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  1. When they say "brown" they really mean it, don't they?
  2. @Thunderheads lock it up please. Thank you.
  3. @Thunderheads please lock it up. Item is sold. Thank you.
  4. @Thunderheads please lock it up. Item is sold. Thank you.
  5. Okay. Please message me. I’m out of town until Monday, so I can’t ship until then. Thanks
  6. LOL, not retiring just clearing out some things I don't need/use.
  7. I believe they’re the darker, original version.
  8. Make me an offer. It’s gloss black. Just got it back from a local shop last week. It’s not Tony’s quality but I think it looks good. I’m just staying with my Mag.
  9. It’s in great shape and I love it, but I found a basically brand new Wilson V2 for $20! Since I don’t air travel to games, the bigger bag is a win for me. Bag is clean and all zippers work well. It has the inserts to keep the sides straight too. Prefer to sell local for $75 - but will ship if you’re interested. Thanks!
  10. I’ll go measure it but believe it’s s 13”. I got it yesterday as a group of stuff of Mercari, but only wanted the TW pads on a frame. I would think any replacement harness should fit.
  11. $45 shipped CP is used, but in good shape.
  12. Asking $125 shipped for entire mask. Frame and TG are brand new. Pads are used a time or two but look new.
  13. New! Swapped out Chicago screws in place of bolt. $35 shipped in the USA
  14. I should have thought about that just a second longer. If he was obstructed between 1st and 2nd, then we'd give him 2nd most likely as the obstructed award - but R1 went on to 3B on his own, so you are correct. R1 does not get a free pass if he missed 2B on his way to 3B.
  15. The obstruction supersedes the missed base, so that's nothing. In my mind, if you allow the appeal, then what punishment was provided to the defense for obstructing? Not an exact scenario, but similar: 2017 INTERP SITUATION 16: With a runner on first base, the batter hits a single down the right-field foul line. As the runner from first base nears second base, he is obstructed by the shortstop, which causes him to not touch second base. The runner continues to advance and arrives safely at third base. The defense calls “time,” and then appeals the runner missing second base. RULING: The runner is not out on appeal. If, in the umpire’s judgment, the obstruction caused the runner to miss second base, the appeal is denied and the runner’s advance is legal. (CB 8.2.5E)
  16. I think that's a much better choice - and the cage design on the AS is far superior in my opinion.
  17. Yes, the cage is definitely Champro. Wow, now we know why they didn’t show the front view. Take a peek at how plain and ordinary this looks.
  18. I can't see the front of the bucket, but I think that's a UA (All Star) bucket.
  19. Lock it up please. Thanks @Thunderheads
  20. Here's one for sale on eBay (I don't want it - it just really stood out to me due to it's size when I was watching the highlights). https://www.ebay.com/itm/113698674318
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