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  1. Pre-game and after, yes. During game if we are talking to anyone (i.e. coach questioning call) we are supposed to be wearing one too. OHSAA isn't requiring them for the Field Umpire or Plate Umpire while working, reasoning that we're normally at least 6 feet from other people. They do recommend plate umpire work as deep as possible to try to maintain 6 feet. I'm getting the F3 mask cover and seeing if it will still allow me good vision on the low pitches, but will just keep a black medical mask in my left ball bag for pre-game/post-game and questions from coaches. I plan on work
  2. Be sure to let us know what you think. I think they're worth the extra funds personally.
  3. Lol and I may try leggings this year. Although, mine is more for modesty while changing than guards rubbing. I haven’t had issues with rubbing on bare legs, even in mid-90’s.
  4. Well, you’re more right than you know! Ohio sent out it’s meeting today and probably half of it was on what the coaches and others do. Covid regulations and a ton of recommendations that really aren’t even in our jurisdiction anyhow (dugout reqs, solo water bottles vs. team water coolers, equipment managers, sanitize gear after every game, etc). If F1 blows on his hands, we have to change baseballs and have him use hand sanitizer before we can resume!
  5. I can vouch for these. They make for a much more comfortable fit against your legs and especially under the back of the knee.
  6. Just picked one up. It looks way easier than the other options from pictures/video. Update: Do. Not. Buy.
  7. OHSAA has it's state meeting tomorrow (available at 9am). I'll let you know if it has changed, but last year we were sticking to the "no marks on the baseballs, then no games" method. Unless I'm told differently, then I'll check at the beginning of each game to ensure we have good baseballs; however, I don't plan on checking each time a new ball is put in play, returned from foul territory, etc. Most of the time I can finish a game with the 3 I started with anyhow, unless the field has poor foul territory with a lot of trees/brush that eats/hides baseballs.
  8. Wow - dumb moment for me. You are correct amigo, they are different makers. The 2qa's are definitely Mizuno not SSK. But my question persists, which SSK frame is this one?
  9. Which SSK mask is this please? I'm assuming it's not the 2qa-122 or 121 if it has a fixed chin guard attached. Is it the Diamond-looking one or the one with the arrow-head ear struts?
  10. Yes, they are unbelievably soft against your face. The biggest knock I hear from those who have had them is that they seem too "orange". In person, I think they look pretty good and they are amazing pads! Don't pay that much - buy from @acpar72 for $35 I believe it was in the for sale posting.
  11. After 4 years of warnings, we were told no marks, then no game as of last year. They've all had time (and now another year) to get some approved baseballs.
  12. Was it a night game or a day game? Sorry, I had to do it before someone else did. I have to agree with our rules master, Senor Azul and go with E. You have to go with the one that makes most sense - or is the truest. E makes the "most" sense. Of course, if this is NFHS it doesn't matter what's right as they miss one or two a year it seems.
  13. They're hot and large. You'll definitely need plate pants. Mine squeaked too when I got into my stance. But they are bullet-proof and cover everything. I took the 2nd knee off of mine as they're hard to put on without a dressing room. Dressing in parking lots, I can't not wear pants while I put on shins, so I removed the 2nd knee and they went on much easier for me. After F3, it'd be really hard to go back to them again.
  14. Was it while watching barrel-racing? Because I always feel like the horse rounding the barrel. It not only looks ridiculous, but it feels like it too! @Thunderheads we may need a new thread started for the Pivot and a couple of these moved over. I know you like to keep a clean ship.
  15. I understand where you're coming from, but respectfully disagree. Again, I'm hot-blooded and an older gentlemen working with me may need his jacket whereas I do not. Why should I be hot just so he can be comfortable? So I look good? Sorry, I can't get behind this reasoning. But then again, I hate the pivot between 1st and 2nd when I can pick up the touch/no-touch/interference/obstruction with a glance over my shoulder - but the regs mandate I pivot! I guess I'm a rebel. I know it's an appearance thing - but I'm told the higher levels (2 man, not MLB of course) do not pivot either, so
  16. I quit using Honig's for the same reason Max loves them LOL! Unfortunately, that goes for TOC also. While I love their colors, I can't have two sizes of each color of shirt. I'm not that rich yet. I only use Smitty now. Around my area, it's what everyone else has and the size always fits me right - regardless of for plate or bases. I do wish I that I had vertical stripes instead of the old-fashioned arm and collar stripes though. I think they'd look more slimming and they certainly offer a sharper look in my opinion.
  17. I find it amazing that people worry this much about matching. Is there a book somewhere for fashion faux-pas for amateur umpires? "Oh, that jacket is just so totally last year Bob. I can't work with you anymore!" It is ridiculously expensive to start as a baseball umpire, then let's add another couple hundred dollars in coats, jackets, long-sleeve shirts, etc. so he can be sure to match up with his partner all of the time - even though he may only wear it once or twice a year! This is why we all need to go to black as our main color, instead of navy. You have to have navy for HS,
  18. Mine is virtual State and Local meetings. There will be no person-to-person this year until games start.
  19. A Champion CP might be a very good fit for him. To me, they're nice for smaller-bodied umpires and still offer hard-shell protection. https://www.ump-attire.com/Products/P2/Champion-Body-Armor-Umpire-Chest-Protector
  20. That's what I did in my haste. Sorry, now I am confusing everyone. There is no V2 - it's a Cobalt. I have gone back and edited my post, but I can't correct everyone's quotations from my original post. I should have waited to post anything this morning, but started to post and then was distracted by other work and ended up making an inaccurate post.
  21. My apologies @Ump0000and @BT_Blue, I misread the OP. Although, my post did reference that the CPU4000 aka System Seven was also as a good CP. Now on-target this time: I really like the CPU4000 aka System 7 CP. I don't find it any bulkier than any other CP out there. It's comfortable, breathes better than most and offers excellent protection. For me personally, I don't think there's a better CP out there for the money ($129 at UA right now). I'll be honest, I've been thinking of grabbing one as my backup at that price point. I have no experience with the System 7 shins,
  22. My advice is buy F3 shins. 14.5" fit great and you'll forget you're wearing them. When you finally do get hit, you'll be so glad you bought them as they're practically bulletproof. When you buy shins too large for you, they fit oddly and can hinder your appearance and ability to run from my experience. The F3 shins are also pretty low profile, many can even wear them using combo pants instead of plate pants. I've even read of guys on here able to fit them under their base pants! Bonus - F3 is cheaper than the new All Star guards. At the risk of offending so many who seem to think the
  23. Thanks! @ATXBlue is a great buyer also! Prompt payment and communication.
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