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  1. does this still hold for the collegiate level like this post from johnnyg08 in 2014 or has it changed. doesn't the NCAA want to put the hammer down on this display. in my email this morning: National Anthem Standoff: Any umpire shall eject any player, coach, manager or trainer for violations of the Coaches & Players Code of Ethics, p. 10. Conferences may choose to implement additional penalties (see Appendix D) The UIC is to warn the head coach of the offending team that should any player not return to his dugout area immediately after the playing of the National Anthem, the head coach and player(s) will be ejected immediately.
  2. AFL to use new MLB rule changes for next year and a pitch challenge (3) rule. https://www.mlb.com/news/arizona-fall-league-rosters-2022
  3. Let the batters bring their own personalized tee ball tee up and put the ball where they want it. Have the umpire hand the batter a hanky from his ball bag to cry on when they make an out. Ball boys will resupply the umpire with a couple of baseballs as needed for one ball bag and hanky's to pass out in the other ball bag. If you want. 2:30-3:00 hour time limit. If tied, 10 live pitches only home run contest, with each team using their own pitch coach to pitch to their own batters. If still tied, oh well, a tied game. Deal with it.
  4. maybe your favorite company, not, expects you to wear the allstar cobalt skull cap with some protective lining added inside in addition to new pads and a football mouthpiece. what more could you want.
  5. so how do you get all the apparent action that everyone loves in a soccer game in which the in the premier league they only score 2.74 goals per game, and there are only about 10% of all shots taken in a game ending up in a goal. something like 35% of all basic shots taken in a game are actually considered shots on target (i guess that means having a shot at going into the goal rather than over or around it). so how do you get such excitement into a baseball game for all the apparent ADD that everyone has now. seems like it is more of just a crapshoot of you either like it or you dont. but how does soccer make something so exciting and baseball cannot, with only 2.74 goals scored in a game and everything else they do when not shooting on the goal seem so exciting. if you opened up soccer to a 75 minute game like baseball would be without the commercials you would only open up the game to 4.6 goals per game.
  6. @lawump "With the new CBA rules that allow umpires to be "fast-tracked", I think we will see more of this (first year minor league umpires who are older than what has historically been the case). just using retrosheet, in the not too too distant past, many umpires started out of umpire school in Long A (140 game) leagues to start with, skipping all 70 game leagues entirely. Brinkman (MWL 68), Coble (WCL/Western Carolina/now Sally 75), Cousins (MWL 73), Crawford (FSL 67), Evans (FSL 68), Garcia (FSL 70), J. Hirschbeck (FSL 76), Joyce (MWL 78), McClelland (FSL 76), McKean (FSL 70), Montague (Cal 72)...Montague also skipped right to the PCL the next year 73, totally skipping AA), Pulli (MWL 68), Reilly (FSL 72), Shulock (FSL 74), Tschida (Cal 81, 82)...AA 83 called up to AAA in July 83, Vanover (SAL 81), West (WCL 74)... worked first NL game in Sept. of 76. Young (MWL 78). The late John McSherry (Carolina 67, International 68 totally skipping AA like Montague, John Roe, (FSL 77)...worked double A in 78, worked triple A in 79 until working as a, call up, on Jul. 3, 1979 for the rest of the season. Only 1/2 season basically in AAA before MLB, like the very more recent, Morales and Hoberg who came up from AA in the last 1/2 of AAA season in 2013 and then had full seasons of call up games starting at the beginning of 2014. Would be nice to see short season/compound umpires in addition to any benefits bargained for in their agreement, to make at least $125 dollars a game at the professional level. $150 at the low A level, $175 at the high A level, $200 at the AA level and $300 at the AAA level, which of course would still include the bonus structure at the end of the season. Don't forget that those at the long season level, work 20 spring training games before traveling to their regular season destinations, working 2 rounds of playoffs that many times go 5 games each, instructional ball in Florida or Arizona, for 60 games and then the season is over. That is 20 + 150 + 60 or a 230 game season. now i have a friend that gets 7 weeks vacation per year. he gets weekends off so 365-104 or 261 days of work a year. he gets 11 holidays so we are down to 250 days of work and then he gets those 35 vacation days a year so now are down to 250-35 equals 215 days a year of work. wow, a minor league umpire working 230 days a year to my friends 215 days per year. it would be exactly even if my friend received only 4 weeks vacation. so lets add 15 days back. 230=230. exact same number of days worked at their job per year. That is not including travel days for the umpire to get to Spring Training, the season opening, the winter league or any meetings associated with the baseball season. we will count being at the game an hour early and 1/2 hour to hour after the game and the amount of time traveling from destinations all season and missing family and not sleeping at home at night as equal to the shorter hours worked per day at the actual job site. a 9.56 billion (10.7 billion in 2019 prior to covid) industry in 2021. don't be afraid to give the pro guy at least a $125 bucks to start (about equal to high school in Connecticut), $150 at low A, $175 at high A, and $200 in AA (all long seasons A and AA are less than lower tier D1) and $300 for AAA which equals a lower tier D1 per game for the season.
  7. starting age and how many started at that age for the current full time staff of 76 MLB umpires. (18--2).......(19--6)......(20--6)......(21--5)......(22--11)......(23--16)......(24--14)......(25--9)......(26--2)......(27--2)......(28--1)......(29--1)......(30--1) call up staff has 2 umpires that started at 33.
  8. so 2 umpires for $50 a piece is now 1 umpire for 50-75. should be $100 for double work. where is the fairness in that. guess fairness goes out the window.
  9. dumbdumb

    Tampa, FL

    you have probably received a google of PM's anyway but, just googling and you have the West Coast Umpires operating in Hillsborough County and the Suncoast Umpires over the bridge in Pinellas County for High School baseball. However, i might start with a call to Rob Healey of the Florida Collegiate Umpires for D1,2, 3 and Juco. I imagine they have some umpires working both High School and College from the Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater area that he could put you in touch with, that would help you make a decision based on how both those High School groups work. They could probably put you in touch with USA groups if that is what you are looking for. Obviously if you are looking to get into the FCU at some point, that would be in his wheelhouse. or call the MiLB umpire department, which use to be in St. Petersburg (back when i checked their department under MiLB a while ago) if it has not moved to New York, and ask the Director or umpires, Dusty Dellinger who to contact for either Pinellas County which is the St. Peterburg County or Hillsborough County which is the Tampa County. I would just guess, they get a few calls for this each year anyway.
  10. since this call is apparently IR'able, as a coach, i would tell all my players to run on any ball hit like this until i stopped them. do not stop even if both umpires call foul ball and put their hands up, or both point fair, or one points fair and one calls foul and put their hands up. keep going till i tell you to stop. at the end, i will ask for IR, and put the replay call in New York, oops Districts, Regionals, Williamsports (who/whomever) hands to make the ruling and placement of runners. If the final decision, irregardless of hand signals or verbal signals used by the umpire or umpires whether the same or not the same, is ruled foul by IR, then it is foul, and so be it. If IR rules fair, then so be it. the same with the placement of runners by IR. and of course not everyone will agree with the IR call all the time either and will feel cheated. happens in a 30-0 game in the first inning, nobody worries. happens when everyone's you know what is so tight you could not get a pin up it with a sledgehammer, then it was total robbery. gonna happen sooner or later. everyone lives with the angels in the first example and you probably will never find it in the public domain. everyone looses brownie points, is the worst thing on the face of the earth and should be fired, games taken, run out of the game, etc. etc. in the second scenario, and everyone will find it live in the public domain everywhere, even Santa in the North Pole, and who knows, maybe Santa would put them on the naughty list.
  11. so, you can unblock schools that have coaches who are less temperamental and give good scores on the umpires, and block coaches that are more temperamental and give bad scores on the umpire, so the umpire has a better chance to get playoff assignments. not saying this happens, but the possibility of doing this is there? If this is happening, does "everyone" know this is happening/being done, so everyone can do this just like the ones who are doing this. once again, not saying this is being done, but this could be done by someone. no.
  12. hickox did not work either game of the doubleheader in kc yesterday after the crews day off monday. he could be on his week of personal vacation. hope he is all right. on a POG note from the night before's 1-0 game won by the home team in 8 1/2 innings in which there were only 7 hits in the game, but it still took 3:06 to complete.
  13. just in case someone has not read about this with the 72 year old. several people mentioned as defendant. https://www.cbssports.com/general/news/new-jersey-youth-baseball-umpire-sues-coach-who-punched-him-during-game-seeking-damages-for-broken-jaw/
  14. what's not to like with basketball. barrier to entry (clothing/equipment) is low. game fees are the same or better. game is shorter. 3 person crews. no working outside in the elements. non concussion risk. just what's not to like = the ONLY HIGH School sport having enough officials.
  15. after losing a home field 3 game set 2-1 to the lowly reds who are 34-57. and having lost 5 of their last 6 and now losing the first game of a 3 game home set against the team that i believe is still known for making the absolute worst trade ever in the history of baseball the yankees are crankee.
  16. Is this call of running out of the base path to avoid a legal tag, a call which may/may not be a call that can be sent back to new york or have a huddle on this situation. so, if it cannot be sent back to new york or huddled on, is the only possible way to correct this when you get screened out on a possession situation, is to hold the out of the base path call until everything else has happened and make no call. then, call time, use a huddle etc. then when possession of the ball by the fielder is established/not established, then make the safe call, or make the out call and give the out of the baseline signal.
  17. So you want to do non milb/MLB pro ball
  18. good enough for him, should be good enough for you. https://thesportsdaily.com/news/umpire-larry-young-refd-at-wrestlemania-2/
  19. dumbdumb


    i love that last line. however, being taught to take the count to 3-2 (walk is as good as a hit), versus come up hacking, you can't walk to the big leagues etc etc (dinosaur age), and replacing with analytics and going deep in the count mindset (throw in some extra pitches for the foul offs here), and of course there are studies medically that say the longer you give the arm a rest in between pitches, the more it helps out the arms game workload. these are things that will not help POG. hey, we will get to see what happens with robots in 2024, which is when the commissioner wants that to happen. all of this within our lifetimes.
  20. gee. and i thought blue was the name of a dog.
  21. i will let everyone in the know talk about the positioning issue. But, as we have seen now that more video is available, the help official will also miss calls and the original (from a supposed not great position) call was correct all along. So, we get help and change the call from the correct call to an incorrect call. so can the coach who had the original correct call made to start with, now appeal to get help again from the original caller and get the call correct, (remember, its all about getting the call correct, not about better view, positioning, help or no help, etc. etc.) which it was from the beginning to start with.
  22. or the price put on that college education by the player/parents/agent to be met as a high school draftee. many take the college offer, but not all take that college offer, and use it towards that signing bonus/negotiation needed to sign right out of HS. 1.8 mil is mentioned in this article but i imagine 2 mil and above also happens. after taxes put it all in a S&P 500 mutual fund as buffett would say and let it ride, or put it in BH B shares and let it ride. play in the minors for 10 years and see what happens. if released after 10 years pump gas in New Jersey for 10 years and see where the bonus sits at that time. it should have doubled twice at a 7.2% return and you are only 38. back to balks. i think you can find several videos from TASO or other organizations on you tube that give some demos on balks, etc. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/to-sign-or-not-to-sign-how-high-school-draft-prospects-weigh-value-of-college-experience/
  23. here is one with hockey and by a player. https://www.cbsnews.com/pittsburgh/news/local-referee-speaks-out-after-alleged-assault-from-hockey-player/
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