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  1. Larry Gallagher had personally worked with hundreds of umpires throughout Minnesota, teaching youth umpires in clinics, mentoring senior umpires for many years. Larry started umpiring in 1956 -- i wasn't even born until 1964. Larry conducted the first umpiring clinic I attended 21 years ago -- I was the only adult in a gym with 25 other new umpires. He also was at the last umpiring clinic I attended in September. His wife had parked his wheelchair at the fence, and he commented to the presenters several times. Like always, he was spot on and 100% focused on important details that make all of us better. Larry was the umpire that all of us aspire to be. Larry Gallagher passes away SABR biography of Larry Gallagher Not gonna lie, I'm more than a little heartbroken today. I was going to post the GoFundMe for Larry's medical expenses and memorials, but I wasn't sure whether or not it was allowed in the forum.
  2. Sorry that was a little long... Can you tell I spent a lot of time coaching baseball when I wasn't behind the plate?
  3. That's funny you mention it -- SWMBO and I have already decided we're turning off the English audio and turning on the Spanish audio for the World Series.
  4. This 1000% Fox baseball is unwatchable. Unless you want to know how many nose hairs your favorite player has.
  5. Kudos to you and to your association for trying to rein in obnoxious behavior. Allow me to expand briefly on my comments above. I agree with the severe suspensions for managers. They need to set the example and if the example they want to set is being tossed, then they aren't needed. Full stop. Assistants should be given far less leeway. I hope your association is making it clear to assistants that they are to be seen and not heard. If they can't do that they have no business being an assistant. If your association is making clear the proper role of an assistant and they get tossed anyway, forget suspending them, they don't belong in the dugout because they can't follow simple rules. Hearings should be an important part of any process like this. First and foremost, it's the one opportunity for the manager or assistant to apologize and act like an adult. Second, and almost as important, your association doesn't want to bounce a coach when the umpire is full of crap. ( It does happen -- we all want to give our brothers the benefit of the doubt, but there are bad umpires too.... ) I disagree with the in-game penalties. I get the intent, and in a way I agree with the intent -- severe and immediate penalties for unsportsmanlike behavior. Only my opinion, but I don't think changing the playing structure to include extra penalties is appropriate. Thank you for bringing this up! I think it's a good discussion.
  6. I watched the MLB crew break this down, and I don't understand how he isn't called for a balk on every pitch. He *never* seems to come to a complete stop -- looks like a U14 pitcher in fall ball. Note: Obviously he doesn't throw like that U14 pitcher... heh
  7. That's only a partially fair question. If SWMBO and I were there by ourselves and we were taking care of him, I take my grandson off the field immediately and I make a *big* scene about it. His parents were there with us -- not my place to do that. Mom and Dad both got earfuls from me about it.
  8. @Jimurray thank you for clarifying this better than I did. I was up late last night and well, my user name *is* BrianFreeze...
  9. Do you get paid less for fall ball? Because you just instructed a 12-year-old that he can drop an F-bomb at your partner. On the field. During a game. Well done. But hey, it's fall ball right?
  10. @Velho thank you for asking. What I meant is that F5 touching third base isn't an appeal play. It's part of the continuing action from the line drive. Several of the responses got sort of bogged down in the mechanics of an appeal, and none of those mechanics / rules for appeal plays apply here. My second statement was just envisioning the play as described, high throw to F5 covering 3B, he comes down on the bag, swipes to tag the runner and the ball comes out. On the play as described, I've got an out when he comes down on the bag -- the ball coming out on the attempt to tag the fielder is nothing. Does that help? @BigBlue4u actually describes it better than I did. I felt like whoever made the call in OP was overthinking it.
  11. Ok I said /rant, but I'm not quite done. Your umpire association, the baseball organizations for which you umpire, and you yourself, should all have some form of liability insurance that protects you from things that happen while you are officiating a game. If you decide to not call a game after you hear thunder or see lightning, guess what? Your insurance coverage vanishes. So, if the risk of having someone struck by lightning or God forbid being killed by lighting isn't quite enough, please consider that you'd be ruined financially along with being completely responsible for something completely preventable. OK, now for real /rant
  12. A personal experience, with adults from a Little League organization that should know better. My 8-year-old grandson played in a LL Minors tournament in Coon Rapids, MN this summer. There were *active* thunderstorms in the area. No clearing of fields, no nothing. It was f-ing ridiculous. There was audible thunder and visible lightning for nearly an hour. All of it was in the distance, and there was no rain. Predictably, the ass-hat adults running the tournament all took out their phones, and to a man they said, "No, it's not near here, we're good. The Little League program in Coon Rapids has a *great* program. The park is gorgeous, big parent/volunteer support, and they win consistently. They should have *everything* that a parent would want for their kids to have in a Little League. They even have umpire training for younger players who are interested in umpiring. During this tournament, the youth umpires were *very* poorly served by the adults running the tournament. The youth umpires in our game stopped when they saw lightning, the adults running the tournament instructed them to play on. The greatest irony here?? The tournament is a memorial tournament for one of our brother umpires who volunteered for nearly 30 years and lost his battle with cancer far too soon. He would have stopped immediately, and chewed the asses of anyone who thought it would be OK to play. /rant
  13. Guess what? Everyone here knows the difference between an airplane taking off and thunder. Everyone here *should* know the difference between being a good umpire and being *that* guy. Apparently, not all of us do.
  14. Bro, you sound more like a coach than an umpire on this one.
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