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  1. Just picked this up... is it a Titanium V1 from All Star? It doesn't have the chin tab that the steel catcher's masks do. Thoughts?
  2. Currently using only MAG pads. Perfect in all weather temps & conditions. Dry fast too. On some frames they don't muffle you at all (Diamond for example), but then I've never had any say they couldn't hear me due to these pads either. TW's are nice & safe, but I don't like how they fit on some of the frames I've had. Great in hot weather. I really like the Honig's pads also. They look classic and fit my face and mask frames so well. Plus, small logos are great. I like their harnesses for the same reasons. I had my first glimpse of the new UA mask on Saturday. Partn
  3. Welcome! Lots of good info on here as you already know. Just learn all you can and have fun out there!
  4. FWIW it was an NFHS POE maybe 3 years ago. They were trying to keep the games moving and this is one way to save time.
  5. @Thunderheads sold, lock it up please.
  6. @Thunderheads lock it up please. Thanks!
  7. The Ump hard-shell umpire chest protector. This is a nice, low profile chest protector. The color is navy blue. Being hard-shell, it is safe for baseball and actually designed for it. This is not the soft version used for softball. There are guys on here who have used this CP in college ball and I personally have used in HS with no ill effects. If I were to keep this one, I'd mod it to accept a new flex harness and make it connect to both sides of the CP - but it is fully functioning as-is also. I have done this mod on other versions of this CP. The CP does come with removabl
  8. Note: There is a cup pocket, but I wear the Diamond MMA jock and never wear just shorts, I layer compression shorts, then jock, then these when I wore them. Also, color is white. I'd prefer black but that's the only option I had. The pics show it almost a grey, but the color is white all over with the exception of the darker waistband.
  9. I bought these thinking they'd be great for umpire protection as well. They're just a bit snugger than I like, so I'm letting these go to someone who may be able to use more fully. They are a true XL, but sometimes I size up for compression due to having big thighs. For comparison's sake, I'm 5-11 230. Very well-made shorts with sliding protection (we don't need of course) but also inner thigh protection! Asking $30 shipped con-USA for both pairs.
  10. Yes to this many times over, I kicked myself for even letting myself be drawn into it. I should have just kept my head down and kept walking as my responsibility had ended.
  11. HS Varsity game. Bottom of 7th, HT down by one.. one out. R2 and R1. Batter bunts to move runners over. Bunt is on 1B line. F3 picks up the ball and BR attempts to swat the ball out of the glove. No contact is made to either player. We have an out on the tag. VTHC goes ballistic screaming "Get him out of here! That's bush league!". To be honest, he kind of caught me off-guard with being so offended and upset by it. I am FU and the PU is closest to the call and made the call as an out. Neither of us reply to the HC but we just move on. He doesn't seem to want to discus
  12. wolfe_man


    I agree with my more-established and seasoned brethren above. A. that's nothing - coach, you know better (not these words but something close to let them know they can't be in the way) B & C - interference. The throw has nothing to do with this one (as I believe you would agree) - it is INT because the coach made the player rush and not get the true chance to make a play or possibly a good throw.
  13. I am selling a used black Douglas CP, size 13" It has a lot of life left and can be refurbished with new padding & Velcro if you wish to do so by Douglas. Asking $85 shipped con-USA obo.
  14. I currently have a black Douglas, a WV Gold, a The Ump navy blue and an F3 V3 CP. The F3 is the most form-fitting (read low profile in appearance) CP of them all. It is cooler than most other CP's on the market also. I took a bounced pitch off my chest on Saturday while wearing the V3 and you know you are impacted, but no pain. To be perfectly honest, I would have probably not even noticed the impact in my Gold at all due to the thick padding; however, I am trying to go low profile and not a la linebacker anymore, so this is a trade-off. If you cut open the CP or the F3 pads,
  15. Updated my Diamonds with MAG pads and Zett (navy Zett en route for the navy mask too - plus visors for both):
  16. The MAG pads fit in every other mask that I've tried them in. They fit really well in a Diamond aluminum frame. On this frame, they don't even cover my mouth at all. I've had no trouble being heard using these pads, regardless of the frame I've had them in (Adidas, AS MAG, Diamond AL). FWIW, I know two guys here in OH (where we've had several games in the 30's this year and many more in the 40's) wear TW pads exlusively. They say keep the pads in your car, keep your heat on and keep them near the heat and the pads will stay softer. Plus, as @BT_Blue says, they warm up after your face
  17. I prefer the new All Star MAG pads on all of my masks now. The TW's are rock-hard in cold weather and leather gets hot in warmer weather, the MAG pads are good in all weather types, won't stick to the stubble on your face and are very comfortable. You can get them for $44.99 + S&H from All Star directly in all colors (Tip: you may have to check under catcher's accessories for colors other than black, deerskin or grey). Wilson's pads are all pretty good, but some of their top pads are gigantic. It's not a bad thing, but makes the mask sit funny on my head as I don't like to curl t
  18. Well, maybe they can afford $250+ for base shoes. As for me, I'll stick with my $60-65 NB and Nike Air Diamond Trainer's.
  19. I'm sure you could, but unless done professionally I'd doubt its integrity and appearance would be up-to-par.
  20. For those of you with an F3 V3 CP... are the corner of your hard plates pushing through the neoprene cover? Any way to fix this? I like the CP, but that's annoying to me. The bottom or top corner of the middle plates are starting to tear a small hole in the cover of the neoprene where the hard plates are poking through. I keep trying to bend and re-shape the hard plates, but they keep going flat on me. I really don't want to have to resort to putting black duct tape over the holes to keep them from poking/showing through my shirt.
  21. And he went on to become a US Senator! Who needs facts when you have passion? Before we all get reprimanded, I have thought hard about switching to an F3 V2 or V3 helmet myself. I used to wear an All Star MVP2400 when I first started doing this umpire thing, but then switched to a traditional mask and really liked it better than the "bucket". With all that said, I am looking for a way to upgrade my head protection from short backstops, bad catchers and follow-throughs so I may do it yet. I don't like the Skully (I know, I know) as it fits me oddly and I hate the finis
  22. Yeah, I went back and looked the other day. It's the e-version of an old barn tilting over and about ready to collapse.
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