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  1. Cool beans! Good luck on that one amigo. I haven't seen a steel in years. I'd prefer them over the Ti myself.
  2. I have a Nike Ti enroute to me. I may do this deal. What size is the Platinum?
  3. @Thunderheads lock it up please.
  4. You had this recently? Or just now selling pads? I ask because I’d love to get mine done if they’re doing them again. Thanks
  5. Brand new. I’d rather ship to another umpire than back to the store. Price includes shipping within the continental USA. I just don’t like how it fits me, so I’m staying with my Gold. This is legit now. The hard shell in the chest is for real and this will stand up to any level now in my opinion.
  6. Side view showing rake and low profile.
  7. Man, I hate that cheap Velcro on the Schutt/Adams. I got a new one and began to explore if it were possible, but I gave up. Too much work and I don't have the right tools. I don't have the funds to ruin 2 good CP's and render them useless so I just left them both as-is and will bear with my Gold as-is. I did buy an F3 V3 thinking maybe this was the best solution of all - but that chest plate is stiff and BIG. And it doesn't bend. I have a 48" chest and I feel like the body of the CP wraps around me well, but the chest feels huge even on me. After all is said and done, I still really like my Gold fit and comfort. Yes, it's hot - but bulletproof and thanks to Ray's harness it's a part of me.
  8. Thanks Max! Good to hear from you again on here. I was 99% sure it was a Wilson Ti, but wanted verification. I should have it today or tomorrow, but I thought the rake looks really forward too. It just looks small in the pics, but I'm sure it's because of the forward lean. I have a Samurai Shovel I can put on it - or more than likely I'll move the mask on to someone else who wants one. I think it's low profile just off pics, but I may be wrong. The big ear guards are what made me think this was a LP, but I may be wrong. I'll try to get a side profile shot once I have it.
  9. I was considering one. Like you - I try to keep orders small and simple so greater chance of success. I haven't ordered in a year or so though. I guess I'm nostalgic also. I like +POS and prefer their logo and gear over other companies. I just don't understand his delay and lack of response issues.
  10. Honig’s plate cost for good price! 46R and in black. $50 bid or $100 Buy It Now plus $10 shipping on eBay.
  11. I believe this is a Wilson Ti low profile A3077TI or maybe a A3009TI.... am I wrong? Sold to me as Champro, but I know it’s a Wilson of some sort. The question i, what is the material - steel or titanium?
  12. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.
  13. Just an FYI - Tony is set up to do Magnesium masks now!
  14. I may be wrong, but I'm sticking with Honig's. I don't remember where Rawlings ever used a rounded chin.
  15. With the chisel-point chin guards, it's got to be a Rawlings or +POS or something like that. After looking at it more, it may be Rawlings because the old +POS had a wider chisel-point and then one that touched. Pic below is the old +POS Jim Evans model. @Young_Ump - is your mask lightweight or super-heavy? Honig's had one with that shape and chisel-point. I think it was hollow steel because it was lighter than most of those old masks. Plus, the Honig's had the rounded chin vs. the more standard square.
  16. I think that’s an old +POS.
  17. @Thunderheads lock it up please.
  18. Agree with both of these. I say 2 for Cora, possibly 3 - but I doubt life. I think Dombrowski gets a year off too. Red Sox organization gets the $5M max fine as well like Houston.
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