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  1. What I'm going to do is disable the Google auto ads. and do them manually. It will probably be over sometime this weekend.
  2. I've been on a privacy kick lately and got a VPN for the family. I chose Surfshark. No complaints. I do need to go into the settings and adjust one thing that bugs me, but that's more me than it.
  3. Just an FYI I'll be playing with the ads again this weekend. I don't think we'll have that much traffic.
  4. So there are several ways to get immediately to the first unread post. 1. Click on the star or bullet in a thread listing Dark indicates new content 2. Click in the post title in the main forum page. 3. My favorite way is Select unread Content in the upper right Then just clicking on the dot or star.
  5. In VA you have to register and pay your dues to the VSHL in the fall for the spring. I really disliked that. The good thing was that you could have it withheld from your fall dues in Arbiter pay.
  6. The ads are off again while I play with it. I thought I would put my goals of ads out there gust as an FYI... This site will never make millions of dollars and that's fine, I've operated the site at a complete loss, and have over the past 5ish years or so have actually made more than it costs to run. Nothing crazy, just enough to maybe take my family out to 2 maybe 3 nice dinners out. But I would and continue to operate with no revenue from the site, just because I like doing it and it's fun for me on multiple levels. I do not want the ads to be an annoyance. I personally disl
  7. Is anyone having issues using Tapatalk? I received word on people not being able to post using it. I don't normally use it but just downloaded it again to see. Sent from my SM-G988U using Tapatalk
  8. I'm continuing to adjust and will be working on it tonight again. I see that too. And with the google automatic ad insertion, I can select places for it not to be, but I'm trying to figure out hot to remove from there as I find that one annoying too. I will turn them off again later today and start from scratch.
  9. I did a few more adjustments to the ads Not quite optimal, but much better and the best I could do while at work...
  10. I've thought about other sports. for a long time people were trying to convince me to do Volleyball, They said it's fun and while it doesn't pay as much per game as umpiring the matches are shorter and often you get 4 games in a night between Mens JV, Womens JV, Mens V & Womens V. I also thought about Wrestling. And I still do from time to time. I was a decent wrestler in HS and was pretty passionate about it. I did soccer as the first sport I officiated up and through college a little. I liked it but it was always a job for me not much passion. Before umpiring I went to return
  11. To @ArchAngel72 was saying I think the term sex trafficing headline is a bit of sensationalism. Nothing I have seen seems to be sex trafficing, more or less your generic John bust.
  12. Reintroducing the ads. The issue is with the Google Ad Sense Auto Placement and my SW not meshing well. I'm going to continue to tweak it. I definitely need the ad revenue to keep operating at as little deficit / slight profit as possible but I don't want it to be obnoxious. I'm going to continue to tweak it until I feel the balance is there.
  13. I'm temporarily removing the ads, and rebuilding the advertisement engine. This is only temporary, but I think you should find far few ads as some seemed to be doubled up.
  14. Thanks. It's been too long since I have made any changes.
  15. Hopefully it is not what it appears. I saw this yesterday on FB as one of the others arrested is from my hometown. If it is what is alleged, I personally don't see a way for him to keep working for MLB. As far under the microscope as the umpires are this would just lead to a black eye every announcer at each of his games would be saying and Brian O'Nora, who was arrested in December...
  16. @MadMax agreed on the cost an single use aspect. From my experience working at the waterpark, I do know lighting is expensive, but the prices are coming down significantly. So with the costs going down, that could possibly help, but with school budgets being what they are in the pandemic I doubt we'll see much capital investment for any purposes much less athletics.
  17. @mac266 Question, would you say it has gotten worse since the update? Could you PM me some screenshots? Thanks
  18. Once leagues and school districts realize this half the problem will be solved. Schools don't schedule football games for 3:30, they're in the evening.
  19. I hadn't noticed it until you mentioned, but yes, that seems to be the case.
  20. I was going to revive the UE YouTube channel this year, but between not actively umpiring, helping my son with his Calculus "home schooling" and a new passion project I've gotten involved with I just can't seem to find the time. I've got a list of topics that could run the channel for a year, but time is the problem. Maybe when he's finished with Calc, that should free up 5-10 hrs a week.
  21. Speaking from a little experience, my best suggestion is make videos you'd want to watch. With the billions of videos on YT if you make some quality content you'll get the views. I think the areas you suggested are good ones. My suggestion would be make it clear what type of video someone is about to see immediately. I may be interested in a gear review, but not on new to umpiring. Good luck!
  22. I'm now working on updating the appearance of the site. It's been over 5 years since the last update so I want to change things up a little...
  23. I'm sorry I havent gotten to the issues. I'll be working on them evenings this week, and hopefully can have everything resolved. As fo TapaTalk I got a couple of PM's I'm going to check for a new version when I get home. to hopefully fix that.
  24. Also, I have decided to retire the reviews and articles section. So they will be disappearing soon as well.
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