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  1. New logo coming, new shirts required in 2 years I’m hearing. Change might be coming as I’m hearing rumors we might go to logo on cap only!
  2. Any honest feedback is appreciated. Thanks
  3. Share your after-action review please. Thanks
  4. 18U wood bat games today - another mask shot and no problems! I love this thing! Back to back plates and felt great with it on. It’s nice feeling the breeze through the openings.
  5. I’ve got a belly enroute. Just need pecs whenever, no rush. Thanks
  6. There are benefits to having your hand touching, or hovering above, the catchers upper back. Protection - this ensures you're behind him and that side/arm is probably going to stay clean/safe If/when F2 pops up on a passed ball, throws down to 3rd to nail a runner, comes up quick for a back-pick, pops up on a passed ball, etc. then you know it without even having to watch him. F2 hits your hand and you know to start moving - and probably which direction to go. We've all had that F2 that just jumps up for no reason and smashes us in our mask. A hand on his back would prevent those occasions. Again, I don't personally do it - but I've thought about it many times with some catchers. I don't think we should rest our hand there, but it wouldn't hurt to let it hover for more immediate feedback. Another plus, think of all the PU's in MLB that do put their hands on F2's back - they just look cool when a close pitch comes in that they ball. They stay down in their stance and then slowly let that hand fall off the catcher as they 'ball' it.
  7. Thanks. I may have a belly coming already, but we can IM to be sure. I appreciate it.
  8. Asking $245 shipped new silver mask, pads & harness new throat guard new silver visor
  9. Amen. Took two hard mask shots last night with Skully and no ill effects. I'm convinced without the Skully I'd had have a headache at a minimum and more likely a minor concussion. It's a keeper!
  10. I'd make 100% sure something was true (not hearsay and not second or third-handed) before I started talking to my assignor. Coaches can, and do, say all sorts of things to try to break up an umpire team or get them to work against each other. It's certainly your prerogative to work with whomever you choose, but I'd be careful going about trying to wreck others opportunities based on a coach's word that may or may not be actually true. I'm not of the opinion all coaches are evil, but there are certainly some of them willing to sow discord and break up the unity of an umpire team. If you just jump at their word, then they are winning. Talking to your assignor ought to be like talking to a judge in court, where you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And if a coach told you that your partner was trash-talking you, then that is known as hearsay and inadmissible in court - and it's not the truth. The truth is what really happened and is an actual recollection of what was said or transpired. Just my
  11. I haven't been myself, but I think the Mid-American Camp in Missouri would be a good one for you. It's semi-close and is 4 days in September (9/22 Thursday - 9/25 Sunday). I keep thinking about going, but don't have the funds this year. Details here: https://www.midamericanumpireclinic.com/2022-clinic
  12. I have a couple of spare ones (UL with buckles) if you need one or two. IM me and we can work out a fair price with shipping to you if you want to try one. My helmet (Large size) doesn't move on me. I'm a 7 3/8" hat size.
  13. I seldom touch a catcher, but I keep my hands up out of the way. I don't want my hand making accidental contact with F2's lower backside either. I may place my hand about 4-5" off his back when he is getting set so we don't bump into each other, but that's as close as I normally come. Once he sets, then I'll normally get into my position behind him and in the slot. For whatever reason this year, I'm more comfortable with my hands loosely together in front of my cup when I'm in my crouch. I used to always tuck them behind me, but now I keep them in front but loosely so I don't break anything if I'm hit. I keep them up near my belt line, so they're covering my lower stomach which seldom gets hit. I think I've had maybe 3-4 gut shots in 7-8 years of doing this. It's a bit funny/odd to me how we adapt over time and get into habits, for good or bad. I have stopped using "HIKE" as my strike vocalization and it's more of a "HUP" now. I just started doing it with no reason I can think of this year.
  14. 95 actual temp with 107 heat index last night and no trouble for me. Remember, your mask is off-and-on the whole game. You take it off for calls at the plate, when you run to check for pulled foot at first, when ball is hit in fair territory, on foul balls where the catcher has a play, between innings, etc. so it's not like it's blocking all of the vents all of the time. The only thing with the flex harness I somewhat dislike is that it is very fluid. The fluidity of it makes it a two-hand job to put the mask on right, but I've adapted to it already and it's a good tradeoff in my opinion. I've had it a couple of weeks now and really like it.
  15. Took two mask shots (one foul ball straight-back and one deflection off the batter when HBP) last night while wearing my AS Skully. Pitcher throwing low 80's in a Sr. Legion game. I was wearing a Wilson TI Low Profile with TW pads. I had no bells ringing, no spots flashing, no cobwebs to clear and no problems. I am convinced that the Skully prevented me from getting a concussion. Of course I felt the shots, but not nearly as badly as I expected to feel them. I didn't even get a headache. Count me as a believer in the Skully's protection. I fully endorse this product. It is cooler than wearing a regular hat thanks to the vents on the top allowing heat to escape and cool breezes to be felt. It catches and holds in your sweat better which keeps it out of your eyes. It was 95 at game time last night and I felt fine in the Skully. As an added bonus, my sunglasses don't need adjusted because my Skully stays in place once I put it in. Yes, I know the look is bit unorthodox, but change takes time. The more of us that wear these, the more they will begin to look more "normal" to the masses. As for me, I'll err on the side of safety versus simple appearance. But I'd recommend you get one of these, it just may prolong your career by helping you to avoid concussions and recovery.
  16. If anyone isn't using their F3 pec wings and/or belly extension, please IM me with your price. Thank you.
  17. Can you take some side-by-side pics of the new CP next to your Frankenstein and any other CP's you have currently? I'd love to see how different it looks next to other CP's. Sometimes the marketing emails or sales websites don't give you a full presentation because you don't know the model's size or how it compares to existing CP's. If you can take some shots of front, back and sides, then that'd be appreciated. Thanks!
  18. I now have the Adams/Gold Frankenstein also. I'd thought about it before, but liked the way you did it and did similar. Mine uses Adams CP jacket, Gold chest and shoulder plates and epaulets (gap cover), Adams shoulder caps and Adams wings. I may remove the wings, we'll see. I used industrial strength Velcro to put it all together and it seems to be holding up well so far. I wore it last night for the first time. 95 degrees at game time - I had forgotten how much cooler the D30 foam makes a CP! It was hot, but not too terrible. 2 hr 20 min Sr. Legion game and I still felt good after it. I still like my F3 V3, but this Frankenstein may become my go-to during hot weather games. FWIW, send that puppy back and just buy some FidLocks if you like them and want them on your Frankenstein. Amazon has them at the link below (1 for $13.99 or 3 for $35). https://www.amazon.com/Fidlock-Magnetic-Buckle-Slider-Replacement/dp/B07TRHK57R/ref=asc_df_B07S2S1V49/?tag=&linkCode=df0&hvadid=343221166983&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=897684739281442245&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9014977&hvtargid=pla-765753016958&ref=&adgrpid=69167794975&th=1
  19. FWIW, I am becoming a bigger fan of the Skully all the time. It is more comfortable and cooler than a normal hat on the plate. I like that it stays in place and I don't have to keep adjusting my sunglasses after removing/putting on my mask. Plus, I like that the larger overhang covers my ears and prevents them from getting sunburned as quickly. I feel safer in it too which allows me to get up more into the slot (closer to catcher) which has helped my zone out more as I worry less about a back-swing conking me on the noggin. I can't speak for the Unequal, but the Skully is a nice option. I don't think it makes the mask stand off from your face more either. I have 7-8 masks (Wilson, Adidas, Honigs and an F3) and I don't think any of them sit further out with the Skully. I do feel that the F3 sits a little differently, but I'm working on the setup as I think it can be dialed in more than I have it currently. The Skully with an All Star harness and a lightweight mask is a thing of beauty! My preference right now is the original Wilson TI low profile mask with the Skully and an all-black All Star flex harness.
  20. Anyone get one yet and want to give a review? I'm curious if the new CP truly offers a lower profile. I believe the old Wilson padding was like 1" thick whereas the new "low profile" memory foam is advertised at 0.75", so you're saving 0.25". A new buckle system, removable/adjustable Velcro wings and a neoprene harness - with only a quarter-inch savings towards lower profile doesn't really offer that much of an improvement to me for $230-250. The plastic plates looks exactly like a normal Wilson Gold's plates, so are the new updates worth an additional $80-90?
  21. I like the hex idea and Velcro. Just make sure to get industrial strength Velcro.
  22. Wait a minute, but that assumes they have a mind and were using it when writing the test, right?
  23. I really wish that we had a place that made new jackets for our CP's. I dislike spending $225-250 on a new Wilson Gold 2 just to get the new memory foam padding when my plastic is still working fine and doesn't need replaced. I just need a new thinner jacket. And I would create my own with foam, but need a new lining if I did that, which I don't have a way of creating.
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