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  1. Agree with Matt. I used to wear a bucket. But never wore a hat under it.
  2. Big bank, they block all the social sites.
  3. I've got nothing... literally, work IT blocks the link so I can't see it. Or maybe that's just interference?
  4. @Thunderheads lock it up please. Thank you.
  5. I don't disagree, but I've seen some Nike's with some strange welds as well in the newer batches. I hear guys joke some were manufactured on a Monday or Friday indicating that the workers hearts weren't in their work and the weld quality suffered.
  6. He originally had listed as aluminum. Sure looks like an Adidas to me. I know they've changed Nike's a little since the original batches in terms of quality, but this one just doesn't look "right" to me either. It was used as a catcher's mask prior to putting it up for sale - can you see the scratches and the harness down low on the sides?
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    You guys get paid for this?
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    Welcome! Side note: This post is OLD... who dug it back up?
  9. I threw a coach last year who kept insisting he never raised his voice - so in his mind he could say anything as long as he kept a civil tone. Told him it did not matter, when I said we're done, we're done and it was time to play ball. Amazed at how so many guys think they can say/do anything as long as they are walking away. I see this comment and hear it from announcers all the time. It's like a get out of jail card. "He was walking away Joe, how could they toss him for that?" Like this...
  10. Here is a memo from the NFHS dated 2-12-20, B. Elliot Hopkins, NFHS Baseball Rules Editor and National Rules Interpreter: “We have been receiving some calls about the compliancy of baseballs with the NOCSAE/SEI performance standard mark that do not match the image that is depicted in the NFHS Baseball Rules book or other NFHS publications. If the baseball has the words NOCSAE/SEI printed on the ball, then the balls are compliant with our playing rules. They may not all be printed inside or outside a shape on the ball.” By rule the balls need to have the NFHS and the NOCSAE/SEI printed on the balls to be legal in Ohio. In order for a game to begin, the umpire UIC must have legal baseballs. If no baseballs that are legal are presented, we do not play. If the game starts with legal baseballs and those are lost and no other legal baseballs are available, the game is over.
  11. $50 shipped for frame and Champro pads & harness. or with new tan TW's for $85 shipped. or with new tan calfskin pads for $75 shipped.
  12. @Thunderheads lock this one please.
  13. LUC pads do fit fine as do most other pads. I personally replace them, but I have used them and know others have as well. I guess it’d depend on your level of ball. I’d lean towards a recommendation to replace. Thanks
  14. If you order a full mask I’d think you’d have it in 3 weeks. Max said he doesn’t have just the frames in stock now.
  15. A seam-ripper and about 2 minutes will remove the "patch" with the Gold W completely. It is neat and clean and can be done quickly.
  16. A Sharpie - and a sun visor - always worked for me. If no visor, then I used a Sharpie and kept writing over it, letting it dry, then going over it again.
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