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  1. Hint: There is no size difference! They're the same plastic and padding! The only difference is the neck opening on the M/L is a bit snugger than my L/XL - and the main chest plate is wider on the L/XL by about 1".
  2. Picked up a Gold from a retiring buddy last week. His is a M/L per the tag. My own Gold is the L/XL. Per Wilson's specs, there is a 1" difference in CP between the sizes... but challenge you to look at these photos and then tell me which is the larger one.
  3. IMHO it runs what I need an XL to fit like on me. It's a bit loose, but not too loose. It would look nice on the bases (not sloppy loose or baggy). Material is nice also. I had the Smitty version of this coat once, but think this one is honestly nicer. New pics added.
  4. Me likey! Now, if I only knew a guy who knew a guy...
  5. Current lineup: Adidas (gunmetal with silver Diamond visor) Nike Steel (gunmetal with gunmetal Spyder and Markwort rainbow visor) AS MAG black matte with stock Spyder Diamond ix3 gloss black (TG will be switched to Spyder if used - probably will sell it)
  6. If you have a good harness, I have a Gold M/L in good shape that I'd sell you for $65 shipped. I can text a pic if you message me your phone number. It has the stock harness but we all know that's junk. Side note: I have a Gold L/XL as my main CP. I picked this up from a retiring college umpire last week. The funny thing is there is supposed to be a 1" difference between the sizes (S/M 11" to M/L 12" and L/XL 13") but the plastic on this M/L is the exact same size as my L/XL! The padding is tagged correctly, but they're the same size CP just with a different sizing!
  7. Normally, Honig's stuff fit me small, meaning I had to upsize. It Smitty XL I can wear a Gold at the plate under it and still fits okay on the bases as well. With this Honig's, it fits me like the Smitty does. If I had to I could wear plate gear under it, but I'd never do that with this jacket as I have LS shirts for cold weather. Honig's says an XL is 48-50 instead of the usual 46-48. I'm not sold it's that big, but it does fit comfortably loose on me. For siZe reference, I'm 5-11 235, 46-48R in suit jackets.
  8. Ohio pays the same for both. The softball guys/gals are always done before us, sometimes hours before if a DH or TH. I just can't bring myself to do softball though, but my cousin and brother did. They make the same money with far less time involved when you average it out to an hourly rate.
  9. By the way, love the Shovel on this mask! I like my Spyder, but the Shovel looks great too.
  10. Sigh, I know Jeff. We're in navy states. And you're right, it's personal opinion. It does look fine, but see how it could look? Imagine this all blacked out with black pads too. Awesome! Might need a Batman logo on the chin piece then though.
  11. Looks okay to me. Might look nice with a royal blue shirt during the summer. I have a buddy that has a royal blue Wilson mask he wears with TOC royal blue shirts in summer ball. I think he posted a pic of it in the equipment section when we talking about Tony's powder-coating.
  12. YOU NEED... for my sake. I don't like the rainbow blue on the black frame. It'll look great on a gunmetal or silver frame though!
  13. You need to paint that visor matte black. Krylon spray paint. $6.49 and it'll look a whole lot better on that frame!
  14. I'm about to revolt! The King is dead... to me.
  15. How did you get a prototype?
  16. I haven't seen a pic yet that can truly give the gunmetal it's proper respect. Its a very good color and looks even better in the sunlight. It would offer a good contrast. To each their own. If you can match it to a shirt, then it's fair game as far as I'm concerned. Someone on here has a very unique gold frame with tan TW's. You'll get some guys that say they'd never wear it, but it isn't their mask. There are times and places where a unique mask is not only appreciated but almost needed.
  17. 1. Adidas with All Star MAG grey pads (I need a new pic as I've added a silver visor now too) 2. Nike Steel/Wilson (your call) with All Star MAG navy pads and Spyder in gunmetal. Markwort rainbow-colored visor (more blue than anything else).
  18. @Thunderheads this can be locked up. Umpstu's buddy is no longer seeking a MAG. Thanks!
  19. Not necessarily true. This just means he was (A) not willing to spend that much right now or (B) decided to keep his current mask. I am confident if I truly wanted to sell this today that I could for close to what I'm asking. This site is a slow sell now - FB is where I can move stuff quickly. Then, there's always eBay but they take 10% of what I make so it's a last resort. Ultimately, I like the MAG and didn't really want to sell, but I need to move a mask or two (out of 4) and may list a couple on here.
  20. I debated keeping it, but I don't work fall ball anymore and I don't do college either, so it's better to let someone buy it and use it. For OH, we're navy only of course in HS and I don't need a thermal jacket in summer ball. I'll be posting a SS B&W jacket here soon and maybe a mask or two also.
  21. Buddy is retiring and doesn’t need anymore. He said he may have worn once, but kept in a dry cleaners bag when not worn. It looks brand new to me. I can't use as OH is navy only for Spring and I don't need in Summer ball. Any out west guys in need of a jacket? No pockets, so looks sharp. Fits like a true XL - would be great on the bases!
  22. I’ll sell mine. Black frame, worn in 2 games but not impacted or hit/dropped yet. No issues with it, but I have 4 masks currently and could stand to lose one. I’ll sell frame only for $175 shipped or with black pads (2games) or grey pads (new) for $215 shipped. I’ll include the new All Star harness, unworn.
  23. We get $40 for 9th/MS, $42 JV and $55 Varsity. For solo games, you get 1 1/2 fees. Varsity always gets 2 umpires, so better chance for solo is JV and down. Most summer ball is $50 per game though at least. I think Ohio is in the bottom 5-8 states for officials pay.
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