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Where's UIC been???

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I've gotten a few emails/messages the past few months who have noticed my absence and even recently through hurricane Florence.

I am fine, actually I'm doing pretty damn well ;)

In February I started a new job, which I love to death, but it is extremely time consuming straight through virtually the entirety of baseball season. I am a Director of a water park near my home. It is an absolute blast! But as I said things start picking up here in April and run straight through September. I generally work 6/12 hr days and at peak times even more. The trade-off is October through March things run at a different pace. 

This year I worked 3 D-II games (Would have had a lot more but we had a lot of rain) 
And 3 HS Games. (Same story with the rain...)

So there wasn't a lot of baseball for me this past season. I'm going to attempt to do more in 2019.

As for hurricane Florence, I'm in Northeast NC. So it was a non-event for us. We have had a few flooding issues in the area as the rains make it downstream to the coast here, but when it made landfall we maybe got an inch of rain and a few high wind gusts. But I was very lucky, some earlier models had it initially making landfall not too far from here and we would be in the same situation our friends in the Wilmington area are going through now. I do thank those who reached out to me with their concern. 

I have some plans for the site (as I always do) but the difference is coming up shortly I will have the time to actually follow through. SO stay tuned.

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50 minutes ago, conbo61 said:

Glad to hear that you are well and did not get affected by Florence.

Great to see you back!!!

and thanks for the updates.

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Just an Update...

I'm still alive and well. I do plan on being more involved once again, at least on the site.

I've had another job change. I left the Waterpark in April. It was an absolutely great job and a ton of fun, but only May through September. Not much for an HR person to do at a waterpark in the winter with only 5 employees and I needed much more responsibility and a challenge. 

I'm now at a defense contractor running their HR dept.  So now as I'm settling in at the new job I have made it a point to return to the helm of Umpire-Empire. @Thunderheads, @LMSANS @johnnyg08 @Stan W.,  @Majordave, @HokieUmp & @MidAmUmp have done fantastic at keeping everything rolling smoothly and I cannot express just how much I appreciate it. 

So I haven't umpired since March 2018. Just haven't had time. Do I miss it??? Yes and no. Yes, I really miss being on the field calling games and working with other umpires. But also no I don't miss it as much as I thought I would. I enjoy the time at home with my family. Looking back I wonder just how I was able to squeeze umpiring into my schedule. I have been non-stop with various activities this spring and cant imagine the travel and just overall time away from home. 

A couple of weeks ago I attended my first game as a fan in probably 5 years as my ECU Pirates came and visited ODU. This is the first game I've been to since @dumbdumband I went to an O's game. Now I still watch the game as an umpire and see the game very differently than the average fan, and I hope that never changes. 

Will I return to Umpiring? I plan on picking up some fall ball games this fall, but there is no way I'm going to work the number of games I once did. I'm thinking 1-2 a week tops and if I don't get a game, I just don't get a game. 

Also, I know the site is in major needs of some software updates. You guys see and experience the issues with TapaTalk and that's on my list. I need to:

  1. do some tweeks on the server side of things
  2. update the forum's software. 
  4. Finally fix the automatic promotion feature ( Established member, Inactive, new member, etc...) 

But I will be around more and have enjoyed living vicariously through you all.

Also, I will be continuing my Quick Tips YouTube series in the next couple of weeks. I've trashed the ones I had in the can to be released. And have already started a new set of topics I want to cover. 

As always thanks for your continued support of Umpire-Empire!

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Crazy how I had the exact same attitude as you going into this year's HS season. I hadn't done it in over two years; I missed it, but not as much as I thought I would. And, until I hurt my back, whatever I got was what I worked. Now that I'm seeing I can't be on the field again, I still don't feel sad at all. Loved the years I did it, wish I could have done more (and better levels), but don't regret what I did do.

As for the forum update, if you need any help on it and need some tech guy to look at it, I'd be happy to see what I can do. I was out of the website/programming gig for many years, but getting back into it recently. I don't know what type of package you're running here and how easily it can be migrated if needed, but I wouldn't mind being a part of that team if you need some minds.

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About 10 years ago, I tore my calf muscle and the doc said if I tore it again, it would require surgery to repair (You can see a noticeable indent just by looking at it).  About 2-3 weeks ago, working a LL game (after regular season HS) and after the game, the pain was excruciating.  I turned back the rest of my LL regular season schedule as well as HS playoff assignment.  It felt just like it did last time, just before I tore it.  My intent was to rest it before my vacation next month (umpire training), so as not to worsen it. 

I too, thought I would miss it more than I did @UIC, but maybe it is that inevitable disease creeping up on me.  I call it....OLD

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I am just so happy and relieved at last, that I did not bring about the total ruination of @UIC forever, from attending another game as a fan.

I have lost many a sleepless beer induced night, knowing that it was all my fault (dear).

I honestly and sincerely tried to keep the answer to any question UIC asked, to a thesis length and not dissertation length, but it is just so hard for me to do, without adding in a bunch of bs and psychobabble.

Maybe, i will be able to sleep a full night now after 5 years, and without a drop of alcohol.

To the best of my recollection, after UIC was tortured beyond all reason of a sane individual, i think i remembered to give UIC some well deserved but cheap indicators as a farewell gift upon parting.

Happy trails to UIC.



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8 hours ago, Aging_Arbiter said:

dang...................... I want @dumbdumb to write my eulogy.

Oh just use this one. It is short and sweet and was also told by a coach one time that was invited to speak to an officials group at the end.



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