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  1. LOL And more importantly, were there any sisters or brothers to that mask laying around?
  2. Welcome! And don't worry about having poor English. Even most of us with English as our first language are not excellent writers and speakers of it... and don't get me started on proper usage of grammar either.
  3. That's interesting. I wonder why they would think that? I suppose it is possible that silver might blend into the background more therefore making better perceived vision? I mean a black bar on a mask might be more distracting to the eye than a softer color (i.e. silver) would? All of this is supposition of course. It's not something I've ever noticed while wearing a mask. This brings up an interesting question also. What is the percentage of silver masks to black masks amongst amateur umpires (via sale)? In my area, it seems there are more umpires with black masks versus any othe
  4. Jeff, I'd never disagree with you, but... the visor covers the entire upper part of the mask and does cover more area than my 4-stitch or combo hat bill therefore it should offer more shade than just my hat bill. But I do concede that your comments are "mostly accurate". Sorry to be so precise, but FaceBook has got me fact-checking everything now.
  5. There is still a "Mark Site Read" (bottom RH corner) on the title bar for internet users. I can't speak for the Tap-A-Talk mobile guys.
  6. To some extent, I think it would. Anything dark helps to absorb some of the light rays causing less strain to the eye. This is also why a shiny silver mask is a bit more reflective on sunny days causing more glare. I have blue eyes and am perhaps a bit more sensitive to light than some others may be, but I still can wear a silver mask without needing sunglasses. I do like sun visors though. For me, it does make a difference and looks good too.
  7. I'm not sure who said that silver is better for view, but that's not true for me. I think dark masks may tend to be easier to see in, whereas shinier ones may cause some glare in bright sunlight. I normally have a visor on all my masks though, so it doesn't matter to me. They make sunglasses for those super-bright days too, but I prefer not to wear them on the plate (too much on my face when I sweat a lot) so I like the visors instead. My mask color is purely for looks. I like to contrast lighter masks with dark color pads (think silver with black or navy), but with my black masks I
  8. I'm sorry for the duplicate posts. I keep thinking I have the update figured out and when I come back to look, I'm double-posted again.
  9. Great eye there pal! I didn't look close, just saw a shiny Nike on eBay for sale in his price range, but that mask is surely dented and not worth anything close to $400. It is repairable, but at that price, I would encourage folks to stay away also.
  10. Edited post. Nike on eBay is pre-owned (not new as OP is looking for) and is surely dented on the top-left eye-bar. Sorry this is here instead of on my original post. This new formatting update has me all messed up.
  11. While I am glad that PO is running a sale and I like to use them for state logo gear in OH, PO is just now getting to where Ump-Attire has been most of this year. UA has been running a sale on all Smitty clothing (shirts, pants, jackets) also at heavy discounts since pre-Summer I believe.
  12. I'm not a fan of the V3 plate shoes. I don't think they're holding up like NB envisioned. I'm wondering if they're getting beat up by having to replace so many. It reminds me of the first Wilson titanium mask, the returns killed the profits.
  13. You mean like this one on eBay for an opening bid of $400 (no bid yet - and it's been relisted once already) and ends in 2.5 days? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nike-Pro-Titanium-Catchers-Mask-Navy-Blue-Pads/402547015516?hash=item5db9abff5c:g:c9wAAOSwCDtfnfl3 Edited post. Nike on eBay is pre-owned (not new as OP is looking for) and is surely dented on the top-left eye-bar.
  14. Appears my response posted twice. Sorry about that.
  15. LOL - thanks, I think. Having a critical eye is both a blessing and a curse. You see more than some do, but it can cause you more trouble too - like when to say something about what you see. Some can take it as you being better than them, so you have to learn communication skills also. I'm working on it. I should have added, the mask is beautiful! I really like the gunmetal look on these masks. Personally, I hate the F3 throat guard, but with that powder-coat I think it looks very good! You and Kyle have inspired me to possibly get a cool TG and send it in to Tony. Have a
  16. I've had some really nice pairs of dress pants that had that in them. This is a nice option, but might add more heat for umpire pants. I doubt it'd be enough to notice though considering the leg furnaces aka leg guards you're already wearing.
  17. It looks great! FYI - your F3 logo is upside down on your TG -turn it over. It looks like E-something instead of F3.
  18. @Thunderheads Lock it up please. Sold.
  19. That’s a Nike. One easy tell is the crimping of the bars where they bend. This one has no crimping, hence it is titanium and not hollow steel. The mask I show below is an Adidas, notice the ear guards where it bends are crimped. Titanium doesn’t do that like hollow steel does. This is a $300-350 difference - the devil is in the details! I know the weight is supposed to be the big difference but they’re within a couple of ounces of each other, so that’s not it either. The material is a big difference, titanium is stronger than hollow steel but also bendable... and more difficult to f
  20. Sounds more my speed... and way safer! We've got it making the rounds at our church now. Thankfully no deaths, but some have been to the ER. It's just getting started up bad in our area. I really think Ohio's headed towards another shutdown. I hope not, but if you look between the lines you can see it coming.
  21. 1. NEW All Star Magnesium FM5K black LUC pads with hard plate in lower pad ($59 at UA) —- $45 shipped 2. NEW F3 red pads and harness - $20 shipped I’ll combine shipping and lower prices if you buy more than one item. Thanks!
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