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  1. I use this style of one on my masks. No trouble with it. To the contrary, I think it makes it easier to remove your mask without taking off your hat.
  2. It can if you’re not careful and practice removing your mask.
  3. What mask did you buy please? Most standard harnesses are the same size, but some are larger. A lot of guys on here like the UmpLife strap availabe on Ump-Attire.com and the All Star Delta Flex harness is also gaining followers.
  4. I'm not piling on, I admire someone who is willing to stick to their understanding of the rules and not be swayed... but, there was a wrong committed by the defense that should be awarded to the offense. You say you would protect him to 3B, but the runner made it to 3B regardless, so you haven't awarded anything yet and you haven't punished the defense for their infraction either. Yes, the runner chose to go home or was sent home by their coach; however, the bang-bang play at the plate was only possible because he was slowed down by F6. In spite of an offline and low relay throw from F5 (because he had to rush it or he would not have had any chance at all), F2 slaps the tag down for a very close play at the plate and PU calls our runner out on a play that could have truly went either way even if there was no OBS by F6 ---- but, OBS did occur (we all agree it did, there is just some differing of opinion on how to award it) and now we need to penalize the defense for their infraction. If the play was that close at the plate and he's out by a hair due to an amazing relay, catch & tag by F2 at the plate - then do you honestly believe that if R2 was allowed a half-step or two more (it's more likely he would have covered much more distance than a few feet) that he would not have scored had he not been bumped by F6? Something else to think about, how many guys at this level would not score on a hit to LF given a running start/lead off from 2B? There's a reason it's called scoring position once you reach 2nd base. If a ball leaves the infield in MLB, HS, Babe Ruth, LL, etc. - how many times does an average runner not score from 2B barring OBS? I can tell you they will score far more often than not barring a very good LF who made a very good read on the ball and a strong & accurate relay. In my personal experience, I'd guess 75-80% of average HS runners would score on this play without any OBS, so I'd have to believe that OBS on this particular play would have resulted in a run scored as well if F6 hadn't gotten in his way. If you truly believe that he's only covered to 3B and he was only out because he pushed it and tried to score, then there's nothing more I can say.
  5. After watching it, I am in also full agreement that it is OBS all day. It almost appears as if F6 purposely slowed down to hinder R2, but regardless of intent, he clearly made R2 alter his path and slow down. So, R2 is awarded home if he's only called out on a bang-bang play at the plate. Also, agree that BU should have caught this as it was right in front of him when he's in C already and looking at the ball... the contact is literally in his line of sight.
  6. That’ll work. Just cover up the heads with nail polish and it should prevent oxidation (rust).
  7. Happy New Year! Too small for me to see you on my phone, so I say great call.
  8. The Diamond MMA cup & jock is top-notch gear! The cup doesn't move all game and you can ever wear it on the bases. It's very comfortable for a cup. I will say you "feel" it a bit more than the nutty buddy when you get hit though. It doesn't hurt, just more pressure on the inside of your thighs on impact.
  9. I second black as the color choice. I'm one of the crazy people that like to wear black even in the day games. Yes, it's hot - but so it powder blue, cream, red, navy, etc. When it's 95 degrees, I don't care what you wear - it's hot! The MLB guys wear black even in day games also. Black looks better, is thinning and matches all of our equipment better too.
  10. You can buy three of these (one of each size) for the cost of just one new Wilson or F3!
  11. First thing I thought also. Or maybe he is still in shock from disbelief? Literally stunned speechless?
  12. Better price here... only $83 shipped. https://sportsfacilitiesgroup.com/store/champro-air-management-plated-umpire-chest-protector
  13. Just saw this one today. Very interesting. I'll have to find out more about their Air Management Technology (AMT), but with a 5-section waist area it should wrap around you very well. And at $96.95 83.00 shipped you can't beat the price. Three size options, 13" to 16", should cover the ribs on almost all umpires too. That neck roll is very comfortable and is found on Douglas and Wilson Gold CP's. It makes getting that CP up under your chin more comfortable with less chafing. Features 13” - medium 14” - large 16” - x-large Air management technology Exterior contour molded 3mm PE armor (3mm is 0.11 inches) Adjustable pectoral pads Full shoulder coverage 5-way adjustable harness The plated umpire chest protector from Champro utilizes Air Management Technology to evenly distribute impact force from stray balls, providing ultimate protection behind the plate. Easily adjust for the ideal fit and comfort of this chest protector with the adjustable pectoral pads and the 5-way adjustable harness equipped with durable T-hook clips.
  14. The odd thing here is Wilson's website, as well as no other retailers, have made any mention of the new & improved product. Only one retailer is mentioning it and selling future shipments.
  15. I was 5-10 about 240 when I tried it and hated how the shoulders sat on me in either position. I decided to stick with my Gold and F3 V3 for now. I have heard other guys who are bigger that love them, so it's a personal preference thing.
  16. L/XL Gold covers my ribs, but I'm only 5-10 or 5-11. I'm down to about 220 now but I feel very safe with it on, it's bulletproof. I have switched to mostly using the F3 V3 though because it's so much more lower profile. I still like my Gold sans wings though.
  17. @MadMax Wilson played, your move. In all fairness, it’s a Gold with new padding for $50-70 more than the Cobalt… hard to get super excited personally.
  18. I did the same thing for similar reasons! Plus, I was worried what might happen if I dented it... dumb idea to wear at $400 mask and let people throw baseballs at it, right? So I went back to using Adidas and my MAG again, but the Adidas earguards drive me crazy because they are almost never symmetrical. One ear always is sagging/drooping more than the other and it drives me crazy, so I keep thinking I'll find a cheap Nike again somewhere and start again. I'm really close to doing this route!
  19. They fit great. I've used them on many an Adidas frame with no issues.
  20. I thought that was it and I think that's a great plus. The clear coat will prevent the "greying" that the other Nike Ti's get. Once you have one for awhile, the "shine" is gone and it fades to a very dull, flat grey. The clear coat will help it to hold it's color better! Thanks for the reply. I'm trying to justify to myself why I need another mask, but in my head I"m thinking of what I need to move to make it easier for me. 😁
  21. And we're glad to have you here Mike! I have 3 masks currently but am having a really hard time not ordering one of these from you! Are these coated? They look a little less bright than some new Nike Ti's I've held, so I thought maybe these came coated with a clear coat or something that dulled them a little. Thanks!
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