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  1. SOLD! This thread may now be deleted by the mods. Thanks again! Manny
  2. Hello Y'all, How are you? It's been some time since I've been on the board. Things are okay, but I am not getting back into umpiring for certain reasons. I have the following books that I'd like to offer for sale. This is a book bonanza. Wendelstedt Umpire School Official Baseball Rules and Interpretations Manual Wendelstedt Umpire School Comprehensive Manual for the Two Umpire System Jim Evans Maximizing the Two-Umpire system Manual Jim Evans Diamond Challenge Jim Evans Professional Baseball Rules Index Professional Baseball Umpire Corp. Manual for Two-Umpire System Professional Baseball Umpi
  3. I got a call on this, this morning. My heart stopped and sunk. He was so full of life, trying to touch everyone who crossed his path. Then, in a twinkling of an eye, he is gone, but his memory shall not pass unforgotten. We should all strive to touch the hearts and souls of people who cross our paths like Mike did. Perhaps, the world would be a better place if we did that. I know that my world is a little better having known Mike. I thank God for that window of opportunity. Wow. I'm just...empty. I don't know what else to say. May God ease the bereavement of the family's hearts, and quench
  4. Innocent until proven guilty. I really don't think this needs to be discussed at all. Doesn't put umpiring in a positive light.
  5. Hey Y'all, I know that there has been word on some WUS students going to PBUC, but how about the host of members here who went to TUS? Any info? Thanks, Manny
  6. Congratulations Nick! Totally awesome! If there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know. You da man!
  7. He's a real weiner if you ask me.
  8. Fourth Out caused by an appeal can only be activated when the third out is the result of an appeal. You cannot engage the apparent fourth out when the third out is made on a standard, non-appeal play. See rule 7.10 "Fourth Out" requirements. No appeal allowed on the BR since the 3rd out was at home. Defense read the play wrong, and chose the wrong player to attempt to get out. Had they went after the BR, then the BR would have been the third out and NO runs would score. By choosing R2 at home, one run scored.
  9. I thought the OP said "...limited to OBR/NCAA"
  10. Except that you DID say he violated a rule before you edited your post. That's what prompted me to write my post. I've seen you do this on many occasions. If you change the content of a post (something more than just a typo), you should call that out when you make your edits. Yes, you are correct. I did originally say that and then I edited it because I didn't want to make a mistake. I will work on your suggestion. My apologies for any confusion.
  11. I said that in post #129. He didn't violate a rule. He just failed to meet his obligation to advance and reach 1st safely because of his injury.
  12. You have arrived at the correct answer, but not by using the correct rule. The rule you're quoting here is irrelevant to the OP. The "defense gets to pick its appeal" rule applies when you have multiple valid and upheld appeals. For example: SITUATION: R1, R2, 1 out. Batter hits a long fly ball that appears to be over F8's head, and the runners take off. F8 makes a diving catch, both runners cross the plate. The defense appeals R1's failure to retouch for the third out. They then appeal R2's failure to retouch for an apparent 4th out. RULING: The defense will choose R2's out as the 3rd
  13. I think I may have answered my own question: 7.10: Appeal plays may require an umpire to recognize an apparent fourth out. If the third out is made during a play in which an appeal play is sustained on another runner, the appeal play decision takes precedence in determining the out. If there is more than one appeal during a play that ends a half-inning, the defense may elect to take the out that gives it the advantage. For the purpose of this rule, the defensive team has left the field when the pitcher and all infielders have left fair territory on their way to the bench or clubhouse.
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