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    My son makes double pay, but still could not "live" of it if he were flying solo. How? I give him my money as well. I tell him that my pay is being outside with my son while doing what we love. He knows the rules, is firm with his calls, and has gained an understanding of the games dynamics, as well as the respect of the coaches. I give him my pay, he is 17, a big kid, a good student, and I get to work with my boy. We only work on the weekends and have a great time. I am lucky in that we quiz each other all the time, and role-play situations. He is much more confident student, and i am a proud papa.
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    From the 2016 BRD (section 110, p. 90) FED Official Interpretation: Hopkins: A batted ball hitting the pitcher’s plate and rebounding to foul ground between home and first or home and third without touching a fielder is a foul ball as it did not hit beyond the imaginary line in the infield. When I posted this interpretation earlier I thought that it was odd that the FED relied on it rather than having a rule as both the NCAA and OBR do. And why on earth was it a relatively recent interpretation--2003? It turns out that there is an explanation. According to the 2016 BRD the FED had that interpretation as black letter law in its rule book as rule 2-5-1 Play 1 prior to 1998. It seems that then current rules interpreter, Brad Rumble, felt that all the plays belonged in the Case Book. So, in a delicious irony all the plays were taken out of the rule book and put into the case book for 1998. All except one and that error was not fixed until 2003 when the new rules interpreter, B. Elliot Hopkins, issued this interpretation. Just to verify that the BRD story was correct I went to my storage locker and got out my really old books and sure as s*** the BRD was right. Here’s the text from rule 2-5-1 Play 1 in the 1994 NFHS rule book. B3 hits line drive or ground hit which strikes: (a) pitcher’s plate; or (b) second base. In either case, it rebounds to foul ground between home and third before touching anyone. RULING: (a) foul. (b) fair hit. I checked two other rule books—the 1980 and the 1977 and that same play was in those books as well. Apparently, the FED always had the same rule as OBR but it was decided to move the plays from the rule book to the case book for 1998 and it has stayed that way ever since.
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    You really want to go through all the bureaucracy? "charged offensive conference"??? Really? The object is to save time...not waste another five minutes going through all that process. I'm a coach, and if I'm telling my team it's time to get their asses in gear I'm not worried about your charged conference. And frankly, I'm not even worried about an ejection...it might actually fire up my team. Strikes and outs worry me. Those hurt my team's chances of winning...ejecting me does not. You have a rule in black and white that lets you start a 20 second timer when the pitcher is ready to go...use it. "Let's have a batter"...or "Play ball"...if no movement immediately, "Coach, you've had enough time, I'm going to start calling strikes"....then start your 20 second clock. Next inning..."Play ball" and start the timer, no warning. Somewhere in there you might get lip, and then you can get to warn-in-writing pretty quickly. But I promise you, start calling strikes and they'll figure out it's real. You're pissing off the coach in either scenario...you may as well exact a punishment that will accomplish the goal you're trying to achieve.
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    I have this problem... I buy too much gear, then realize I'd better sell some of it before my wife sees it. This is the last All Star MAG I have in stock.
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    The catcher’s interference rule entered the rule book in 1899 as rule 46 section 6-- Rule 46—WHEN THE BATSMAN BECOMES A BASE-RUNNER The Batsman becomes a Base-Runner: Sec. 6. If, while he be a batsman, the catcher interferes with him, preventing him from striking the ball. The rule for a catcher’s interference on a squeeze play or steal of home entered the rule book in 1920 as rule 56 section 21. Just for comparison the current 2019 rule follows-- Rule 56 Sec. 21. In event a base-runner is trying to score from third base on a pitched ball or the “squeeze” play, a “balk” and also an “interference” should be called if the catcher runs out in front of the plate to catch the ball: and the runner shall be allowed to score and the batsman be entitled to first base. The same penalties must be imposed in case the catcher pushes the batsman out of the way, or tips his bat. 2019 OBR rule 6.01(g) Interference With Squeeze Play or Steal of Home If, with a runner on third base and trying to score by means of a squeeze play or a steal, the catcher or any other fielder steps on, or in front of home base without possession of the ball, or touches the batter or his bat, the pitcher shall be charged with a balk, the batter shall be awarded first base on the interference and the ball is dead.
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    the players an managers.. "Ok Introductions, lineups, etc etc... And OH btw you see this scar got it in a recent knife fight and Im not in the mood tonight so dont be messing with me or my strike zone.. lets have a nice game shall we"
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    I don’t know ... the catcher’s leg is touching the field, so it may just be part of the field, not part of the player ...
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    The count is 2-1 according to the NCAA online video answers.
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    Except you gotta make chicken salad out of chicken $hit. What else are you going to do? You can absolutely sell a foul ball on a play like this. The initial ruling was HBP...upon further review we have a batted ball that also hits the batter while in the batter's box...which is also a dead ball...just a different outcome. It's not a do over....and I don't think you can get an out by rule either. Foul ball is the cleanest option. Your thoughts?
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    This is from (or form a new book) a new book-- 2020 NFHS rule 8 SECTION 1 WHEN BATTER BECOMES A RUNNER ART. 1 . . . A batter becomes a runner with the right to attempt to score by advancing to first, second, third and home bases in the listed order when: e. the catcher or any other defensive player obstructs him. The coach or captain of the team at bat, after being informed by the umpire-in-chief of the obstruction, shall indicate whether or not he elects to decline the obstruction penalty and accept the resulting play. Such election shall be made before the next pitch (legal or illegal), before the award of an intentional base on balls, or before the infielders leave the diamond. Obstruction of the batter is ignored if the batter- runner reaches first and all other runners advance at least one base. 1. Any runner attempting to advance (i.e., steal or squeeze) on a catcher’s obstruction of the batter shall be awarded the base he is attempting. If a runner is not attempting to advance on the catcher’s obstruction, he shall not be entitled to the next base, if not forced to advance because of the batter being awarded first base. If obstruction is enforced, all other runners on the play will return to base occupied at time of the pitch. The batter is awarded first base, if he did not reach base. Also see 2020 NFHS case book plays 8.1.1 Situation L and 8.3.1 Situation B.
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    Get her a couple of bags of flour and claim "That's what you said!"
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    Puck That (Ice Hockey pun intended)
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    While I find stark contrast in your screen name, versus your intended location, I have to say that I don't see much scuba diving in your future. When I was in the service, one of the guys in my barracks was often wearing a "Ski-Iowa" t shirt.......depicted by a picture of pigs being towed behind a tractor on water skis. Best of luck. P.S. I think @humanbackstop19 is in Iowa It was similar to this, but said Iowa. (Sorry Kyle, it was the only one I found)
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    IOWA - Idiots Out Wondering Around.. My wife is from Iowa...
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    Disco is coming back.
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    Metallic looking gloves fit in better with robot umpires. IMO, I cannot see any way this wouldn't be considered distracting.
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    Because they might not like those actual pads. It is possible to like the actual pads without liking the aesthetic of them.
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    Make friends with some a-holes and have them role play with you. I've got a number of friends that can roll off a string of insults if you wake them up in the middle of the night and when you laugh them all off, it's easier not to take it personally, or be caught off guard when you get it on the field. Here's a good video:
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    I don't see the need for padding, as that plate should press against two plates that are padded already.
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    In my experience, all jackets (and shirts) seem to tighten a little more around the waste each season.
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    Very much so. But, of course, we aren't the only ones. Thankfully it is something that doesn't show up on this site to often.
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    Let's start with them working anything over 12u travel ball. Maybe a low level varsity game in the city of their choice. I mean, I'VE never worked anything higher than D3. And I'm totally good with this ejection.
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    LUC pads do fit fine as do most other pads. I personally replace them, but I have used them and know others have as well. I guess it’d depend on your level of ball. I’d lean towards a recommendation to replace. Thanks
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    I have pretty much retired from doing a lot of games after 30 years of umpiring and have not visited this forum in a long time. What you stated in the past was wrong and I just wanted to correct that. Forgive me for pointing out that incorrect information.
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    Well I just got my TW pads so at this point I shall pass. but Im gonna keep an eye on this thread just incase I decide to later
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    If replay had only the ball hitting the bat I agree, they should have placed the runner, batter-runner in the dugout with an out at 1B. They state the replay official had only the ball hitting the bat. I would dispute that they could discern that the ball only contacted the knob. But if they did I don’t know how we got to a 2-2 count and I don’t think NCAA wants to go there. Really, “what’s the count”? Unless the narrator misspoke that the replay official said the ballot only hit the bat.
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    Guys, as @Richvee pointed out, it's more to do with standardization than it is for blatant safety. Consider that NOCSAE isn't actually an "independent third party". Instead, it's a consortium comprised of representatives from the manufacturers as well as these institutions: American Academy of Pediatrics American College of Sports Medicine American Medical Society for Sports Medicine Athletic Equipment Managers Association National Athletic Equipment Reconditioners Association National Athletic Trainers' Association Sporting and Fitness Industry Association American Football Coaches Association American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine Additionally, there are representatives from the NCAA and NFHS included as non-voting liaisons. Because the NFHS is a government entity (ie. public), they cannot exclude a company from selling baseballs (or other equipment) that meets their published specifications. If the specs call for a 9-in. / 5 oz. baseball with a cork & rubber core and a leather casing, they can't exclude a baseball company that meets those specifications, regardless of how that baseball is constructed internally. So, as long as the baseballs meet those specs, a company can label the baseball as compliant with the NFHS spec, because the NFHS "logo" or "mark" is a publicly recognized mark. When a case of liability is reviewed, and that baseball is "entered into evidence", questions will be raised as to: Who certified that baseball? Why is that baseball regarded as certified? What methods are in place to determine compliance? Who determined the standards to which that baseball had to meet? The NFHS cannot be the sole answer to those questions. However, because NOCSAE is organized as a Registered Entity (guys like @lawump would know the formal term), and comprised of those member organizations and institutions, it can and must be the answer to those questions. In order to obtain a manifest of specifications, right down to the minutiae and smallest detail, you must be a member of, or at least be applying to, one of those listed consortium members. You must be a NOCSAE -recognized manufacturer to be a part of the group. And, most importantly, you have to divulge (at least with NOCSAE) the manufacturing and testing processes you are in compliance with when producing those baseballs. Then, and only then, are you "licensed" to place the NOCSAE seal on the baseball. There's a reason we haven't seen the NOCSAE baseball logo/mark/seal online... because NOCSAE doesn't want to make it easy for some shady outfit to "lift it" and place it on baseballs outside of their approved domain! Certainly, if you read the fine print on the NOCSAE web documents regarding this act, there are some very, very stiff penalties for recreating and/or placing the NOCSAE seal upon gear outside of their specified approval list. It can't completely be a "safety thing". There's no discussion or language about NOCSAE seal being present on scrimmage and practice baseballs, for example. Amateur players are just as likely to get hurt in practice or in the batting cage as they are during an actual, sanctioned varsity game. I have a hunch, too, that in JV/Freshman/Unsanctioned games, it's not really going to matter whether or not these baseballs have the NOCSAE seal (it's a _hunch_, I have no knowledge as to its certainty or not). But for sanctioned Varsity games, adherent to the standards of the NFHS (and/or the State in which the contest is being played), have to have NOCSAE -certified baseballs. Safety aside, this is likely to prevent a coach or AD from "skimping" and getting a few dozen boxes of BusterCo Baseballs on the cheap from Rakuten, Alibaba or Amazon, direct from China, wherein out of a box of 12, maybe 2 or 3 look the same. Here are some examples, all available today from a... discount online retailer / wholesaler: Here, I'm going to pick on Diamond a little bit... Can you spot the difference? Both are "approved" for NFHS High School play (last year), are they not? So why are the D1-HS's on the left $71 / dozen, while the DOL-1-HS on the right are $45 / dozen?? Yeah, I can see why somebody wanted needed these to be standardized, especially when everyone is kerfluffle about "the ball being juiced" in MLB.
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    kids? I've already been telling everyone I asked that SWMBO lunged with a knife, and I just couldn't back COMPLETELY out of the way.
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    Sounds as though he's going to use Honig's pads (his preference) as the guinea pig pads for his "plate" to test out ....
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    I've seen some instructors with the GD poly spandex pants, with what look like permanent stretch creases. One was an MiLB ump with three horizontal creases across the knee - as if they were embossed by the top of his shins. The second was an old timer whose back pocket was all dimpled like he sat down with a bag of sunflower seeds in his back pocket. It was clear that there was nothing in the pocket anymore though. Is this a common problem, or do those pants need pressing to keep in shape? My plain old GD polyester pants still look perfect 3 years later with just normal machine washing.
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    Sounds like you're going to have LONG season Jax....
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    I hate it, but then I realize it will be in the 70's with nothing but sunshine and I'm ok.
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    I have not tried the GD plate pants. I just go by the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality. The Smitty's have been great for me performance-wise in extreme heat and humidity (110+ degree heat indexes w/ high humidity) and the tapering is not an issue in plate pants like base versions.
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    Did you all see the video from Ray @ Umplife on his FB page? Looks like he's going to be getting into the replacement pad business. He wants to offer pads similar to the Mag pads but with the reinforcement on the top pad as well as the bottom pad. I think it sounds great and am looking forward to the product!
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    Requisite equipment hijack... Notice the Carlucci?
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    Yes, but... If you have a half-decent attorney yourself, they'll have documentation and communication (notes, emails, testimony of other officials at meetings) to prove you were instructed to play the game with the unapproved baseballs. Of course, NFHS, NOCSAE, your officials organization, the state organization, both coaches, both ADs, and the school districts will all be sued, too.
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    I swore by GD/Fechheimer Polywools, and was vehemently opposed to anything Smitty, primarily because of how barbaric their expander waistband and pleats made their polywools look. Prior to the GDbyF’s, I had used Boombah (yes, Boombah) Charcoal polyesters solely because they came in a flat front. When the poly-spandex models were introduced, I heavily endorsed them, but was still very skeptical of them being introduced from Smitty on accounts of that hideous expander waistband (seriously, when teamed with their pleating, it looks like you’re wearing a fanny pack... on the front). So, I actually tried a set of Nike DriFIT golf slacks, in Charcoal grey, for awhile, and they worked really well as base pants! Then, I got a set of Smitty PolySpandex slacks in Combo, simply because I was estimating that my Ultimate shin guards would fit under what was reported to be a generous lower leg size, complements of Smitty. They did fit just fine, and teamed with my Nike golf slacks, I did a few tournaments with them until one eagle-eyed coach actually got me on it – “Going golfing after our game today?”. So immediately after, I ordered in the first matched set of plate & base pants in the Smitty PolySpandex. I like ‘em! They didn’t have the paunch-bulge problem of their predecessors, had enough heft to drape well, and dried much quicker than the Polywools. I kept the Combos, and sent them (back) up to Wisconsin to be kept up there in case I’m called in to do a game or training session while visiting my family “back home”, and I don’t have my usual gear (all of my navy-colored gear and uniforms are there, too, ha!). I’ve since gone on to get two more complete sets, and these (rather faded) first sets now have a “17” written on their tags, and are used for “junkball” or “yawnball” (think, USSSA weekend, or fall-ball, or local league stuff, on a cloudless day). Somewhere between my second and third set of Smitty’s, I decided to give the “new” Honig’s PolySpandex a try. I ordered in a pair of base pants, and they are vastly different than the Smittys. No elasticity in the waist, shorter waistband, more of a stipled, heathered look to the Charcoal grey than the uniform color of the Smittys, and... most distinguishable... extremely thin, almost ephemeral material. Not so great in windy conditions, but mmmmmaaaaaannnn!... so welcome on a hot southwest swath of weekend games!! I don’t know if I really need to try, or get, the Plate version of these pants. From what you guys have been describing, and based on their Polywools, I’d be willing to give the Gerry Davis PolySpandex a try!
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    I need to move there so I can move up the ranks quicker!
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    Yes! Good idea. Disagree. Plate meeting has 4 quick items, and this is not one of them. We're always in the right when we enforce the rules (which, I recognize, is more difficult in some places than others due to local "customs").
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    Gary Cederstrom has also retired
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    Being honest, look at the litigation history: Plaintiff's lawyers went after helmets first. Then, when helmet standards were established, they starting going after bats. (Hence, BESR and then BBCOR.) The attorneys for leagues, entities, etc., then had to start asking: "what will the Plaintiff's bar go after next?" The answer, of course, is baseballs...which lacked detailed standards. The adoption of NOCSAE standards for baseballs are, without a doubt, in part to head off the next wave of lawsuits.
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    Well, three managers and a GM just got fired.
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    Hey Blue, did you see him obstruct my runner??!?!?!!
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    @beerguy55, I agree with you. This situation seems so basic that I wouldn't expect anyone to question it, much less an umpire on the field. Maybe 5.08 should become 1.01.
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    FWIW, I didn't consider the mention here as mocking at all, but a show of respect. Maybe I've got different glasses on, though.
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    The material is like a trash bag. If you had the majestic and then got the Smitty, then it is night and day.
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    Ditto here. I have the Force3 shins and am more than happy with the straps on there.
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