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  1. I've downloaded the app and am using it now without issue. If you could send me screen shots of what you see. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. Interesting... I'm going to download the app again and continue to work on it.
  3. I've installed the newest version of TapaTalk. Please let me know how it goes...
  4. I got a text tonight from a friend I use to work college ball with. He is at his high school umpire association training and they're using one of the Umpire-Empire vids. If you see things like this I'd love to see it. As I mentioned I'm going to have more videos soon.
  5. Is a crew get together necessary? At the MLB level you know intent the vast majority of the time. You are aware of the history when you walk on the field for things that happened in the last series or last game. You also know if a batter showboated after an hr or has done thing that would earn him a beanball. My thing is should there be a get together to judge batters attempting to be hit by the ball. Biggio comes to mind immediately. BTW trying to intentionally get hit by pitch is another way to earn a beanball. But you're not going to get to gave it graze off your supersized elbow guard, it will be in the ribs or worse. A friend once told me his theory to allow baseball to self regulate which had some merit, but would be tough to enforce. Some of his points I recall were: Pitchers have to bat. To help the self-enforcement they can't hide behind a DH. They need to be able to be plunked too. To the head- EJ and long term suspension To the ribs or knee - EJ and short term suspension To the butt thigh - nothing but a warning. No team warnings, no warnings to both benches. That was that pitcher's freebie. (This is another way to determine if it's intentional. Most times an intentional HBP is aimed at the but or thigh) Throw behinds get 2 categories Behind at the head EJ - short term suspension Behind at the body - nothing He had more nuanced detailed info and better insight than me as someone who played at higher levels.
  6. I'll check on the versions. I wasn't notified of an update, but I may need to update the TapaTalk on the site. I'll look into this tonight.
  7. All I can say is WOW and thank you!!! Even though, I haven't done a video in 2 years, I've gotten more views, subscriptions, and activity the past few months than I ever would have expected. Additionally, I've recently received a few emails and DM's here and on social media and even a comment on my Instagram about making more. I really want to and intend to make more so here's what's going on... I'm no longer actively umpiring, I'm planning on returning in about 3-4 years but I'd feel a little bit like a poser making umpire videos and not umpiring. @Gil's Close Call Sports channel is fabulous (https://www.youtube.com/user/CloseCallSports) and one of my theories about doing something is if I can legitimately do it better I will. I seriously doubt I can do better so I haven't been as motivated to keep them up. Time, I just don't have all the time I would like: New job which demands my time Family obligations I'm also working on a new passion project (a podcast not related to umpiring with a friend) All that said... I'm going to try to devote some time and make more videos. I don't know with what time frame or how frequently I will be able to update, but I'll get some more done. I was looking at maybe doing some interviews and changing the format up a little bit. Please let me know if you have any ideas for topics.
  8. I just want to give you an update as to what's been happening. Someone got into an @umpire-empire.com email account and sent out thousands of spam email. The company I lease the server from shut down the site for violation of the TOS. Go figure spamming is frowned upon. They realize this was not done by me and reopened the site. First level support just told me to change the passwords for all things relating to the site, email addresses and more, which I did. The initial passwords were fairly secure, the new ones were VERY secure. BUT that said, early this morning they struck again and the site was shut down again. I did not believe a hacked PW was the root cause and the second instance confirmed my belief. I have been working with advanced level support and am having a complete threat analysis done as I type this. They tell me this should be able to identify the root cause and exactly how people are getting in. Important things to know. This appears to be an issue regarding an email vulnerability and not the forum software Emails which were sent were sent to random people - not U-E members Email addresses of our members remain secure in the forum SW
  9. I'm in favor of the tech for teams communicating. I think it would speed up the game.
  10. This is the key right now. Nation-wide shortage of officials across all sports. The flip side of the problem I believe I read in a recent Referee FB post, that the retention rate among new officials is so low, partially due to the abuse they endure. SO we have a real catch 22.
  11. This is the best we can do as parents (son's or daughters) teach them right from wrong, lead by example in showing them how to make good decisions and how to get back on track when we take a wrong turn or things go sideways on us. I too have a daughter in college, and she's faced some adversity and had some challenges adjusting to a new lifestyle. And I'm proud of what she's done and how she's handled herself. She's not entering a male dominated world for her profession, but if she were I feel confident she'd be able to compete. I also (sadly) think what @beerguy55 said has some validity. As those who have been more reluctant to change in terms of decisions based around, gender, race, etc.. retire, the doors are going to swing open. I think this applies to officiating too. The upper echelons are dominated by old white guys, as new blood pours into these positions we'll see the changes. No, it won't be immediate, but sometimes you have to play the long game. The big change will be when we see a female major D-I conference coordinator of officials. I also don't fault @dumbdumb for his analysis because it is very real world. I work in HR with an engineering and technology company. We get hit every year in our AAP for the number of female engineering technicians and engineers we have. It is not due to a lack of effort. But we still get dinged because of the appearance of discrimination. We'd hire anybody who meets the requirements regardless of any demographics. But the fact is the overwhelming number of applicants and potential applicants are white males. The more women who get involved in STEM careers the better it will be for everybody, but historically women have been discouraged to peruse such careers. But I have no doubts in my daughter, she's already proven exceptional decision making skills when choosing which school to go to...
  12. Right on... Not saying anything about this umpire specifically. But don't engage the fans, nothing good will come from it. You can instruct a coach to take control of his fans, that is in your jurisdiction, but I also don't recommend that. Overall my opinion is to suck it up for whatever time you have left and make your assigner know you were mistreated and won't work for them again. Now I didn't watch the video since I'm at work, but the quoted conversation is pretty benign. Another thing I noticed was this: IMO therein lies your problem. Travel baseball is the wild, wild west of baseball; no accountability, no repercussions. Someone gets ejected today, they're back tomorrow and the cycle continues because there is nobody to notice how frequently this occurs. Once upon a time Travel ball was actually really good. There were much fewer teams and the quality of play was much better. But, at least in my area, there developed 3-4 elite travel teams. Then when little Johnny didn't make one of the elite teams so now Johnny's dad starts a new team which will be subpar, and this happens dozens of times and now travel ball is just a different shade of rec ball. But without the oversight of the league.
  13. I found an add on software that isn't too expensive that I think I'll try out. It will lock a thread after a number of days I set and will also allow me to create a message stating the thread is locked b/c it is old. I will look at adding it soon. It doesn't hurt to try and if it isn't received well then I'll ditch it.
  14. Correct.. But, what is possibly the lower leagues went to a 3-man system which could almost balance everything out.
  15. I'll go back to my usual rebuttal when I'm confronted about sign stealing... How am I supposed to know what's being communicated is from stealing signs. For all I know they're relaying their own teams play signals.
  16. This makes me think of a recent HR blog I read about Millennials using the term "Ok Boomer" https://www.jdsupra.com/legalnews/ok-boomer-harmless-or-harassment-29782/
  17. With that many fewer MiLB teams what does that mean for the number of umpires needed and prospects for those attending umpire school now.
  18. Wow that it the worst newspaper I can remember seeing to get through the popups ads and other garbage....
  19. In Norfolk, VA about an hour away from where I live a few years ago they had some gang issues and other troubles happening at their football games. They ended up moving Varsity games to Saturday morning. I don't know if they still have their games Sat morning or not I just remember the news of it happening.
  20. Let me see if there is a customization to locked threads. You all have some good ideas. Sorry I didn't work on it this weekend.
  21. I'm going to play with this over the weekend and see what I can do.
  22. Te software would allow me to lock a thread after X days...
  23. Just a day after I posted the late hit in a college game comes this... OMG. I believe Myles Garrett should face permanent suspension AND face criminal charges. On a sports talk show I listen to in the mornings they were talking criminal charges will be very tough to have pressed in a football game because participants are voluntary participating in a violent game. I think that's BS ripping someone's helmet off and hitting them with it is not what is considered normal violence within the scope of the game. This article mentions criminal charges against professional athletes and that Garrett has a recent history of going beyond. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2019/11/15/myles-garrett-could-receive-record-nfl-suspension-after-brawl/4200309002/ And another article showing there were some other poor sportsmanship issues. https://apnews.com/9ba79fa26c6c4c55b10a9405d374e4b8?utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=AP_Sports&utm_source=Twitter&utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_medium=AP_Sports
  24. I have mixed thoughts and could be persuaded either way... We always ask people to use the search feature to find the answer to things which have been discussed before. But seeing a VERY old thread resurface can be annoying too. What are your preferences? Please comment below.
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