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  1. well both gibson, drake, and Carlson from ACLS have tied west from WC for 100% accuracy from MLB's private system, zone evaluator, for ball/strike accuracy. gibson takes over with UEFL accuracy at 99.1., leaving west and drake tied at 98.8 for second and then Hoye at 98.5. and conroy has the ML public at 96.6% with drake second 96% and muchlinski at 95.9, which takes no prisoner's and does not acknowledge system's itself own inaccuracy (margin of error) and also plots the dot from the center of the ball ignoring the radius of the ball where the edge's of the ball crossed, just where the center of the ball crossed.
  2. after reading these guys on here for a while and watching a few LL games every now and then. Agree with btblue And Consider using outside protector provided by league. If league has decent mask like you see on jimkirk already, you might want to just get your own set of team Wendy mask pads and switch them out each week with the league mask provided. Nutty buddy or shock doctor titanium (titan alloy)cup, look like 2 choices from jimkirk. can't beat that nuttybuddy demo if they still have it. Leave gear as a donation to LL when you hang it up.
  3. none of the above. to dumb for all. and after coming here, there would be no others sports i could do either being so dumb, nor any flexibilty to work if i could. but i can attend and just watch a game of any sport every now and then. with a little googling and google maps. now don't you have to leave for a fall ball game at ernie shore, i mean gene hooks, i mean dave couch, or Mcbane, or spartan or willard fields.
  4. you might like the last sentence taken from of an old article about the Wolf brothers "The Wolfs aren't the only brothers to take up the player and umpire roles. Tom Haller, a catcher for the Giants and Dodgers in the 1960s had to deal with his brother Bill occasionally calling balls and strikes. One such game happened on July 14, 1972. Former coach and manager Terry Bevington's brother Zach umpired in the minors". and an old article of a Bevington ejection. https://www.oklahoman.com/article/2189448/irreconcilable-differences-harrah-creel-ejected-in-loss don't know if the Bevinton brothers ever met in a game and how that worked out. sorry.
  5. Just like checking pitchers now, for cheating with a foreign substance. sign stealing cheating again, at second base. new rule proposal from La Russa But La Russa did suggest there could be some rule changes to avoid sign-stealing in the future, including making the runner at second turn his back while the signs are being exchanged. The umpire would then tell the runner when to turn back to home. https://www.mlb.com/news/ryan-tepera-implies-astros-stealing-signs-in-alds add the change proposal above to the other rule that we are hearing to change. let's see. batted ball in the air hits off top of outfielders head or off of glove and goes into stands. home run. that's all right and favors batter. ball comes off wall hits player again in back of head or ground and then player again unintentionally/accidentally and then goes back over fence. 2 bases from TOP for a double only, rather than judgement on placement. favors defense rather than offense. Sounds like these punishments handed out are a wash to me, but apparently both need to favor offense. need new rule. and what will happened with running in grass issue to first base. BR must be totally in dirt after leaving batters box at all times in addition to being in runners lane on throw "to" first baseman. 3 possible changes. just cannot keep up with them all.
  6. Appreciate the response back, so, basically you are looking for someone sitting in the room for that 2 days selection process mentioned, with a recorder on, so you could get exactly the who what when where why of that particular year, for how each umpire was exactly chosen and which position he started and what series, and with whom, etc. etc. i think they should also publish that total 2 days of the selection process, courtesy of a person in the room who records every single word and how everything came together, and send a copy to the press (total transparency), so we can all read exactly what went on and what was said word for word and (by whom preferably) those whole 2 days. if you can get that detailed process information, i would love to have that information also. Sorry i came up short (process) with only the below from those tags given and remember the Commissioner can do anything in the best interests of baseball so he is the one responsible for everything. it starts at the top. Jimmie Lee Solomon--2005 Planning for the postseason startsweeks before. Criteria are very important: Strike zone, QuesTec performance, situation management, experience, missed calls, overall umpiring knowledge, pace of game, mobility, in- season supervisor comments and observer reports. Remember QuesTec? That’s the controversial electronic system used to evaluate how accurately umpires call balls and strikes. Once the crews are set, Commissioner Bud Selig, MLB President Bob DuPuy and Solomon meet. “ We all have a chance to have an opinion about the lists submitted and go back for one 4 nal deliberation with the selection committee,” he says. Pausing, Solomon adds: “ We don’t have one guy sitting in the back room picking his buddies. It is basically the overall performance over the year thatwe look at.” ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mike Port 2008 Selection of postseason umpires is based on merit, though there are provisions in the umpires' collective-bargaining agreement that prevents an umpire from working World Series in consecutive years, or back-to-back postseason series. In other words, an umpire cannot work a league championship series and a World Series in the same year. The postseason begins with 24 umpires assigned to four division series. The six umpires assigned to this World Series all worked in the division series. Those 24 umpires are selected by Major League Baseball, based on regular-season performance. "We have a two-day meeting of all our supervisors and department personnel," Port said. "We evaluate every one of our 68 full-time umpires. We look at how plays were handled, how situations were handled, strike-zone management, positioning, durability - any performance element we can come up with it." Teams are not part of the selection process, though Port acknowledged that their input during the season is considered. "Part of our equation is what we've heard over the course of the season," Port said. "If I hear 30 clubs say, 'This guy did a hell of a job,' that's worth something. Conversely, if I hear from a number of clubs that a particular umpire didn't do a good job, that is taken into account." a longtime umpire 2009 “Jimmie Lee Solomon doesn’t know anything about umpiring or how to fix the problems,” one longtime umpire told me. “There’s no teaching to speak of, especially in the minor leagues. The selection of umpires for the postseason, which was supposed to be on merit, continues to be political, Mike Tevan---2014 “The main component in the selection of Umpires for Postseason assignments is performance during the season,” Teevan wrote. “We factor in results from the Zone Evaluation system for their plate assignments, accuracy on their calls and rulings, and observations of their work by our Supervisory staff. In addition, there is consideration given to an Umpire’s experience level (overall seniority and previous Postseasons), his proficiency at handling situations, health and time missed during the season, and a number of other administrative factors.” Mike Tevan 2019 Teevan said assignments are “merit based” but that the evaluation criteria goes beyond ball-strike accuracy. “A variety of factors [are taken] into account, including experience, skill sets, communication and situation-handling,”
  7. in the old days, no WC or DS, there was a rotation system so each umpire like Jake O'Donnell received an LCS once every 4 years and a WS about once every 6 years. then things started moving towards a merit based system and also a DS was added and then a Wild Card. Richie Phillips felt like even under a merit based system, every umpire should at least get a WS once every 15 years. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/fl-xpm-1988-10-16-8803020257-story.html here is an article you might like. you can google other articles where mr. solomon, mr. port, mr torre i believe spoke to this question in the past. i do not know if the new guy 2021, mike hill has spoken on the subject yet, and how things have changed since this article. remember, the article below, 2014, is with a system that does not acknowledge the system's (which has been acknowledged by the creators, not that there is a billboard in every city acknowledging that fact) margin of error of 1 inch, nor does it acknowledge the ball itself anywhere but in the middle of the ball, so it puts a dot that is 1 inch off the plate from the middle of the ball, outside or inside. that means that .47 of an inch of the ball caught the plate, therefore that system above, track man, etc. mentioned, counts this as a miss whereas zone evaluator and close call sports uefl systems counts this as a correct call. also as far as high/low, the box is plotted to the average hitter, not to each individual hitter per the strike zone rule in the rule book, on the system used in the article vs zone evaluator and uefl. https://grantland.com/the-triangle/postseason-umpires-mlb-accurate-joe-west/ https://www.pressreader.com/usa/usa-today-international-edition/20051026/282166466578542 https://www.inquirer.com/philly/hp/sports/20081027_Series_showcases_the_errors_of_umps_ways.html https://www.pressreader.com/usa/new-york-daily-news/20091017/282505769660217 https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/were-the-best-umpires-behind-the-plate-during-the-playoffs/
  8. i think this shot may???? help on did he or did he not touch. he may still have been a hairline fracture all on the dirt in front of the bag i guess ( i went golfing once and thought i hit a ball about 150 yards and barely into the rough. i was looking and looking. i finally found the ball about 110 yards out and felt ashamed. this is when i knew my judgment was terrible, and no my vision was supposedly perfect at the time). my problem is there are some horrible angles without zoom in's to help reach a decision. you would think there would be a thousand angles beamed right in to catch this from all the angles. Do you know if some stadiums have more camera's than other stadiums, and do all stadiums have the camera's set up in all the exact same spots. check out very closely 13:54-13:56
  9. @Gil am i reading correctly, that under MLB Zone Evaluator system, Mr. West did not miss a pitch, 166 for 166. Under UEFL system he missed 2 pitches, 164 for 166, and under ML public system (which just plots a dot from the exact center/middle/1.47 inches/ on the ball) he missed 7 pitches, 159 for 166. just trying to figure out the charts. thanks.
  10. feeble guy looked pretty good missing only 2 pitches courtesy of CCS (oops, got to wait on those late breaking MLB computations that sometimes change later to make sure). Seems like a very short while ago, he only missed 1 pitch in a post-season game. oh, that was in his previous post-season game in the 2018 LCS. now lets see all the places that do not acknowledge the system itself 1 inch margin of error, nor the radius of the ball 1.4-1.5 inches since they only plot the dot from the exact middle of the ball, ignoring the other 1.4-5 inches that did get the plane of the plate. think good ole slow pitch softball. a good ole spot appears on the dirt after crossing the whole plate but 1/2-1 inch off from the white of the edge of the plate. do you call that a ball? oh well.
  11. Wild Cards and Division Series in this article https://www.mlb.com/press-release/press-release-2021-wild-card-game-division-series-umpires-announced added 10-14 last day for anyone to join the Zone Evalution MLB system for MLBU Joe's perfect 166-166 game states. Several have only missed 1 pitch.
  12. you can watch one of them, one more time https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/32338710/record-breaking-umpire-joe-west-retire-postseason unofficial numbers (West only for regular season until retrosheet updates). 5,000..............never, ever to be seen again in a career, if baseball stays the way it is now by a true human being. not including clones or robots like c3po, r2d2, number 5, etc. nor track man, hawk eye etc. Davis...............Regular season total--4,849........playoff total--151 (WC..3, DS..53, LCS..64, WS..31)---------------grand total--5,000 Froemming.....Regular season total--5,163.........playoff total--111 (no WC back then, DS..37, LCS..52, WS..22)---grand total--5,274 Klem................Regular season total--5,375........playoff total--103 (only World Series back then)-----------------grand total--5,478 West................Regular season total--5,458........playoff total--132 (WC..5, DS..33, LCS..60, WS..34)--------------grand total--5,590
  13. hope he is all right. i also hope he gets checked for all things heart related and maybe even a-fib. believe Davis had to miss the first half this year due to new medication for his a-fib. seems like joe brinkman also had a-fib and the medications can make you very fatigued, until they get the right combination.
  14. at some point..............your a nitwit.............. like this-guess the movie Bull Durham hasn't been shown in years and years on pitchers handling anger or fights with the non pitching hand (which hand did you hit me with?) sure this is not first or last time for this. https://www.actionnewsnow.com/content/national/575423482.html
  15. don't forget uncle joe came from an era that originally had a much stricter judgment for catch/no catch/complete control/clean exchange etc, anywhere on the field. and on another note. i got 41 of the 43 and that may not be right (checked them myself and did not use CCS help) needed games for Davis to reach after his plate job in Arizona Sunday. He did not work last night. Is he going to get them during the week, or with so many guys out, are they going to let him get them in the playoffs, since he did not start until the end of july???
  16. do they rescind a post season event selection if something happens during the time span after the selection. and how is IFFIF taught at the umpire schools. who calls, when, how loud, pointing (in air or after hitting ground), echoing, etc.
  17. with a quick check of just a few managers but not necessarily the one with the most, what was that saying in CasaBlanca, round up the usual suspects, and walla, at least one, who happened to have/be the greatest number of ejections ever manager, Bobby Cox with 4. 2 were for calling the RLI interference and 2 were for not calling the RLI. There might be plenty of managers with more, since there have been many managers over the years.
  18. Jimurray i will give you 2 articles (probably already read them a while ago.) you can decide which should/might happen on one of your thoughts above. read the articles carefully. the words used are, plans to (not definitive), and, may/undecided (not definitive), and who/whom they were said to (it looks like judge Kelly versus Bob Nightengale (or at least reported by Nightengale). now, if it had been you that said those same words above to the same two people, no matter what you are thinking, what would you do?. and then, lets see what happens in this situation. joe did get knee replacement surgery in the off season. joe is not the oldest umpire to work if you go by all time, versus right now. At least one, Shag, still has him beat on that one. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/mlbs-five-silliest-controversies-of-2021-mets-vs-their-fans-tony-la-russa-vs-own-player-and-more/ https://chicago.suntimes.com/white-sox/2021/5/25/22453110/joe-west-umpire-record-games-white-sox-cardinals-guaranteed-rate-field
  19. this was done in 1980-81 with Merle Harmon and Ron Luciano on NBC, but it is hard to find one of them, if any on you tube. and of course with MLB being way behind the times, the japanese league has made the umpires announce decisions for a long time and i believe that one on CCS showed the umpire with a mic in that KBO post on CCS yo, what was that HPU rig being used in the KBO game. think is was some type of Wilson. why don't they just use the masks the catchers use if they are more protective (and if a backwards wearing helmet is used by catchers, then use a backwards wearing helmet) be darned the official umpires masks out there, unless you want a commercial of your brains on the official umpire rigs, versus the old frying pan for your brains on drugs.
  20. you guys watched your favorite umpires all this afternoon and tonight. watched my favorite umpire this afternoon. https://www.facebook.com/pg/MarijanaVeljovicTennis/posts/
  21. you can talk to Greg Gibson, i.e. Lorenzo Cain, but you cannot badger (badger rather than that other 2 word phrase) Greg Gibson.
  22. you guys pretty much covered the essentials. it looks like the original Munson case that year 1975, 'was not protested' when Art Frantz working HP and Bremigan was working 1B (Neudecker cc). So with no protest, there was no ruling for McPhail (former Yankee front office) to make. Frantz also used home plate to measure the 18 inch point in that argument on Munson using to much pine tar on the bat. So, all the Yankees would file this in their (times we got hosed) little black notebooks for future reference. However, once again, no protest=no real way to learn what Lee McPhail would have ruled in that Munson case at the time. So, later with the Mayberry game, here comes 'the protest' and the first McPhail ruling in 1975. Just wondering why articles with the umpires and all the regular articles never mentioned (over and over) the Mayberry ruling from 1975, during all the hoopla in 1983, and the fact the Royals apparently forgot about the Mayberry ruling some how. And naturally in 1983 the Yankees chose to remember the Munson incident and not the Mayberry ruling. Guess the Yankees don't put rulings in the black book, just apparent injustices towards them go into that black book. And remember Martin is all right with a close decision going against him once, but the second close decision has to go for him or there will be heck to pay. Everything has to even up, be darned what things might really be. all the umpires but McClelland in 1983 would have been in pro ball by 1975, Coble MiLB and it seems like everyone would have read about the Mayberry ruling in 1975 in the Sporting News back then unless they did not have it. So why all the remberances of a non protested game with Munson stuck with everyone (players, umpires, press, etc) over the protested decision with Mayberry is just one of those things.
  23. neat. i do not remember any articles (doesnt mean that i dont miss every single one of them) mentioning that prior case, but they still should have put that in the small print for everybody to use going forward from 1975, then no issues. Joe Brinkman who had his own umpire school at one time, and a very good rules knowledge man in his time, nick bremigan (referee magazine column maybe) were on the crew at the time, and drew coble rounding out the crew (seems like they would have known the old 1975 ruling as they were MLB (Brinkman and Bremigan) at the time, but hey you never know. Get insight, thanks.
  24. and the original ruling should have stood, with an immediate comment that from here on out, the interpretation of the rule would change from the correct ruling and interpretation on the field that day by the umpires as the rule was written, to the new interpretation issued by the commissioner. Commissioner and rules committee could have easily changed this ruling/interpretation years before it happened, to the new interpretation the commissioner ended up announcing, prior to the incident happening, so instead of being proactive to this situation ahead of time, the commissioner and rules committee chose to be reactive after the fact to the situation.
  25. it only shows in these 2 articles for me. now i will go look for it under new york times. oh yes, there it is in the New York Times. https://thevitalnews.com/the-little-league-world-series-is-the-pinnacle-for-the-umpires-too/ https://techilive.in/the-little-league-world-series-is-the-pinnacle-for-the-umpires-too/
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