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  1. Took a closer inspection at the Nikes on eBay from PIAS. Using the PIAS store pics as the eBay ones don't show much. The red is the best mask, the other two blue masks are dented on the main eye bar. The thing about these being used by a pro detracts value to me. If the pro is getting rid of them, he's probably getting new ones. They see much higher speeds than most of us do in a routine Varsity or JV ballgame. Almost every hit to the mask at that level has the potential to bend a frame. After looking at pics, I'd stay away from these - especially at the asking price.
  2. I think you can still find them, but this guy knows what he has. On the eBay site it says worn by a pro... that tells me a pro took them in and traded for something, or maybe sold them because he has new ones coming or retiring or something. I got a new MAG off a retired MLB catcher once for well under asking price. Oh, and don't try a low-ball make an offer option, I did and was denied up to $150 before giving up.
  3. I can attest that the Prizm lenses are amazing! They really do make colors pop. For those on a budget though, I honestly think the yellow lenses really help things to "pop" also. Now, the Prizm's are great, but I truly don't think they offer a $150+ better view than the $8 yellow shooting lenses from Wal-Mart in my honest opinion.
  4. @JoHart10 I just texted you. Hit me up if it's still available please. Thanks!
  5. Bump - added new AS LUC MAG black pads and other gear. Make an offer if you’re interested in anything. Thanks
  6. Congrats! I knew that those would go fast. If I didn't like my F3's so much I'd have jumped on them!
  7. Aha! The old double-post got you too!
  8. Agreed. I hate changing mask pads, so it's a mask for day games, then another for night games, one for HS, for a certain uniform, etc.
  9. All Star makes a top neoprene strap that I'm thinking of using on my F3's. I think it'd be more comfortable than a regular strap (simple elastic) that cuts into your knee/leg. Theoretically, you could make this strap a bit tighter to hold that top part back more. I will say that I use Ray's UL leg guard harness and it is way more comfortable than regular straps. They only hold the bottom 3 straps in place (it's only made for 3 straps, not 4) but totally worth the cost. I truly don't notice my leg guards at all when wearing them now. Once they're on, you can forget them.
  10. Cloudy days are actually way worse for me than full sun for some reason. Here's a tip for night driving, buy a pair of yellow shooting (or safety) glasses from Wal-Mart for $7. I use Champion shooting glasses for driving in dusk-to-dawn conditions. It really makes a huge difference for me at night. It deadens the bright lights and makes everything seem softer and easier to absorb without blinding me. I really like how they clarify everything too. I started using them for shooting clay pigeons many years back and I found they make things much easier to see! I'll be civil, but if
  11. Where's my wife at, I need her to see this post! "See honey, this is normal!"
  12. LOL And more importantly, were there any sisters or brothers to that mask laying around?
  13. Welcome! And don't worry about having poor English. Even most of us with English as our first language are not excellent writers and speakers of it... and don't get me started on proper usage of grammar either.
  14. Howdy and welcome!
  15. That's interesting. I wonder why they would think that? I suppose it is possible that silver might blend into the background more therefore making better perceived vision? I mean a black bar on a mask might be more distracting to the eye than a softer color (i.e. silver) would? All of this is supposition of course. It's not something I've ever noticed while wearing a mask. This brings up an interesting question also. What is the percentage of silver masks to black masks amongst amateur umpires (via sale)? In my area, it seems there are more umpires with black masks versus any othe
  16. Jeff, I'd never disagree with you, but... the visor covers the entire upper part of the mask and does cover more area than my 4-stitch or combo hat bill therefore it should offer more shade than just my hat bill. But I do concede that your comments are "mostly accurate". Sorry to be so precise, but FaceBook has got me fact-checking everything now.
  17. There is still a "Mark Site Read" (bottom RH corner) on the title bar for internet users. I can't speak for the Tap-A-Talk mobile guys.
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