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Best Chest Protector

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4 hours ago, umpstu said:

I've got the big neck syndrome as well and wore a System 7 for 19 innings twice within a month.  Neck was raw and actually bleeding at the end of both.  Have to admit, other than the neck issue, I love the System 7 and am seriously thinking about getting another one.

Is there something preventing the enlarging of the distance between the two shoulder plates?  My dremmel goes several thousand RPM and cuts through steel bars - I'm sure it would eat up a plastic chest protector.  Remove the padding, take a 1/4 inch off each side, deburr the new cut,replace the pads and try it out.  If still too small, do it again. 

Or is it the padding that's restrictive?  I have a furniture repair lady that's close to me and she's helped me modify a couple different CPs.  Pull the pads out, pull some stitches, cut the padding then she sows it up again.  Takes 10 minutes.  She has a heavy duty sewing machine that makes it easy.  The only trick is aligning the edge protection on the new trim line, but it should be pretty straight forward to a seamstress or upholstery place.

Got to think WWMMD - What would @MadMax do?

Has anyone tried something like that?

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