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  1. One of my biggest pet peeves about baseball today at all levels. I blame the aluminum bat which you can bunt a double, but you cant drop one 20-30' up the third base line.
  2. I'm locking this one down. While it did rebound it started heading down a track I don't care for. But, I'll make my final thoughts on the original topic first. @ArchAngel72 I fully understand your safety concerns from this and other threads and I do applaud it. That said we have to generally work within the confines of the rules as written. If we overstep especially in the safety arena the law of unintended consequences can come and bite us in the rear. I can also see the argument that if sunglasses are not worn on the face they do become jewelry as they're not fulfilling their purpose of protecting the eyes. I also fully understand you saying this is the info you were provided by more senior umpires. I think every umpire on the site has fallen victim to "Ol' Smitty" as Carl Childress would speak of. The guy who has been around a while, knows the ropes and seems knowledgeable - especially to new umpires. But his info is frequently either out dated or simply wrong. And we find out the hard way as the newer umpire when the egg falls on our face. As for the other posters in this thread, just remember we've been there too. Umpire-Empire was created to sway away from other sites which at that time that made people feel inferior if they had an opinion (whether factually correct or not) that didn't conform to the majority opinion (whether factually correct or not). I know I've personally changed and grown from my interactions online both here and elsewhere. First thing that comes to mind is you can probably find here and/or elsewhere online my defense of the FYC. Now, I have more tools in my game management arsenal that I realize my thoughts weren't the best. Also, the vast majority of us, by the simple fact we're umpires, are probably dominate type personalities and we're not opposed to an argument and not likely to have our minds changed quickly or easily. Which is generally a good trait for umpires. But as times have changed from stick with my call to the day I die to lets get the call right; so must we all be open to that change.
  3. @Razzer does ... Maybe that's next in line for UmpLife
  4. I had to leave the game early and I thought I had seen lightning earlier, but the stadium lights made me second guess myself. While heading to my car, I saw it was definitely lightning. But what the coaches call "Heat Lightning" But still extremely dangerous. I listened to the radio until I gout out of range of the channel, actually waiting to see if they delay the game, but it didn't happen. My question is more around the facility. Unless the lightning was I'll term way too close for comfort, the umpire crew wouldn't be able to tell with the stadium lights. And I can only imagine it would be really hard to tell in a MLB stadium. Also, in Virginia with the local HS's they have taken much of the lightning responsibility off the umpires and on a school official. I've been told to go on a lightning delay before I've seen or heard any traces, and I'm okay with that, but officials don't have to wait until told by the school official either. So is there someone at the field who has that responsibility beyond the umpires who may not be able to see and certainly don't have the monitoring/ detection equipment?
  5. @The Man in Blue doesn't belong to me but feel free to use. I thought the branching was pretty cool too.
  6. So this happened at the golf course in my neighborhood today... Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  7. I was at a MiLB game tonight and there was visible lightning in the area. In games in levels where I work I would have stopped play. My questions are, what is the lightning rule for MiLB and whose responsibility is it, is there someone in the organization who it is to inform the umpires. I will say that it could be hard to see with the stadium lights. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  8. That is one tough call. In real time I thought it was a HR (even knowing by the video title it wasn't) Replay #1 inconclusive to me. Replay #2 still in conclusive It wasn't until #3 where you can see the shadow of the ball on the pole you know. Without HD replay able to zoom in like they did you will never know. But all that said they ended up getting the call right. Hernandez... we'll I'm just not going to make any comments.
  9. I unintentionally ended up watching a few hours of both the LLWS & ALWS on Saturday. I found my self at a Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch (B-Dubs has never been my favorite place and this trip will likely be my last - but that's a whole other story and also why I was there for nearly 2 hrs.) They were playing LLWS & ALWS games at the same time. I must say the umpires I saw from both games were actually great. My only qualm would be in the LLWS game it showed U3 chatting it up with R3. I' sure it was innocent enough and both were smiling, but IMO that can only be used against you when a call goes against the other team now your showing favoritism. Both sets of umpires looked sharp, made good crisp calls and had excellent timing. I did not see any bangers or really close plays for either game, but my initial thoughts watching what I did were that both sets were very strong.
  10. Wow I go away for a couple of days and this is still brewing... I stick with my statements from the prior thread. But wow who would have thought it would still be discussed. All this is going to do is make them come up with more clever and innocuous signals. But even at this level how much control do 12-13 y/o have ; none is anywhere near a Maddux and can put the ball exactly where they want it. If I adjust my helmet with both hands, its inside; one hand outside; brim middle. If I have 1 hand on my knee its inside, 2 hands outside, no hands middle. You get the idea. They will become more clever, making the rule impossible to enforce. From the article I actually agree with Keener: You don't want to EJ a kid at this level Unless the umpire is 100% sure, a warning is appropriate. So I stand on my original thought. It will have to be ridiculously blatant for me to touch that. They may be relaying signals, but ow do I know what they mean or they're tipping pitch locations? Maybe it's some sort of other offensive signal? Then whats to keep the catcher from setting up inside and getting the pitch over the middle (might not work on the opposite side - at lease for a called strike). Still a whole lot to do about nothing.
  11. Honestly, that S mark doesn't bother me too much. But I have been noticing their Logo much more prominently on umpire and basketball referee jerseys. I wonder how effective the branding is. They are the dominate uniform manufacturer in official apparel. And obviously they don't want to lose that. But the only one who will see, notice this is other officials, so while it confirms and reinforces their brand, it doesn't seem it would expand the brand IMO. But remember quite a while ago when they first started hitting the market (at least for baseball) the ridicule of the name? I also seem to remember I think the first Smitty thing I recall getting were a pair of ball bags and I seem to remember the bag packaging saying something like Smitty Lanyard and whistle company which I remember thinking was funny.
  12. I was informed the Google search wasn't yielding the desired results. I made a few tweaks and it seems to be back on track. Thanks for the feedback! If you experience issues please just let me know,
  13. I hope my defense of the LLWS umps doesn't come across as a backhanded insult. And I know we have several cherished members here who wave worked the LLWS and don't want to offend them either. But here I go any way. First, I have no exp in the higher level LL world. Next my primary resource for most of my LL info was a friend ( now passed on to his reward) who was a former collegiate umpire, but as he aged he went back down the ladder. So by the time I was working with him he was only working some HS Varsity including post season and a ton of LL. Both paid and unpaid. He was even on the state LL board. Here's what I wrote in 2014 about his experience. So I think there are multiple reasons they may not always be getting the best umpires. Politics, like what I wrote in 2014, you had an umpire better than most at many different levels, that was shunned by LL. He even tried to do it their way. But this limits their own pool. Availability, It takes a lot of time off from work to do these tourneys, and I think the world of those who use weeks of their own personal vacation/PTO to do this. Even if I had the desire, I could not take that much time away. Inconsistent training. The problem haunts every level of amateur baseball, but when you're relying on volunteers, I can only imagine that the problem multiplies. Many volunteers have the best of intentions but are not the greatest source of knowledge.
  14. @ArchAngel72 I can understand your frustration, but I agree with @yawetag, I've probably got nothing for this. IMO sealing signs in this manner wouldn't rise to the level of unsportsmanlike behavior. It's just a bad rule. For me to enforce the rule as written, the runner would have to be extremely blatant yelling, "Inside" "Outside" etc... If they have their own signals, I'm not touching that with a 10 foot pole - That's the dirty end of the stick. Because if they aren't ridiculously blatant, how do I know what they're signaling or if that signal relates to the pitch or pitch location. I can make a pretty good guess, but can't say for certain. But because: It is a written rule - as bad as it may be They were this blatant It's only the 2nd inning I'd probably practice some preventive umpiring. I'd probably have a discrete talk with the offending coach first, before issuing any warning. But both teams have to protect their own signals and if you use weak signals or otherwise get them stolen, that's not an umpiring issue.
  15. Another example where a suspension should be forthcoming. Over the top and prolonged.
  16. The point is something I didn't do at that time and may have saved a little heartache.
  17. I wish this was around when my daughter was playing. As a dad in the stands and zero volleyball officiating experience, there would be things I wouldn't understand. Even though they didn't play under FED rules, and I don't even know how much FED differs from any other codes in volleyball, I still looked at those for a reference since I had access to the FED rule books in Arbiter.
  18. @Gil Can you give us a rundown on the MLB umpire concussion injury protocol? If remember correctly they take a few off-season tests to establish a baseline. Then they will be evaluated after a potential concussion and if there is a significant difference between the baseline and the event, they are benched. But what I'm not sure of is there being a minimum number of games you would have to miss at various levels of severity.
  19. I've told this story before I'm sure, but in true dad form it won't stop me from telling it again... Collegiate Summer League. I'm working with an incredible umpire, graduate of Wendelstedt and works much higher games than I. I have the plate, 2 outs R2 and the BR tries to leg a single into a double. The throw to 2nd was offline and the fielder didn't field it well either. Because of the awkwardness of the play and possibility of the ball not being secure, my partner uses a little extra time to make his call, meanwhile R2 crosses the plate. He then made his call and I signaled no run. Well you can imagine the fun that followed. The HC argued that R2 was well out of the dirt circle before the out was called. Which was in fact true. But I had to judge when I believed the tag to have been made. Which was well before the call was made. No matter how I tried to explain that the actual out occurred well before the call.
  20. First there is IMO a difference between a little jewelry, and being blinged out. I don't mind innocuous jewelry pieces. But when the kid comes up to bat with 3 chains earings and blinged out is just too much. I've often wanted to do what your umpire did and toss the kid.
  21. Great analysis as usual. I had a discussion once upon a time about time plays with an umpire much more senior than I. We had an unconventional Time play. I wish I could remember the exact phrase he used, but the effect was As long as you have as many or more runners than outs remaining then you could have a time play. Even with no outs. That has always stuck in my mind.
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