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  1. I met Scott in Baltimore and told him that I'm a big fan of his videos. A very nice and receptive gentleman (for an umpire, lol). He indeed was wearing the pants when I introduced myself and I was impressed how roomy they appeared not clingy. I did comment to him that I thought they were a little darker than the other Smitty pants but not by a whole lot. The color was reminiscent of the old Davis pants. I'll definitely get them for summer ball. Nice job fellas.
  2. I was told at a college clinic a couple of years ago that it also sends a message to coaches that you are focused and paying attention. Perception is half the battle.
  3. I have Oakley solfx. In regular light they are grey but transition in low light or switching over to stadium lights amber.
  4. I knew that hit by pitch would change. Way, way too many complaints. The only way he stays now is if he leans into it. You make a judgement call like he could have gotten out of the way and it opens up a whole can of worms for every batter. Give them all first base. That's what the coaches wanted anyway.
  5. Couldn't agree more with maineump. We start here in the northeast in late March with our college seasons and it gets real cold. I mean in the mid to upper 30s not counting the windchill cold. I always wear the TWs and have never experienced a problem with their softness or pliability even in that weather. You should be fine.
  6. Corrections officer. We can do two doubles in a row and get four days off after. Plus I'll take back to back vacations in April and May. Most college games are double headers in the northeast to accommodate schedules due to the short weather season so you can potentially get 8-10 games a week.
  7. Ump-Attire order was placed on Sunday night and I got it Thursday morning regular (cheapest) mail. I noticed his had a logo on it or appeared to on his website. This one has no logo. Either way it's a great product. I used a full size gel pen and it closed up with no problem.
  8. I just received and used yesterday the new lineup holder just offered by ump-attire. I love it. It feels sturdy and appears very well made. Well worth the money. https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Featured/New/ULF-PRO_Pro-Grade-Magnetic-Book-Style-Umpire-Lineup-Card-Holder-Game-Card-Referee-Walle
  9. I went to a COG camp that taught the wedge. You get a view of plays that you have never seen before. That being said, without repetition it is very uncomfortable. You are so used to being extended and with the wedge you are just a few feet away. You feel like you're too close but in actuality you are at the perfect distance and angle. It really is the best view for all tags.
  10. That settles it. I'm definitely bringing my $350 per pair Smitty's.
  11. Thanks. Great tip. I'll use my Smitty's there.
  12. Good advice all. Thanks Umpirechick1. I have probably 12 pair of charcoal colored and I would rather not buy any heather just for this tournament. I would have no use for them outside of CDP and reading replies convinced me to not buy them. It would be crazy to spend money on pants for one week.
  13. Thanks. I dd call CDP and the young man who was very nice didn't seem so sure and was leaning towards heather only. Now that I know I'll just purchase one pair and bring my charcoals with me also. I see on the ABUA website store they have a deal on Honig's pants for $29.99 so that's where I'll grab them from.
  14. I received my packet today and it said for pants only medium or heather gray. I only have the charcoal. Is this allowed or do I have to buy heather pants?
  15. Pause, read, react. Check the flight of the ball first, then watch the fielder and mirror him but at an angle. Don't get too close. If it's before first base in foul territory you and the PU bracket the fielder. If the ball goes past first, it's all yours (basic mechanics) and the PU comes in and takes the BR. If the catch is made while facing you before first base it's your call. Anything but facing you it's the PU's call. After the catch check feet position for "catch and carry" especially if dead ball territory is as close as you described. That could mean additional base awards. Go over this in pregame. Nothing looks worse than a double call.
  16. Pulled the trigger and bought both plate and base today. i can't wait to see what they look like.
  17. Thank you all for your responses. I'm sold.
  18. Has anyone had any experience with the Ultimate Charcoal pants from Honig's. They're about $20 less than the polywools and I was looking for something better than the Smitty's that always seem to have some problem with them (zippers, seams). I have the polywools (older model and love them) but I need more of an everyday pant that I can quickly wash and dry due to so many games in such a short period of time once the season starts. I see they get 5 stars on their website but only one review. Thanks.
  19. It's legit. But if you notice the sizing those great prices only apply if you're 6'5 or 5'5. Only long and short sizes. Shipping is astronomical.
  20. I just attended a very well instructed 3-man clinic this past weekend and we were told for the sake of the clinic that U3 will go to deep "B" and then in the future we could decide on our own. I have always been in deep "C" every time in 3-man. Well, not anymore! After seeing a better view with less effort it changed my mind for good.
  21. Thanks. The Eastern League (AA) used to be. It probably is 3-Man also now. I'm not sure. Much better coverage with three. The Cape is the only summer league that I have participated in that is also 3-man. I'm curious if other collegiate leagues do it during the regular season besides the playoffs.
  22. It was a lower level independent league that is affiliated with the Atlantic League. They use members from our association as last minute fill ins. I was told the really good players from this league get bought out and go to the more prominent leagues. It was definitely different. I had the bases. The pay is comparable to most summer collegiate leagues and we didn't have to rub up the balls. LOL. It was about a four hour drive for me but they provided you with a hotel room free of charge. Had some jitters at first then I saw it wasn't a whole lot different than the better summer leagues that I've done like the NECBL or the Cape (which is actually better baseball than last night). I did go out to celebrate at the local Buffalo Wild Wings after with my partner, Only two man crews like A, and AA ball. I hope that I answered everyone's questions. Sorry if I missed any.
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