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  1. I gave up also... loan kept getting smaller and smaller and got tired of the hassle. Not worth it for the tiny loan amount.
  2. What about using bicep protectors? They're already curved and are about the right size. Just remove the padding and use the plastic and secure using Chicago screws or another method.
  3. #5 - needs a maybe. I'm not dumb and going to purposely go somewhere with extremely high infection rates, but its less of a factor in "normal" areas. I answered "yes" simply because if the scenario was bad enough, then I wouldn't accept the game in that locale.
  4. I'd say an old-style Diamond or old-style Honig's
  5. 17 pages in... what's the score anyways? Who's winning? Any minds been changed yet?
  6. Where did you get these? Thanks
  7. they do fit the Adidas pretty well too, but a little tight up top.
  8. I'd think Honig's would fit well, but have no personal experience. The top pad on a Honig's is pretty bulky though, it may be a little snug.
  9. I’m pretty sure that’s a Mizuno Belgard. I took too quick of a look at it, but the semi-rounded ear guards and pads are definitely Belgard.
  10. In other words, you'll be a good umpire if you do this. I've found that most of our calls do this - make me loved by half and hated by half no matter what I do. But hey, I have at least a 50% approval rating!
  11. Did he go? If you gotta ask, it means you thought he went. Okay, joking aside. I make the call I see. If I got blocked out or didn't get a really good look, then I'd not be hesitant to ask my partner if he had a better view. To be honest, for the level of ball I call the coaches normally would see if I got blocked and ask me to get help if that happens anyhow, so moot point.
  12. Thanks. I don't have to sell them, but I'd rather see someone use them. I'm only getting rid of them as I found an almost new pair of Reebok Magistrates in my size on eBay. I appreciate it.
  13. I’m glad for the owner.
  14. Ugh... there ought to be a law against lefty F2's.
  15. The more I look at the post I just made and compare the original Power pics to the top image of the first post, the more I am convinced someone cannibalized parts and created/updated a Power. The chest carapace and pauldrons/epaulets appear to be from a Champion. The wings are too small for a Riddell. Even the top carapace over the shoulders is not like a normal Power - the velcro extends too far. The arm plates I would venture are from an Adams/Schutt HDX. The bottom plate sure appears to be a true Riddell plate to me. The padding also should be authentic Riddell. The CP harness surely is with that sticker on it. This is one of those very hard-to-say for sure items. There are definitive signs of original Power on there, but there are some big question marks too. The bottom line is that it appears to be an almost new, very unique CP with good padding and new plastic and should get you a lifetime of service out of it. I am not running it down in any manner. It's a very neat CP. I'm just bored with too much time on my hands and I'm trained to identify things that appear out-of-place, so I apologize if I'm too detailed or stepping on anyone's toes.
  16. It may have some mods done to it - or at least it does not look like other Power's we've seen, but I do think it is a true Power. The padding color matches with what Riddell used (orange, blue and grey ). The bottom plate has rings for clips(Riddell tell-tale sign) instead of hooks (like a Champion). The bottom plate is way too thin for a Champion or anything else, except a Power. With that said, there are a few things I do think have been several mods done to it: The "wings" at the bottom appear smaller than Riddell's normal size (but I've only seen L and XL, so maybe this is normal M size). Shoulder epaulets are not native to a Power. They came without them, so this is a mod added on to existing Power - very well could be Champion epaulets - or a Wilson original black CP epaulet's. These clearly have a sticker over them and you can see the rivets bulging under the sticker. The chest plate is angled versus rounded on the middle - see the original post pic and then compare to all the Power's below. All Power's were rounded (much like a Gold) on the chest plate, but this one is angled (similar to a Champion). It's possible the original busted/cracked after wear and he replaced it with this piece. On a non-modded Power, the bottom plate "floats" free from the other plates and is attached to the CP only by Velcro. This one has been riveted/Chicago-screwed to the bottom plate ala a Wilson Gold, Champion, or other similar CP. Again, this doesn't mean it's not a Riddell, just that it was modified for the wearer's use - something most of us do. The arm plates appear to be off a Schutt/Adams HDXV. The Riddell's did not have "grooves" in theirs. To my knowledge, only Schutt/Adams uses that model with "grooves". Stickers are modded form any other Power that I've seen. The Gold standard since 1989 wouldn't have been on an original Power. Nor would "Umpire Equipment" on the shoulder plates. This is a Champion with Riddell stickers - courtesy of @RVAUmp Some examples of non-modded Power's. Top view of OG: Refurb with added gap coverage for shoulders:
  17. Looks fine to me. I like the Carlucci blue. Classic.
  18. Sorry, I've none right now. The 121 is very hard to find anymore.
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