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  1. I think a lot of MLB catchers were given one for this weekend. I’ve seen several highlights of games with F2’s in shiny gold Nike masks!
  2. The stereo systems are mostly a travel ball issue, but it’s coming to HS more all the time. I had a team last week playing right up to first pitch and loud! I made eye contact with the announcer and made a kill it signal. To my surprise and appreciation, he read me right and killed it and it wasn’t a problem the rest of the game.
  3. I guess I ignore too much. I don’t notice jewelry all that often. Once the games start, I’m looking for game-related stuff and trying hard not to miss that stuff (pitches, balks, calls, etc) to notice if a player has a small bracelet or chain. It’s gotta be pretty bad before I notice it. I’m getting better, but not there yet. I’ll be honest and say I agree with Max here though. I ask it every plate meeting about being legally and properly equipped, so I did my part to a large extent. I’m not legally responsible if the coach misses the necklace- or they don’t clean their water bottles
  4. I found them. 3 in perfect condition, 4th might be okay just some glue off the back got on it during storage (top LH patch of photo). $10 shipped for all 4 okay? If so, message me please.
  5. Asking $99 shipped. Brand new! Nice for hot weather with Summer approaching! Not in stock at any retailer of which I am aware!
  6. I think I have four brand new patches lying around somewhere I'd sell cheap. Let me look.
  7. A and C are definitely true. B may be true, but I don't know of any shirts that have an approved NOCSAE cardiac cavity pad. If B is true, then D would be your answer. If B is false, then I agree that C makes the most logical sense but it is technically not fully correct either since A is also true. I really think D is the correct answer since it has the "NOCSAE approved cardiac cavity" verbiage in B, thereby making it correct - and we know that both A and C are correct already.
  8. @acpar72 has one for $65 + S&H on this site. It is the low profile version, has a chopped chin guard (the chin on these masks was basically useless due to the angle, so many prefer it chopped) and then it's been powder-coated gunmetal.
  9. @Thunderheadslock it up please. Thanks
  10. All-Star link: https://www.all-starsports.com/all-star-accessories/add-ons-parts/for-masks-helmets.html
  11. All Star has the mag pads in all colors. You can buy them direct. FWIW they only make one color of deerskin pads. The color variation is dependent on lighting and the camera.
  12. @Thunderheads sold. Lock it up please.
  13. Asking $99 shipped con-US obo.
  14. Good, used condition. A lot of life left in these. Size 11. I normally wear 11's but in these shoes I can go down a half-size to 10.5. I already have a pair of 10.5 that I wear, so I'm selling this pair. Asking $99 shipped con-US obo. I am open to offers and trades.
  15. I would strongly suggest passing. Their website appears to be "broken" code and the last time I reached out to them months ago, I did not get a response.
  16. I would not wear it for baseball regardless. I believe it is intended to be a fielder's mask.
  17. I honestly have no idea. I think masks with squared-off ear-guards are generally less desirable by most umpires, so I am sure that affects price.
  18. You know me, I'll probably sell it on here or Facebook. I just like the fun of buying/selling/swapping. It's in my blood. I get to see different gear and try it out. If I really like it, then I keep it - but normally end up passing most things on.
  19. I must have a different face shape then or we're setting them up differently. On the actual MAG mask, they sit up near my mouth, but on the Diamond they fit right where I'd expect them to on mine. I have a bit of a long face though.
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