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    Me just sitting here watching the "Rich" men argue about what's what, who's who and all that.
  2. My buyer dropped off the face of the world after committing to buy and won't respond to my IM's, so this is back up for sale. I honestly think the CP is new, but I can't sell it as such since I'm not sure, so saying excellent, used condition. This thing is in very good shape and appears new to me, so you're getting a deal on a CP that's $209 from Douglas now. Asking $135 with shipping to you included in the price (if within the continental USA) Size: 12" (neck to bottom of CP) Color: Grey plates with blue padding and black harness
  3. Don't you mean AIR Jordan? Doesn't he still wear Jordan 11's?
  4. Nothing wrong with either mask. The MAG has tighter sight-lines due to those thick bars. I'm in a similar situation with the MAG and an Adidas. When I switch back to the Adidas for a while, I notice more open sight-lines due to the thinner bars and the "fuller" profile of it. As for protection, both will get the job done. The issue with +POS and Adidas is that they are hollow steel and therefore will bend. It's not a matter of IF, it's WHEN they will bend. The positive is that they're cheap (normally under $50-60 each) - but they're getting harder to replace now at that price and the +POS is basically a dinosaur now since you can't get them from Dan Parsons (of Parsons Official Supplies aka pluspos.com) anymore. Why do you think there are so few of these coming up for sale used? My thoughts are two-fold, they command much smaller size of the market in the first place and then it is my humble opinion that they get bent and discarded, so very few make it to a second-hand sale. I know this is true with the Adidas and +POS I have had personally. I like them, but they bend and you just have to learn to expect it. Literally, the first game with a new Adidas last year and it bent. Varsity baseball and the kid wasn't throwing that hard, high inside pitch fouled back straight to my eye-port. The AS MAG LUCs did their job and I shook it off with no lasting effects, but between innings I took a closer look at my mask and noticed it had pushed the eye port back closer to my face. The profile was flatter than it had started, which was less than a full profile to start with, but still straight. I've worn it a few times since then, but not in another Varsity game. I can't take the chance of a weld failing/popping, so it's reserved for the 15U guys now. YMMV... but based on what I hear and have read on here, that's the main problem with these hollow steel frames. The higher the level, the greater the risk of a bend.
  5. @Thunderheadssold. Lock it up please.
  6. This thing is mint condition. Harness and CP appear to have never been worn.
  7. I tried it, the MAG is a bit of a different shape than the Rampage. I'm trying to find the old pic, but they're an odd fit if I remember correctly. I think it was a bit pinched in the chin area. The MAG chin pads are so full and large that they just fit odd in the Rampage. Personally, I think the WindPact (Evoshield version) are the best pads for this and most normal masks (read as non-MAG or F3) out there today. I really like the fit and feel of the WindPact's. I just wish you could buy them without the junk Evo frame. YMMV. I hope you can make it work. My top pads are: Evoshield WindPact AS MAG LUC Team Wendy
  8. @Thunderheads lock it up please. Thank you.
  9. One is sold, one remaining... $60 shipped OBO
  10. Oops.. meant to put on gunmetal post! This should go quickly at $165 though - good luck!
  11. And I had no trouble with the Reebok's, even in D. These fit me length and width(arch and heel), but just snug in the ball of the foot area.
  12. I normally can get by with a D, but my last pair of NB's I fit in a 2E comfortably which surprised me. Normally, when a shoe is a bit tight in the toe box area (ball of foot), I just loosen those strings and I'm good. Overall length fits me well. I can wear a 10.5 or 11 D in Reebok plate shoes (mags), so I expected these to fit me about perfectly. Perhaps, I'm just over-expecting these to fit me perfectly without any adjustments. These seem like very nice shoes and are well-made. I'd imagine they will hold up well. I got mine after hearing Max and others rave about theirs.
  13. They were snug in the front too. I don't have a wide foot normally, but these pinch just a little. If they don't sell, I can make them work by loosening the laces in the toe box area up.
  14. Here's the side of the box. Length is fine on me, just pinches the ball of my foot a bit.
  15. A new Douglas is $209 plus taxes now. Asking $135 shipped within the continental USA.
  16. Brand new in the box with shoe bag! These are just a bit snug on my foot, so I'm selling them for what I have in them. My loss is your gain.
  17. New black Spyder throat guards. $OLD
  18. I used mine this summer, highly recommend. Makes a big difference, even if only half the game - it's worth it!
  19. @Thunderheads lock it up please. $OLD Thank you
  20. Okay, last price reduction for this year. If it won't sell fast at $300 - then I'll wait until Spring and get $350+ out of it when everyone is ready to start back up.
  21. Price reduced to $325 shipped... trying for a quick sale here as I've other things to do with these funds.
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