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    BRD Book

    Thanks for the kind words. His book on his website sells for $34.99 and we can get it for $24. The difference is almost half the price of premium membership so it's a great deal. But bring it and get it laminated and spiral bound. It just lays open flat and makes for much easier reading. I do it with all of my rule books and CCA manuals and laminating the covers keeps them from getting "dog-eared" and dirty. Plus at $7.99 the price is right.
  2. celt62

    BRD Book

    Just got mine back from Staples. Laminated both covers and spiral bound it like I do my rule books so they open up flat and all for just $7.99! This is the first time I've read this book and I think it is FANTASTIC! What a great way to cover and explain rules and it does it alphabetically by topic and not by rule number. This is going to be a great tool to have at all times. I think I'm getting another to keep in my bag. Kudos to Carl Childress for this insightful book and for the great discount he gives to Premium Members. I've had my membership less than a month and it already has paid for itself twice over.
  3. I'm assuming if you're in the "C" position in 2-man that there's either runners on second, third or both or loaded. I would go to the working area on the "B" side but not too far because you are also responsible for second and third because the PU has to stay home. Unless it's first and third and you'd be in "B" anyway. I wouldn't want to be on "B" side and make that call at third from there. They'll love you for that.
  4. I had a membership last year and it was $20 off but with no minimum. No new rule book this year so you don't need another one of those and I hope this year's CCA manual has more changes in it than last year. I always buy two so I can keep one in my bag and the other in my "reading room" . 2013 CCA just had a subtle change to 4 and 6 man rotations and reverted back to 2012's check swing mechanic. I felt a little cheated because all that info was given at the regional but there's no way to preview the book before it comes out so you take a chance. If you want the videos, Google the video's author (T.H.) and those vids are all through Vimeo last I checked.
  5. We use the Smittys in our association and it's great. I feel it's just like the Majestic. I've got two northeast seasons in it and it washes and holds up great.
  6. No, all theories are put to bed. It was the visiting team's catcher and it happened before I ran the home team's capt.. It was very low level D-3. Not a lot of great ability there but still should've had it. He set up outside and the pitch came in.
  7. No love from their trainer. Probably because I tossed their captain for calling my partner a F*&^%$g As**^&*e! Not only did he lose one game but he never left sight and sound so he picked up an additional three games. I'm guessing they didn't have a very charitable heart for me after that.
  8. I got one for you. Believe it or not a D-3 catcher that never even touched this inside fastball. Took 4 weeks for the fluid to disperse. The ER Doc said it was the biggest one he had ever seen. I was driving home after and thought that my long sleeve shirt looked bigger. Go figure? AT LEAST HE SAID HE WAS SORRY...LOL
  9. Remember Ross also went with the unequal liner/skull cap for extra protection because of multiple concussions in his head gear and ditched that also. I know it's not an unequal thread but take it for what it's worth. If major leaguers and mlb umps aren't using it why go through the risk and expense just because it's the latest most expensive thing?
  10. I go the same. Plate pants have a "saddle" stitched into them and the crotch is usually lower than base pants so if you size them the same they usually end up at equal length.
  11. I was taught at a college camp to take the two steps off because it gives a better view of a swipe tag and pulled foot. But if the pitcher fields the ball or a bunt occurs move hard toward the cut out for the best angle and at all costs avoid making a call in foul territory.
  12. I know I could never do it because I don't have the patience. Unfortunately it's mainly the american kids stepping out of the box after every single pitch and then most of them shake their heads showing up the umpires with no consequences ala their heroes. I like to watch it because I want to see who puts on more of a show... the kids or the umps? I've never seen PU tourettes like that before. At first I thought that was his way of signalling his crew but he just has some interesting tics. I did notice a female ump on second today. Are there many in the LLWS? Perfect timing with the female linesman working the NFL preseason game the other night and doing a nice job. It's a new era and about time. If you're good, put the best one in. I did flip over to the senior LLWS yesterday and that was fun to watch with nice clean plays and calls.
  13. I don't know about anybody else but I have a shorter leash with adult summer ball such as the Hobbs' leagues and so on. I would have made it very clear with a loud "enough!" and next word out of his mouth and he would have been run. But a lot of these guys still think they can play like they did in college or whatever level they played (which they can't anymore, it's the curse of getting older) and another portion watch too much tv and think they can do what they see the pros do. Pick and choose your fights.
  14. I remember having to special order spot-bilt football shoes in the late 70s early 80s because there was no such thing as NB at the time with widths. Kangaroo leather and metal tip screw ons for football. I know now kangaroo leather is bad but they were very soft and durable with leather soles.
  15. Spot-bilt plate shoes. They were my first. Only true wide ones you could find at the time.
  16. My season finally ended last week in a summer colegiate league. After the regular and post season, three back shots in between L2 and L3 and summer travel and college ball I'm ready for a break. I've got girls' HS volleyball starting in a few weeks and I welcome the break. Maybe I'll actually heal up in time to beat myself up again for a little fall ball. Who knows????
  17. I wear NBs every "nice" day and I wear Reeboks with the better bottom on mudder days. NBs tend to be more flat where the Reeboks have a nice multi-turf bottom. Same goes for my base shoes.
  18. I have it on both my Gold and Platinum. I love them. Never had a slippage problem of any kind.
  19. celt62

    Whatcha got

    If the catcher's awaiting a direct throw or in the act of receiving it he can be up the line. But if it's a relay he can't in NCAA until the throw is coming at him. In other words he can't be up the line if say the ball is first thrown to a cutoff fielder but once that fielder throws to him he can.
  20. I have never been hit so many times in one game in my life! I was doing a D-3 game today and I got hit on my wrist which immediately swelled up and the right side of my elbow that when I got home was the size of a grapefruit. One off of the WV Gold in the shoulder (no pain) but the only thing that made me smile was that I took a vicious foul tip to my Wilson TI mask with newlty installed TW pads. I was stunned! It was just a brief thud which spun my mask and I didn't have that usual just been to the dentist feeling through your jaw area. It dissapated the impact beautifully. I did check my mask for dents and I'm dent free. That settles it. I'm ordering more for my other masks. I am totally sold.
  21. I wear an 11.5 4E and I've always used NBs. This year I saw a sale on the old NFL Reebok Quags on Ebay for $49.95 and I jumped all over them. I love my NB base shoes but if there is any kind of traction question I'm going to wear the Quags for that one. I nearly took a header in a summer collegiate league game last year and it was just dew on the infield. Never again! Also, my NB plate shoes if it's a muddy track are like skates so I bought the old magistrates for mudder days. Both are just as wide as my NBs. I just wish that New Balance would put a little more cleat in their shoes.
  22. I got a pair of the Reebok plate shoes for those mudder days. I have a wide foot and love NBs but they are like skates in bad conditions. So I'm using NBs on nice days and Reeboks on mudder ones. I did switch to the Reebok Quags this year because they have better traction than my NB base shoes which I loved. After I took a near header at dusk (dewey and just slippery enough) doing an NECBL game last summer, I was looking for more traction. I didn't want to hear that ooops music again after the play as I almost went down. LOL. Quags on Ebay for $49.95 with free shipping.
  23. Just finished an excellent transaction with BT_Blue. Prompt payer and great communicator.
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