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  1. We've covered this one before. This seller uses the wrong pics. I even told them about it and they don't care.
  2. @Thunderheads lock it up please. Thanks!
  3. Selling MAG with graphite pads for $150 shipped. Thanks
  4. I know what you mean. In OH, if school is out or cancelled for any reason, then all school events have to be cancelled for that day as well. So, the governor gave them 3 weeks off, so that means sports gets a 3 week break as well. I understand they can practice, but no games or competitions.
  5. +POS is a true full bowl profile, so not all pads fit right. Some will fit, but feel "large" on there, while others - like RJ mentions above with the TW's - fit fine. In my experience, smaller pads fit well (think old-style before they started added wrap-arounds or plates in the pads i.e. old Wilson's, Nike, Adidas)... and almost any memory foam pads will fit well (Wilson memory foams, TW's).
  6. My area of Ohio (Licking and Knox County) is postponed until at least 4/6, then it will be a wait-and-see approach.
  7. MLB is postponed now - how long before HS ball starts postponing too? Our governor just made everyone take a 3 week spring break starting on next Tuesday.
  8. $99 shipped USA: New Adidas Icon frame. New tan leather Honig's pads with black Nike decal. New black Adidas strap.
  9. @Thunderheads lock it up please. I got some. Thanks!
  10. For Sale or Trade: 2 new black Adidas straps - $25 shipped new pair of Navy Adidas pads - $20 shipped Straps & pads together for $40 shipped. Trade for/towards: All Star MAG pads (black, navy, grey, leather)
  11. Thanks... you have PIAS and I have Goodwill.
  12. Yes, $9.99 plus shipping.
  13. Just switch to Honig’s and use a Nike decal.
  14. I wondered who on here ended up with it!
  15. It has a Make Offer option too... I'd try at $200 and see if he bites.
  16. And there is also a new one on eBay for $680+ I'm like 'who would pay that when Samurai Gears has it new for so much less!' It's cheaper than a Nike Ti - and rarer in the states. It's kind of intriguing.
  17. They're going out of business according to their site. Unfortunately, no pads left. They do have old-style umpire jackets, he said, but not sure who would need those now.
  18. Anybody got any of the Honig's leather pads (or any Honig's for that matter) in navy? I like these pads for HS and Honig's quit making them. Thanks
  19. Sorry Arik, it’s pending to a local guy.
  20. My pleasure. Thank you for being so easy to work with!
  21. LOL - great minds and all that... We have scrimmages starting 3/16, but I didn't take one until 3/24 due to same reasoning.
  22. To my knowledge, this is MLB only. There aren't enough good pitchers at other levels to make this rule effective.
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