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  1. Does anyone have the rule for this? If we all speculate or give an opinion without a rule citation, then we don't learn anything here. I believe A is the accurate answer, but I'd like confirmation so I can learn if I am wrong. @Senor Azul any idea on this one, my friend? Thanks!
  2. https://www.10tv.com/article/news/crime/14-men-arrested-in-human-trafficking-sting-in-northeast-ohio/530-c19bdafd-4d38-4db3-b499-9487c6fd9599 It appears to be true. This site has pics of the 14 men and it looks like Mr. O'Nora. He's being charged with soliciting a prostitute, not human trafficking though. I agree it's dumb, but I hate seeing lives destroyed over bad decisions.
  3. I'd recommend Venmo. PayPal is good, but they take 3% of your transactions unless you do the Friends and Family option, which a lot of guys conveniently forget to do. I'm sure there are other methods that might work as well. CashApp for example. Personally, I use Venmo as much as I can now.
  4. I am selling a brand new, unworn (only tried on) All Star Cobalt CP. Asking $165 shipped within the con-USA. I'm selling because I don't like the fit on me. I'll probably stay with my Gold. I realize it's not a huge discount from other retailers, but you're saving $14.95 up front plus taxes ($13.49 in Ohio) - so almost a $30 savings overall.
  5. Mr Tyler, walk this way... Yes, having control of the ball is key and it will be in the umpire's judgment as to if he has control or not. The rule below specifically mentions the ball may be touching the ground in his glove. If the ball can touch a glove and the ground and it is okay, then the hand and ground is okay as well. Again, the key is that the fielder has control of the ball and is not just simply trapping the ball against the ground. NFHS Rule 2-9-1 2-9-1 A catch is the act of a fielder in getting secure possession in his hand or glove of a live ball in flight an
  6. Yeah, good luck with Cali. You guys got it rough right now in So-Cal. I'd love to come visit, but can't live there. I wish you the best of luck!
  7. Don't get me started on Schutt's Velcro quality! That CP could be so much better with a few tweaks, but so can almost all of them. Thicker plastic here, better harness there, remove wings here, add better gap protection there... Not Power-related, but you mentioned the new AS Cobalt. The Cobalt needs several fixes in order to move my Gold out of the #1 spot. I'm probably going to sell mine, reasoning that if I have to do so many fixes to a $180 CP, then I may as well stay with my Gold which only needs a thinner pad to be perfect for me. Yes, the HDPE is nice - but you have to cha
  8. a. Eject both players, replace the batter-runner with another player and score the run, tying the game.
  9. As of right now, we're still set for 3/27 start date in Ohio.
  10. This is true for me also. Also, I can't open my messages unless I get an email and go in that way. Using Apple's mobile browser (Safari) I am unable to see them at all otherwise.
  11. @Thunderheads lock it up please. Thank you.
  12. @Thunderheads lock it up please.
  13. Took a closer inspection at the Nikes on eBay from PIAS. Using the PIAS store pics as the eBay ones don't show much. The red is the best mask, the other two blue masks are dented on the main eye bar. The thing about these being used by a pro detracts value to me. If the pro is getting rid of them, he's probably getting new ones. They see much higher speeds than most of us do in a routine Varsity or JV ballgame. Almost every hit to the mask at that level has the potential to bend a frame. After looking at pics, I'd stay away from these - especially at the asking price.
  14. I think you can still find them, but this guy knows what he has. On the eBay site it says worn by a pro... that tells me a pro took them in and traded for something, or maybe sold them because he has new ones coming or retiring or something. I got a new MAG off a retired MLB catcher once for well under asking price. Oh, and don't try a low-ball make an offer option, I did and was denied up to $150 before giving up.
  15. I can attest that the Prizm lenses are amazing! They really do make colors pop. For those on a budget though, I honestly think the yellow lenses really help things to "pop" also. Now, the Prizm's are great, but I truly don't think they offer a $150+ better view than the $8 yellow shooting lenses from Wal-Mart in my honest opinion.
  16. @JoHart10 I just texted you. Hit me up if it's still available please. Thanks!
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