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  1. I just skimmed through it looking for various plays. Overall IMO timing was fast all the way around Chylak was moving A LOT Look at the play at the plate at 1:19:02 --- wow. Yes he's in the HOF and I'm at my desk Then I noticed the positioning of U2 at the pick off attempt at second at 1:54:45 Very interesting. Would this be a better view??? Not turning I couldn't tell if the run down of Dusty Baker was an Ole' or not. Damn them for not having 60 HD cameras to get every angle back in 1977...
  2. Look at the names on the rosters it's a complete Who's Who list. Names we are still familiar with.
  3. I'd love to find out what Rizzo said/did beyond not wearing the mask to get invited to leave. I hope there is more information available.
  4. This was the greatest thing About Arbiter IMO. It didn't date long before all groups I worked with used Arbiter and life was easy.
  5. Oh wow I just logged into my account. and was not surprised... I looked into ArbiterPay and had a zero dollar balance... I wasn't hacked or anything they just charge a hefty $10.00/ month inactivity fee. Which I wasn't aware of. I use to keep this as my secret hide away money. I guess those last couple of games in my career ended up being free....
  6. SO I subscribed to lastpass last night. I did a lot of research between it and a few other password management tools and think this is a very good product and for the price its a no brainer. Check it out https://www.lastpass.com/
  7. Is Hawk-Eye the same system they used in the Atlantic League last year and the Arizona League?
  8. I was once told even an untied shoelace making contact with the base would be enough.
  9. Oh no we can't have another Warren here...
  10. I think the warning suffices. What could have Trout done to warrant it being intentional??? I'm guessing nothing as none of the articles I've read have shown any history to show why. Even if it's bad control a couple of times with the same batter it should be addressed and warned. Yes you hear the bitching "you're taking the whole inside of the plate away from me" Thats not our problem as umpires. They can still throw inside, just their accuracy better improve.
  11. Continuing to follow this... I was wondering if any of our members with IT/Security specific knowledge could chime in with additional tips. I'm definitely going to look into lastpass.
  12. In real time on the transfer, after review no.
  13. I sat in on a training here at work where it was discussed some of the equipment our employees use from harnesses to helmets and so much more have expiration dates. I was probably the only person in the room who this was new information to, but it got me thinking should our umpire equipment have an expiration date? We've had threads about foam/padding deteriorating in CPs and they become less effective. The plastic in our CPs, helmets and shins ages and becomes more brittle, steel rusts and such. So should our equipment have an expiration date?
  14. Thanks @LMSANS Here's what I wrote in 2014: Yes, I am an advocate of mouth guards. I wish they would become a staple product in every umpire's equipment bag much like a CP, mask or cup. I've tried multiple versions. What I was looking for was: Not too bulky - I'm not an MMA fighter Unobtrusive Allow me to communicate well Less noticeable - Don't give people a reason to notice or even mock you as an umpire Comfortable I haven't done any research on it in a while but when I did in the 2013-14 time frame there were mixed professional opinions about their true ability to reduce the probability of concussions. That said, even given mixed professional opinions it definitely isn't going to hurt. Both my dentist and my doctor did recommend wearing one. I chose to wear one, and admittedly I did stop in ~ mid 2017, but only because the one I had was becoming uncomfortable and I kept saying I would be ordering a new one but never did. When I do get back on the field, I will continue to wear one. Just some notes: Wearing one did not hinder my upward mobility. 2017 was actually the best year of my career both at the collegiate and high school level. Some partners questioned it - But it did start some good conversations. I think a few also began wearing them No coaches, players, or others ever said anything. With the BIOGuard mouth guard I chose, I could speak clearly (it did take a little practice and getting use to, to speak clearly) and didn't have to remove it to speak although I often did link to the one I used https://www.custommouthguardstore.com/BIOguard-I-Mouthguard-Kit-p/bioi-1color.htm With this one ( I had clear) please note: Don't drink colored gatorade when wearing it.. Trust me on this.. For me it was just an extra piece of mind. There are guys who get CP extensions, Wear a coaches helmet under their traditional mask, wear forearm protectors, etc... for their piece of mind. Virtually everybody on this website has a FT job or is a student, and cannot afford to get a concussion on the field that could put us out of work / school. I can most likely go to work tomorrow if I break my arm, but I could be out of work for a while with even a mild/moderate concussion. I'm no masochist, but like any other piece of equipment, we umpires want to get that hard shot in our new CP or mask. Well I half heatedly also wanted to get that shot to my jaw to see how it was with a mouth guard. For better or worse after I started wearing the mouth guard, I never got another one of those haymaker shots to the jaw. So I cannot tell you if in my experience it helped.
  15. I saw @Razzer posting about this last night on FB. I'm glad to read Ray has spoken to Joe and he is doing well. My thought is regardless of any and all precautions it is going to take a small army to keep West off the field. One one hand I completely admire it, on the other I hope not only Joe, but others who have this tough as nails mindset don't do themselves more harm by persevering through things like this.
  16. Just an FYI --- I've merged the 2 threads on this.
  17. Ok I haven't umpired since March of 18 and that's part of the reason I'm not around as much. Since spring nearly daily on my way home from work I pass a small private school they don't have a baseball team but they do have a field (I assume they rent out) with a Travel team that practices there daily. Last night I'm driving by and the team is still in full practice mode. At this point there wasn't any rain, but the sky looked like the four horsemen were going to descend upon us at any moment. Mind you less than two miles away, I was sitting at a light and a thunder clap was so close it startled me and I literally jumped from the sound. But this is yet another problem with travel ball not having a central authority mandating that teams be off the field during thunder storms, because they obviously need it to be mandated to them as they don't have the common sense to get of on their own. This really ticked me off. Grrrrr.
  18. First. I'll say my COVID opinions since the beginning of this have aged like milk. Things I've said and even posted here at the onset generally don't match my current feelings. I was initially excited to see that MLB would play a reduced schedule season this year and was very optimistic. Now just a few days into the season, we have the Marlins breaking out with COVID. Add to that the trickle down effect, what about the Phillies or the Braves they just played. With so much uncertainty, should the game be played at all? As we discuss please remember this is not a political site and we are on the same team...
  19. Late reply, but I remember it too. It was terrifying for me as an umpire to watch it. I tried putting myself in Joyce's shoes and how I'd feel. I was so relieved to see how well both Joyce and Gallaraga handled it...
  20. With 15 people responding I already find the results very interesting.
  21. Good feedback. I'll let this poll collect some data and I will probably create a more powerful survey. Maybe use google forms.
  22. Like many of you I got a survey the other day from NASO about returning to officiating and I had some thoughts I wanted to share some thoughts. I wish I could remember each of the questions. So I wanted to try an Umpire-Empire survey too that had more 2 way communication.
  23. We're just in a new and uncharted area... Things to us seem very fluid and ever-changing; but that's just because we just don't know and are learning as we go. There is no answer which can absolutely answer each and every concern and there are so many different variables. Yes, the economy is hurting and record high unemployment and this needs to be addressed, but we also have to balance public safety. Some cities, states and countries have done better than others, but they too have any number of variables: population density, resources, social and cultural customs/norms. And we can criticize or admire what ever political leader we believe is doing/not doing well but that doesn't help anything/ anyone. Add to all of this which is my big thing; personal responsibility. Each person collectively doing their individual part through hygiene, social distancing, patience, kindness and adaptability. Now were at a point where governments are opening up previously closed business sectors. Does this mean we all must rush out to see a movie or go to a concert or out to eat? No, we don't have to and if you don't feel comfortable doing so when it's allowed in your area, then it's your choice to continue to refrain from these things until you individually feel it's right for you. But either way, we're not out of the woods yet. We have to stay vigilant and be personally responsible. We also have to remain adaptable; will we see a second wave this fall? Will the virus mutate? Will there be a vaccine? Can people get this multiple times like a cold or is it one and done like chickenpox? We just don't know.
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