from Windpact that due to a large response/outreach from umpires, they’re going to try to get their partners to offer replacement pads! Exact words: ”actively in discussions with our co-branded partners to convince them to stock these replacement pads and will keep you posted on the outcome.”
  20. wolfe_man


    This is America... we have competitive levels of EATING, so of course we have superior softball players & divisions. I've even watched their version of the world series once, but wouldn't do it again. I'm not sure I can even begin to fairly consider the average NCAA athlete to be on an equal basis with the average slow-pitch softball player though, regardless of his/her level. And I was aware there are no balks in softball, I was being facetious. Sorry.
  21. I received navy and black, neither are matte. They aren't super shiny, but at this price I have thought about scuffing them up and using some matte paint on them.
  22. wolfe_man

    Legal action?

    I can't find it now, so maybe it was my own poor definition. I edited it above. Thanks!
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