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  1. “Stay the blazes home” - Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil
  2. Ump29

    Mask hand

    I also agree with the above. Taught Instruct and evaluate.
  3. I am still a member (Umpire29) but have not been on there in ages. Like you say - it now sucks.
  4. Ump29

    No Call?

    ... and then there is the "tangle/untangle" unwritten rule ...
  5. Am I reading things wrong but was this not started as 3 man rotation ?
  6. Same for OBR. Not sure of rule reference.
  7. Last sentence - incorrect.
  8. I have never had a problem with ads. I use an ad blocker (not sure what) as I detest ads. There are still some but not over threads !
  9. How did how you remove your mask get into a post about strike mechanic ?
  10. My ancestors are also from Germany (Hochdorf, Kreis Esslingen, Baden-Wurttemberg ) in southern Germany near Switzerland.
  11. I did not think there was a verbal appeal allowed for a missed base in OBR.
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