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  1. We're the same in Ohio for HS tournament games. Otherwise, no travel is paid out, but you do get the same fee for each game. For my JV triple-header on 4/3 it works out like this: $42/game x 3 games = $126 grand total for what will most likely be close to an 8 hour day allowing for breaks between games.
  2. ↑is so true all the way up to JV around here. I always pay attention to throws coming in between innings - too many close calls.
  3. I had to read it a couple of times myself.
  4. If you had 1 out and R1 was forced out at 2B - and then Interference is called on R1 making the BR out as well for the third out of the inning, then no runs score. No runs can score on the third out of the inning if BR did not legally obtain 1B. I believe this is part of 8-4-2(2): does not legally slide and causes illegal contact and/or illegally alters the actions of a fielder in the immediate act of making a play, or on a force play, does not slide in a direct line between the bases; or A runner may slide in a direction away from the fielder to avoid making contact or alte
  5. I wasn't aware of that, thanks for the information and response.
  6. Thanks. Any idea if any improvements are being made to it or just a re-run of the current specs model? They've been out at most places for awhile now, so I was beginning to wonder if it was being decommissioned.
  7. Yes to this - a thousand times yes! It’s so true! My first year I did 14 solo JV games. Sometimes they were DH with 20 minutes of “rest” between them. I thought about quitting so many times. No help, no feedback, no training, no learning - just going through a meat grinder every game. I’m in year 6 now and have had no formal reviews/assessments by my association. I did get some feedback from another association while they were doing their guy on the plate. They didn’t like me not using the pivot (I employed the over-the-shoulder peek instead on no-doubt doubles), but said I looked sh
  8. I don't disagree, but the way Arbiter is I assume I'll get a partner until one isn't assigned. To keep on good terms with my assigner, I try to accept games quickly (within an hour of getting the notification) and that doesn't always let me know if I'm getting a partner or not. I'm with AA though, you can only call what you can see. There's holes in 2 man, so you can be sure there are more in 1 man. I am drawing a line though, on 4/3 I'm supposed to do a JV triple-header and there's no partner yet - I will not do a TH by myself. I've done DH and that's too much for 1 man when you're ex
  9. And what size tongs do you have to use? Grill-sized or corn-on-the-cob sized?
  10. I'll be doing JV solos too.
  11. Part of why I held them... but again, our state did away with the baseball modified rules. I understand that to mean we are not requiring NFHS, NOCSAE and OHSAA on our baseballs again this year. Last night's JV game was played with NFHS stamped Diamond junk-balls.
  12. I had baseballs in my ball bag last night. Our state did away with baseball modifications and returned to normal. Home team provides 3 and we play. I could have allowed them to handle the baseballs, but chose to keep them myself.
  13. wolfe_man


    I was hoping for a Bartolo Colon helmet-drop instead, but okay with Harper. Personally, Harper is over-hyped IMHO. For a guy who's not a true perennial MVP candidate, he gets a lot of press and cash.
  14. Was - and is. I meant the guard that he was being sneaky.
  15. My first game/scrimmage is tonight. It's JV. I'll let you know. Season starts next week for us. FWIW, my only HS ejection remains a JV coach a couple years back.
  16. I understand. Maybe message him privately to avoid getting blasted for digging up a 5 yr old post. It doesn't matter to me, but I can understand both sides of this coin.
  17. I know! I keep imagining the big guard holding Andy over the edge of the roof for suggesting a way to cheat. Andy couldn't have worded it worse though. "Do you trust your wife?" I live about an hour from the place where it was filmed.
  18. March 9, 2021 Bulletin 21-2 As stated in the state meeting the 2021 Rules Modifications are subject to adjustment at any time prior to or during the season. Our first adjustment is the elimination of the modification concerning baseballs. This modification has been eliminated in its entirety. What does this mean? We will return to the standard rule and related procedures for handling game balls. The home team will provide the game balls. As a reminder, the following items are not officially approved by the ODH,
  19. Sorry, I gotta ask. How’s Red doing? The weather in Mexico pretty good?
  20. Thanks for sharing. It wasn’t your behavior that caused it. They threw themselves out. I used to second guess myself. I have learned I worried more about the EJ I should have done - over the ones I actually did do the EJ. It’s far better to toss, than to allow people to think that what they’re doing/saying is okay to an official. Most of my terrible umpire memories are of 13-15 Babe Ruth at this one park. The parents and coaches are just lit every night. The sad thing is the teams are terrible, but they always blame the umpires if they lose. I learned I don’t need $40 so badly that
  21. I have not seen either. I’m thinking he wants new though.
  22. Good luck. I have looked everywhere too. @JimKirkany news from Schutt if they’re going to restock? Thanks
  23. This post is for information only. Please do not start another argument over IF this is necessary or not. We all have our opinions, but I'm sure no one wants to hear mine either. Interesting things for umpires in red font. I just received these from the Ohio High School Athletic Association this afternoon: 2021 Baseball Rules Modifications and Rules Recommendations and General Requirements and General Recommendations (3-11-21) With the support from the NFHS Baseball Rules Committee, the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio High School Athletic Association, the rules mod
  24. LOL, I think we had the same professor! Very true statement. It's not what you think you can get away with, it's what it costs you if you get caught. Honesty is still the best policy - even if it is old-fashioned and almost extinct.
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