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  1. My ancestors are also from Germany (Hochdorf, Kreis Esslingen, Baden-Wurttemberg ) in southern Germany near Switzerland.
  2. I did not think there was a verbal appeal allowed for a missed base in OBR.
  3. Ump29

    Fresh Meat

    The 29 has nothing to do with years umpiring. Just a significant number occuring in my life. I suppose I could use "Geezer" a term used by a fellow umpire (now deceased) for us.
  4. Ump29

    foul ball?

    Good answer !
  5. I think in the OP that the defense would protest. Correct call should be (at least) batter/runner out for interference.
  6. Ump29

    Fresh Meat

    Welcome. Just finished 30 years myself.
  7. Ump29

    3rd Man In

    We are umpires not hockey linesmen. Do not get involved in fights. Stand back and take notes.
  8. Ump29

    Immaculate Inning?

    I have had multiple 3 pitch half innings but none of 9 pitch that I know of. This is the first I have heard of this. I have been umpiring for about 30 years.
  9. As the top says -- fake news.
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