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  1. And there is no way that """"only""" Mike Morris out of 16 selections including alternates is the only NCAA D1 qualified umpire with no pro experience, and not even a pro umpire school, that can handle a CWS as a pure amateur player calling umpire. That is just pitiful and that gives no inspiration to the guys who are working their tails of year after year to even hope to have a chance at working a CWS as a non former professional umpire working amateur players. They are not being trained correctly or mentored to perform as the other umpires or like Mike Morris to enter into the CWS ranks, yet they sure can fill out that weekend roster time after time, week after week, and work those middle of the week plate games all to no avail at the end, and there must not be 450+ and probably closer to 550 former professional umpires available. 300 teams equals 150 games a weekend and at least 450 umpires if all Conferences worked 3 man. But most work 4 man, so that's probably 550 umpires every weekend and they are not all former MiLB. Dang, every Conference in D1 gets a team into the NCAA. Not every Conference had an umpire that worked the Conference Tournament get into the NCAA Regionals. Pitiful. The teams get the winner of the Conference but not even one umpire working the finals or the Conference tournament anywhere does not get in. Just not a good look. How about all the umpires just working amateur players all their lives, just quit and lets see all those former pros working 2 man crews all around the country and then 1 man when you get a head shot or do you just stay with a concussion rather than let your partner work a one person by themselves. Also, to their credit the Super Regionals and CWS took 25% new guys or alternates for the first time. How many did the Regionals take where you get that start. Only 9 or 10 out of 96. That should have been 24 new guys working at the Regionals if you follow the pattern of the other 2 events. Big deal somebody only gets 20 Regionals in their career rather than 24. Let some other people get that Regional Experience. Heck, in the Supers, there is one umpire that is only going to see the bases anyway in a 3 game playoff with a 4 man crew, so no wonder they can send 8 new guys a year, but they have to come from that Regional first.
  2. you might enjoy this latest article https://www.usatoday.com/in-depth/sports/mlb/columnist/bob-nightengale/2021/05/30/theo-epstein-wants-baseball-back-players-hands/5243855001/ or will baseball continue down the path of 2 elements, k's and HR's, versus, this other sport of 2 elements, FO's and HR.
  3. recent explanation to go along with so many articles mentioning k's and lack of putting ball in play, regressing to the Bob Gibson year of the 1.12 ERA, and no action in the games other than all or nothing home runs and k's, a la analytics money ball. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/mlb/news/trevor-bauer-balls-substance-mlb/1j8xfakgs9zll1gzqpziu660zw https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/31127060/mlb-memo-warns-teams-crackdown-use-foreign-substances-baseballs for the life of me, i just cannot remember which baseball player said, which must the official rule of life "All I Want in Life is an Unfair Advantage"
  4. apprenticeships in MiLB were shorter. Joe started in 74, saw first game in 76., and most of the time it was right into full-time. Garcia start in 70-MLB 75. Reilly 72, MLB 77, McSherry 67, MLB 71, Montague 72, MLB 76. Phenoms went quick, some others took longer.
  5. gil since you are musically inclined, you can go to the oak ridge boys twitter site and see some of their still pictures in CWS tops from last night. may even see larry gatlin. and of course richard sturban was base for elvis when jd sumner was not around. And Congrats to Joe West
  6. Only 1 team can claim to have participated in 2 separate umpires working their 5375th game. And that team, which could claim seeing the first umpire work that game not quite 80 years ago in 1941, will now be one of only 2 teams, forever to have seen an umpire work their record breaking 5376th game. Of course that team is "The St. Louis Cardinals". 10/10 added unofficial numbers (West only for regular season until retrosheet updates). West................Regular season total--5,460........playoff total--132 (WC..5, DS..33, LCS..60, WS..34)--------------grand total--5,592 Klem................Regular season total--5,375........playoff total--103 (only World Series back then)-----------------grand total--5,478 Froemming.....Regular season total--5,163.........playoff total--111 (no WC back then, DS..37, LCS..52, WS..22)---grand total--5,274 Davis...............Regular season total--4,849........playoff total--151 (WC..3, DS..53, LCS..64, WS..31)---------------grand total--5,000 West started MiLB in 1974. He made FT MLBU in 1978 after 4 years in MiLB. Davis started MiLB in 1976. He was offered FT MLBU in 1979 but declined. He would have made MLBU after 3 years in MiLB. Ironically, an umpire named John Rocky Roe started MiLB in 1977. He was offered FT MLBU in 1979 but declined. He would have made MLBU after 2 years in MiLB.
  7. it may have been something else and not a true Regional, but Regional was at the top of the page. https://www.ncaa.com/_flysystem/public-s3/files/2021_DIII_SB_Regional_Brackets.pdf
  8. do catchers wearing their helmet bill backwards provide any benefit when taking a hit, versus if they had to wear the bill turned around towards the front.
  9. NCAA DIII (i will assume that makes a difference) and i did check the box score in case i missed something. Only 3. I will assume someone should have been in a B or C position behind the defense. I will also assume a temporary brain cramp, just like the many i have. Crap happens.
  10. so, just like a pitch, if any part of the ball, not just the mid point of the ball that is making a spot on the dirt (the radius point of the ball), but the leftover (overlapping the radius point touching the dirt) part of the ball not physically touching, but in the air within the plane of the line, would be considered as on or touching the line. (just like any part of a pitched ball touching any part of the plate would be considered a strike).
  11. NCAA regional. 3 umpire crew. 0 outs, runner on second. 1BU on 1B foul line, 3BU on 3B foul line. Something wrong here. Tell me i am wrong.
  12. is there any level where this start stop/flinch at 337 is not balk. not talking about when this start/stop or flinch is missed and not called, just that it is a balk at all levels, or not. and remember, the rules committee can write the rules any way they want. they can write it, to not make this start stop/flinch a balk just as easily.
  13. So, if all of us missed the fact that protests are no longer allowed, how did we all miss that rule and how/why did those people who did know that the rule changed and the change remains in effect this year as a rule, even if only because of covid, intentionally(like leaning into a pitch intentionally), not inform us on this site or ccs???? Where is the transparency, or are certain people so far above the rest that they that do not need to inform the rest of us. Maybe we all need to be suspended and fined from UE and CCS for not knowing this rule change and how long it has been in effect. So, for not knowing this rule change, or for forgetting i read about this rule change and forgot, I am indefinitely suspending myself from this site and fine-ing myself 100 dollars to be given to UE within one year from this date. Hold me to it. Chief can let you know when fine has been paid in full.
  14. And Gil, am i reading right, that MiLB is being blamed by MLB itself and the judge, for it's whole system of advancing candidates to the AAA level where it looks like/appears at which point, that MLB itself takes over with the scouting/supervising and all things leading to possible full time employment as a MLBU.
  15. the ball was caught in the glove over the fence and was being pulled back in the glove towards the field, when it dropped out of the glove over/behind the vertical plain of the fence, with the glove over the yellow padding in the picture. But the momentum of the ball back towards the field, kept bringing the ball back into the field of play after it had been touching an object over the fence (the glove) when it originally fell out. Obviously if he kept control it is ok to have the glove over the plane and the ball over the plane to rob the hitter of a home run, but when the ball fell out of the glove on the HR side of the plane of the fence should the play have been a home-run over the fence and not an inside-the-park home run at that point. And obviously if the runner had not stopped going around the bases, would this not have been ruled a HR anyway by IR once the ball fell out over the plane. Or??? could all fielders just use their closed glove as a Dikembe Mutombo swatting device, to just swat batted balls that have broken the back plane of the fence going into the stands, back into the field and then field the balls to continue the play.
  16. little blurb on what some umpires were doing or at least greg gibson https://wchstv.com/news/local/ashland-ky-mlb-umpire-excited-for-the-start-of-2021-baseball-season
  17. Rundown and long day at the yard for PU with 17 walks. https://www.mlb.com/news/tigers-phillies-crazy-rundown-play
  18. does the runner have to magically disappear by 'leaving the base' to help the F3 catch the ball, or is he protected by just standing on the base the whole time and not trying to hinder F3, while standing on 3b in any way. Yes, i know the OP says he interfered (so we know R3 did something to interfere somehow), but """if"""" he is just standing on the base and not moving "off" ( a little or a lot) the base to help out the 3b trying to catch the ball, interference in itself, just like batter just standing in the box and not moving as the catcher throws to second base. Does the runner, just like the base coach have to move or not move (in this case away from the bag) as the case may be, out of his position to help the F3 so he is not hindered at all whether intentional or unintentional.
  19. They better be on those planes the next 3 days to the Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues for those working the opening this weekend. https://www.closecallsports.com/p/mlb-umpire-roster.html
  20. A little more formal look of the new alignments from the last one. Looks like temporarily they are going by Triple-A, Double-A, High-A, Low-A as the League names along with a directional term, with the jury still out on the possibility or old League names or even new ones. https://news.sportslogos.net/2021/02/15/a-breakdown-of-minor-league-baseballs-total-realignment-for-2021/baseball/
  21. Just voted in. 2 the same as last year. 2 did not make it. The 2 that did not make it, could be next though https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/mlb/mlb-mlbpa-agree-to-2021-protocols-including-seven-inning-doubleheaders-and-runner-on-second-in-extras/ar-BB1dwbrw?ocid=BingNews
  22. Congrats to all. Other Little League Regionals that others know of are welcome to post. https://www.littleleague.org/region/southwest-region/news/umpire-assignments-announced-for-2021-little-league-southwest-region-tournaments/
  23. just for the historical "super slot" situation being taught purposes. It appeared here on April 10, 2015. https://umpire-empire.com/topic/61398-the-super-slot/
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