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  1. Jesus died in AD33... most of the books about Jesus activities (the Gospels) were written within the first hundred years or so after Jesus' passing. Maybe not 2000 exact, but really close to it for some. I will give you that it isn't an exact 2000 years, but then I doubt it's exact for the others (Confucius, etc) as well.
  2. There is no mask mandate in OH during play, but before/after game we're supposed to have one on. And IF we talk to coaches up close, then supposed to have one on during game - but not on plate or on bases unless we're within 6 feet of players consistently.
  3. Oh, I totally agree. And I'm not even debating IF any mask is actually effective or not, but I know what the medical requirements are from having spent time working at the local hospital. I just know I see a lot of people thinking/hoping (or maybe just making an effort to comply with a mask mandate) by wearing a neck gaiter, handkercheif, etc. but I do hope they know that it will not stop the virus from being breathed in or sneezed out if the mask does not contain three layers.
  4. Is there a choice? I will wait and <not> like it.
  5. Neck gaiters are not medical masks. They are designed to be used as sunblock while deep-sea fishing, a filter so you don’t inhale sand in the desert and/or to keep you from eating bugs while 4-wheeling or bike-riding. To be effective, a medical mask requires three layers. I am glad they're allowing an umpire to only wear two instead of a full mask.
  6. Aw' c'mon! We have to wait until ball season is over again!
  7. Quick! Jump on this, he says sarcastically! The mask only took one “minor” ball strike that bent the frame. Can this be fixed?
  8. Did you see the one on eBay? One “minor” ball strike it said, but eye port was really bent! Ill post pics on eBay finds.
  9. I hope they do several colors... or something along with the blue at least. All Star is becoming my favorite gear company.
  10. Agree. I'm at far greater risk than any of the kids of catching the stuff, let them play.
  11. Will you be posting anything here to sell? Things can move quickly on here and I've had good luck with FB umpire selling pages (mostly Extra Innings by Outwest Officials) also. Thanks!
  12. @acpar72are prices with shipping included or is shipping additional? I may try something out, but need to get an idea of what I'll be spending total first. Thanks!
  13. If they kneel on my field... then I'll let it go because I'm not the anthem police. Personal feelings aside, I'm here to officiate a baseball game, not a political movement or ideology. If you want to remove the protest, simply remove the anthem is my thinking. It wasn't played at the beginning of games until the mid-20th century from my understanding. I'm pretty sure we'll all make it if it isn't played, because half of our summer games (maybe more) don't play it at all. I'm not sure a sporting event is the place to recognize patriotism anyhow. Regardless, I respe
  14. Just think of it as an umpire 'noogie' --- done in good cheer and with love from a brother.
  15. I keep thinking about keeping them for softball. Some of these guys have no accuracy and I'd rather not take one off the melon!
  16. In this case, it sure feels like they're dodging you. Each person would handle it a bit differently as the responses have indicated, but you'll need to do what is best for your situation and your personality. Best of luck!
  17. Agree here; I guess I tend to think like you. I really don't like the idea of bad-mouthing him to all of your umpire buddies either. Expensive lesson learned, move on and don't put yourself in a position to be taken advantage of again, but no need to trash the guy. Sure, it shouldn't have happened but there could be lots of reasons that he didn't get you what he said. Life tends to throw things in our path sometimes and we forget what we were going to do. Sometimes we even think we did do what we were going/planning to do, only to get interrupted by our job/kids/spouse and then move on
  18. Send me a message please. I'll send you photos so you can see it before I ship so there are no surprises. It's in good shape, but I don't like to do sight-unseen deals. Thanks!
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