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  1. ok..here's is the deal... The HP umpire called it a HBP, when it was in fact a batted ball, because he ( HP ) called it HBP, we can't assume the batter would have been thrown out. In this play we should leave the ball in play, the the defense make a play, then if you don't have replay you might have to get together and make a ruling ( which is ok)... this play is a do over, batter come back with the same count. SLow down your timing and let things play out. some of our schools have replay, i just had this exact play happen 2 weekends ago and we went to replay, turns out it did
  2. no.. the correct answer is 2nd.
  3. not when your on the field, at the plate meeting he does.
  4. Absolutely no need to take off your sunglasses..leave them on.. i wear them all the time... what if it was really bright and you can't see and your squinting when he is talking to you? does that seem unprofessional? Just leave them on. I'll tell you coaches do not care if your wearing them.
  5. All scoring play are free replays, so the coach might have asked for, possible OBS. RLI doesnt have to come from the PLate area.. the throw can come from wherever.. so yes there could have been RLI. 1. Yes we must... only on things that are reviewable. no we Umps cant just get together when we have replay and say " it's all good"... all scoring plays are free replays... so why not take 30sec to go and look.
  6. to make sure nothing happens, players fighting, leaving the field, or any other rules violations.
  7. 3rdBLX would be the best.. as soon as the catcher moves towards the plate move with him.
  8. for the purposes of everything.. Pu ( plate Umpire ) U1 ( 1stbase umpire ) U3 ( 3rd base umpire) and U2 ( 2nd base umpire ) in the 3 umpire system U3 is and always will be U3 but the rest of your scenario is right
  9. am I the only one who thinks this is not Obstruction... think about it like this play happened between 1st and 2nd.... would you call OBS then?
  10. this isnt the same.... he runs/ walks into the outfield to draw a throw...
  11. This is great.. cause I disagree... no way he moved into that. But what do i know.. I'm watching it on the internet
  12. Easy, I had Army a few days later, and the coach said he made a mistake and watched the video, and told the umpire the next day he was right.
  13. Yes the assistant asked for the review.
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