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  1. All new frame, pads and throat guard. Comes with new All Star mask bag as well. Asking $125 shipped to you in the continental USA. Feel free to shoot me offers, but remember the grey pads from AS are almost $38 after taxes and shipping. The TG is another $15 and then there's the frame itself.
  2. That makes sense for 3-4 man, but if R1 in 2-man, then I need to be closer to the mound (shallower B) to see the tag on a pick-off attempt at 1B. Let me be clear, I'm not arguing with you as I know there are far more experienced umpires on here than myself, I'm just explaining why I do what I do. Thanks.
  3. I begin moving and pick up the throw as I move. If I wait until they throw, there’s no way I’ll get there in time. PS - I only do 2 man, so if you’re speaking 4-man as the OP was, then you may be right.
  4. The catchers that worry me are the ones who see me moving and throw the ball at me instead of second base!
  5. Those visors sure are hard to find. Rarer than hens teeth.
  6. Who is Heather Grey and what did she do to cause this animosity?
  7. Excellent! I'm always looking forward to see what comes of your plans.
  8. I noticed that too. I don't know if it is due to the culture over there, or because they are smaller-structured than us on average, or maybe they're just smarter than us for wearing them? Someone mentioned to me that they also don't have to deal with the type of assignors that we do over here. There is too much focus on "appearance" over ability & performance to move up to higher levels. I'll say this much, if I ever take one off the wrist-bone, then I will wear them - I am past caring what people think looks "macho" or not and I have no fear of being blocked from moving up because I'm fine where I am. I will wear what I need to feel safe, so I can stay locked in if I have to go up there looking like Darth Vader (kidding mostly but arm-guards aren't that big of a visual issue in reality). P.S. - Welcome back my friend!
  9. Man, I don't know about this mask. I like the tech in the pads, but that frame is ugly. Can they get a few more bars on it? There's clean lines and then there is this mask. Wow.
  10. Arik, just an idea, but I know guys that buy Smitty stuff, then go an have a logo put on it. The OHSAA logo (and I doubt the WHSAA or whatever Washington's logo is) is not trademarked or copyrighted, so you can add it without any fear of retaliation. Shoot, one of our suppliers will do it if you ask them and pay the $10. I had a friend even get one for his plate coat.
  11. They were more concerned with the length of their handlebar mustaches!
  12. wolfe_man

    Fair or foul

    So was the ball fair or foul? On a side note, I wonder what percentage of umpires were on their school's debate team?
  13. I have an old MiLB buddy that gave me a tip - he said to use a denture brush. It helps get in those small cracks and niches where dirt likes to collect. I use Scrubbing Bubbles and then brush those areas that are stubborn, but normally I can get my shoes clean with just wiping the SB off. Ray Brownlie offered an excellent tutorial on this FB page on how to clean the NB V3 mesh umpire plate shoes. He takes the liners out and then soaks the entire shoe in hot water. Then, he hangs them to dry with newspaper stuffed into them to help dry quicker. He allows them to air dry before wearing. I forget all of the nitty gritty details, but he had a whole process. This was the "deep clean", he offered other tips for between games.
  14. That's nice of you. Most guys in my area work with Purchase Officials or a local shop called Fleming's out of Columbus. Both attend our mandatory meetings in late February to early March. They bring a lot of gear and uniforms with them for guys to try on and purchase if they like it. Plus, any web orders placed with them can be picked up that night for free if they mention they'll be at the meeting. There are other suppliers who carry OHSAA products although I've never used them. I normally work with Purchase Officials as they are the best prices for OHSAA gear and I always have my stuff within 2 days of ordering. I will say though that neither PO or Fleming's carries anywhere near the level of inventory or selection that UA does. UA normally is equal or better-priced on most items too, so other than actual OHSAA gear itself, I mostly use UA as my supplier. Personal Request: I would like to see the All Star MAG pads and regular LUC pads added for purchasing if possible. I'd also ask for Honig's pads, but I realize that is a competitor and not a supplier.
  15. In Ohio, there's a common misconception that we must have all black shoes. The words instead are "mostly black" which means that you may have some white on your shoe. Both my plate (Reebok Mags) and base shoes (Nike Air Diamond Trainer) have white on them. Baseball is already charcoal only for playoffs, but we can wear heather during the season; however no one in my area does except for the guys too cheap to buy a new pair. But then, the guy that won't buy a new pair of pants normally is also wearing a navy blue shirt that has turned soft purple due to the sun and washing/wearing.
  16. I honestly do not know. I was just offering my thoughts on it. I only do HS, Babe Ruth, Legion and Travel ball, so I mostly am in NFHS rule set.
  17. If I were given the choice of a runner stealing 2B, I'd prefer the view from C. It's just like being at home and doing 3B-extended over 1B-extended albeit a somewhat different angle. You should have a better look at the runner coming into the base and see the tag easier. In B, you can get blocked out by feet, glove, fielders knee, etc. and miss something, unless you get almost perpendicular to the bag, which is I think C would offer a better view.
  18. You're not alone brother. So many of us are just longing for a return to the "normal"... the problem is, I'm not sure that's going to happen even once we clear this stuff. Things have changed now and I'm afraid we'll not get some things back. If anyone ever needs to just talk, please reach out. Mental health is just as important, if not more so, than physical health. I'd add spiritual health there too.
  19. Yes, thankfully baseball is more distant than some other sports. I honestly don't see how football or basketball can be allowed at lower levels (read HS and below). There's too much contact and I don't see a mask staying in place, especially for football.
  20. I appreciate what efforts you are undertaking. It is admirable and I respect you for it. With that said, I was a PCT (STNA) in Ohio in the local hospital for a while and understand how quickly and easily it is to cross-contaminate even while using PPE. Most trained people still end up doing it by accident, so hoping the general public can do it is hoping for a long shot, but at least it is something that can be done. I wear masks when going into stores, church, etc. but not at the ballpark. I do try to social distance as much as possible and focus hard on keeping my hands away from my face until I can clean them. I'm even trying to stop touching my face altogether, if that is even possible. I know the virus is real, it's just a shame we don't have more accurate and trusted reporting around it.
  21. I saw a guy on FB that used a second sun visor on the bottom half of his mask. It didn't look too bad, but it isn't near as protective as a mask that covers the airways.
  22. You're going to get opinions on this, because there is no "rule" to do it or not do it. In my opinion, I vocalize close calls loud enough for the coach to hear. I know some will say you should not, especially at higher levels, but I am only doing HS, BR, Legion, etc. not college or MiLB. In this case, an out call and mechanic, followed by "he's off the bag" lets everyone know what you saw and why you called it.
  23. Yes. By all accounts that I have heard, it's better.
  24. In my humble opinion, F3 should only be worn with an UL mask harness on it. It makes that much of a difference.
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