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  1. @Thunderheads go ahead and lock this up please.
  2. Cobalt = All Star FM4000 aka 5000 aka The Mag fixed it for you!
  3. Chris, Would the pads work on another frame or does the design make that improbable? Thanks!
  4. I'm sorry. I don't know how I've not caught it yet... I'm a minister and work with people often. We have 6-7 children in our home for babysitting each week. My two oldest daughters work outside of the home; one works in healthcare going into different client's homes every day and the other works at a vet clinic. My son and youngest daughter are still in school. I know folks who have had it around me, but somehow we've not gotten it yet thankfully. We're in a 2.5 week revival at church now and we're now heading into the holiday season, so I fully expect to see the COVID numbers jum
  5. @Thunderheads lock it up please. Thanks
  6. Gunmetal with All Star LUC's (split-chin tab). This color looks great with black, tan or even navy pads. As shown - $99 shipped within the continental USA.
  7. As pictured below - $109 shipped within the continental USA. Adidas mask powder-coated Baby Blue by Tony @ Mask-It Sports. New tan Team Wendy pads and a new Markwort rainbow gold sun visor.
  8. Black Matte mask has been sold.
  9. Mask-It Sports - Gunmetal Adidas with All Star LUCs
  10. Mask-It Sports - Matte Black Adidas with Rawlings pads (grey)
  11. Mask-It Sports - Baby Blue Adidas with All Star LUCs
  12. You don't want that old thing, it's all beat up with a chip and everything. I'll tell you what, just send it over to me and I'll take good care of it.
  13. Yes, it is. It’s a sweet looking mask. Very tough! I like the deerskin pads too. They are very soft against your face.
  14. I’m the same, but you readjust and it’s fine. Just don’t focus on it and it won’t be a problem.
  15. More on the way home from Tony: Top Left - Black Matte Top Right - Baby Blue Bottom - Gunmetal
  16. Kind of makes you wonder how he'd answer the old "Where was that pitch at Blue?" "It was on the outside AND inside corners!"
  17. I’ve taken shots to the mask in F3 and MAG. I would not have ever known I was even hit in the F3 except for the “tink” sound of the springs . While I ended up with a concussion in the MAG. I love the MAGs look but unless you use the Skully (it wasn’t out yet when I bought mine) or another device to help protect that upper pad, then I would not wear it at all. It looks awesome, but you only have so many shots to the head before you have to eat through a straw. F3 is a bit heavier, but it works - and wears - well. If you wear it tight, then it’s not that big of a difference to me. It’
  18. I'm pretty sure the only increase for price difference is on F3 or hydro-dipped masks. All traditional masks are the same price.
  19. I'd have to check, not sure on that.
  20. You're right! I had forgotten the strike out in my excitement of thinking I might be getting the rule right. Sigh....
  21. I had the same reaction upon looking it up, so don't feel too bad.
  22. Missing Your Turn(some say Time) At Bat
  23. Well, with all that hollering from the coaches as it happens, then I'd consider that an appeal. If they come out yelling, I'd probably straight-out ask them "are you appealing for batting out of order?" in this scenario. I guess you could call it preventative officiating (although it seems more reactive). I think you're right though, probable EJ coming - although I'd let them have a bit of rope to chew on me as I missed it in live action.
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