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  1. I've seen this exact CP with Champion, Pro Nine and Honig's on the chest. You can still get the Champion and Pro Nine versions. I'm pretty sure Champro has this one too. It's actually a decent CP, but not sure I'd weAr it in HS Varsity... but I've had partners using it at that level. Champion here: https://baseball.epicsports.com/prod/4838/champion-foam-pro-model-umpire-chest-protector-14.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIu4WT9siP8AIVCeXICh12EwLzEAQYAiABEgJNb_D_BwE Pro Nine here: https://www.everysportforless.com/pro-nine-senior-baseball-softball-umpire-chest-protecto
  2. I'll guess late 90's/early 2000's - probably closer to early 2000's.
  3. I can't speak for other codes, but in NFHS rules they do not need to say what they're doing. If they immediately throw the ball to third base, then I know why they're doing it and will call the out if he left early. For NFHS, they can verbally appeal as well, they are not required to throw over and tag the base.
  4. @Thunderheads lock this up please. Thank you.
  5. I've tried it, the shoulders fit me oddly, so I still prefer my Gold over it. I realize that's my situation and it will vary for others of course.
  6. He will text you pics of the completed mask before he sends it back. His normal TAT is about 2 weeks in my experience.
  7. LOL - not my first choice either. I have asked OHSAA to let us wear black and/or MLB blue, but we all know that's not going to happen.
  8. I had a mild concussion a few years back form a mask impact. It took me a week before I returned to "normal". I almost walked away as I thought I had simply lost the ability to call anymore, before realizing I had a concussion that was affecting my vision. I've heard that arm/wrist shots on the bone are the worst. Somehow, I have been blessed to not have taken anything hard on a bone yet. Lots of stomach/chest shots and a few pretty good mask shots, but bone impacts have been minimal thankfully. Very true words right here. I'll be honest, when I've seen some guys drop like th
  9. I've been hit many times over the years, but finally took a shot on Saturday that scared me a little. I was wearing my WV Gold (without wings and cinched tight with a flex harness) and a Diamond navy blue mask with navy MAG pads (HS game). The pitcher is a D1 recruit (Toledo, as a F2 and RP) who was throwing in the upper 80's with good late movement on his pitches. To be completely honest, he's the 2nd hardest-thrower I've seen in my short career. I will say that you can definitely notice when a guy can bring it more than what you see on a regular basis. The first batter, second pitc
  10. Kulpa admitted he should have been called out after the game. Interesting.
  11. To be fair, Chris is the one that answered his question. I was just trying to give him the information he sought (who makes the case). Max provided much more insight and attention-to-detail on why he doesn't want to use what he thinks he does.
  12. LOL I almost threw out our head coach. Every close pitch, he'd sigh/inhale deeply and then walk out of the dugout down towards the fans (out of play). I finally had enough and told him just to stay out there if he didn't like it. Guess who's son the pitcher was?
  13. No brand shown, but closer. https://www.amazon.com/-/es/dp/B00WRHA0UO
  14. I think it's a standard box trunk (wood) from what I've seen. Here's a link to a neat article on how their stuff gets around and includes pics of their trunks. https://www.ttnews.com/articles/two-freight-carriers-make-sure-mlb-umpires-gear-always-safe-and-arrives-time
  15. I've had the experience of umpiring for my son's LL team. Never, and I mean never, again. I will never umpire LL baseball again. If you think you'll get a pass because your son is on the home team, you're so wrong. If anything, they think that you'll give them every close pitch - will be a strike for them and a ball against them when they bat. Every close play also is supposed to be theirs. I was to be paid $30 a game which I gave back to the coach after the first game after hearing so much griping/whining/complaining from our parents. I kept my word and fulfilled the rest of
  16. LOL I miss a few every game... not because I want too, but for one reason or another. Sometimes, my timing is off, sometimes the catcher does a poor job of receiving it, sometimes it's something else... that's part of the game as far as I'm concerned. Sounds like you did great! And more importantly I hope you had fun!
  17. @Thunderheadslock it up please. Thanks
  18. I’ll think about it. Not sure I want a Zett. Thanks
  19. Grey, added to post. Sorry about that.
  20. $30 shipped obo. I bought them last Fall and never use them. Once ball has started I just leave my shoes on the floor of my SUV, so figured I may as well pass them on.
  21. I’m curious too. Might be a one-off.
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