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  1. and my favorite.....Day game or Night game?
  2. I remember that as well.......and I hated that interpretation.....that was early in my FED career and I'm glad they changed it
  3. Mine isn't funny but it's something I'll never regret. I called the Police. I umpired his game on a storybook beautiful day. It was Blue sky, sunshine and baseball. I know he was nine or ten years old. My memory of him is not all that clear until he came to bat. I was umpiring a kid game as a favor for my assignor. I saw the pitch that came hard at him, I cringed knowing he was going to be hit and I watched him crumple when the ball hit him square in the body. He went down and the tears flowed..... I bent to help him, and try to comfort him. His coach ran out and we lifted his shirt
  4. Stan W.


    I got to add my all time example... HS player strikes out on a smoking fast ball right down the middle....takes his bat and slams it on the plate 3 times very loudly saying F@&K..F#$%..F*&^...( everyone in the complex heard him) I look over to Coach and told him he needed a replacement for # 18....he had been ejected for profanity.... The Player Dad says: whats going on? The Player says: I just got FING ejected! The Dad say: what the F&^% for? The Player says: for something I FING said! The Dad says : what did you FING say?...........
  5. all right!, time for you to check in and let me know how you are doing!

  6. Biggest ration of crap I ever got was doing a HS Varsity game. Damp day, some morning rain and a misty afternoon. The field was in good condition due to design and hard work by home team. We got through 4 innings until a driving rain chased us off the field.....a half hour delay and eventually we called the game for wet conditions and severe lightning..... The home coach went off not so much as to what our explanation was but because the girls varsity softball team played on during the whole scenario........rain and lightning Sorry coach, I followed the rules for the game I was ass
  7. I'm sure many of us know Umpires who are well known to hold on and use gear well beyond the time the gear should have been relegated to a museum. I have my favorite items of gear, but I have upgraded anytime I felt there was a far superior item on the market or if I have encountered some gear failure. In my travels and especially at some bigger tournaments, I've seen umpires use gear that was well beyond the safe zone it was expected to survive. Masks with broken welds, bars bent well beyond tolerance, CPs that sag well below the throat and hang off the shoulders. I know I still see r
  8. I switched out the mesh pads on my Zero G rigs......one with Honigs black leather pads and one with Navy Nike leather pads.......
  9. I owned a BB2000, great protection!...but like many things developed back then there were drawbacks.... Heavy.. rigid and an absolute furnace!.... Now the guy who bought it still wears it and loves it!
  10. I have a pair of polywools, with less than a season use, get snagged on a chain linked fence as I cleared a fielder on a foul pop up.....tore a perfect 1 inch by in inch "L" shaped tear........outside thigh area.....I applied an iron on patch from the inside of the pant leg. If you didn't know it had been torn you wouldn't notice it at all........
  11. At my levels, I cannot see any way that the described tag in the OP would not be called an Out.
  12. My reference to a "fist fight to see who gets the plate" was a reference to be who "controls the game"................not just to park there.
  13. I think at all levels we have umpires who are better at B/S and I don't think of a higher compliment than when someone calls you a " good ball and strike guy". An old adage held that a good Umpire reputation is made behind the plate and not on the bases. I know the lower level of ball I used to call, the more Plates I seemed to be assigned. At higher levels, and among the better umpires I know, it can be a fist fight to see who gets the dish on the better games......
  14. I'm of the school to interpret things a little more loose than when I was coming up.....back then any line drawn or action like drawing was an instant EJ. However, not knowing what was said, I cant rule this EJ out as valid...........when I started, I was amazed at the things that were said to me and my partners and the thought that as long as they didn't look at you, they could say anything they wanted...........pretty common then...... I don't tolerate abuse..........
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