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  1. Go a size smaller because they stretch out. Particularly the mesh ones.
  2. I'm looking forward to my first game on April 1st. I'm going to insist on the plate because who can beat snow flurries and 15 degree windchills in upstate New York. Gotta stay warm somehow... and you know what? I'm gonna love every minute of it. I can't wait!
  3. I have the Champro Pro Plus CP13 2008 model from theofficialcall.com which features quadruple density foam (I can't tell) for $65. I'm 6'1 290 and it provides great shoulder coverage. Unbelievably lightweight and comfortable. On his Ebay page he swears D1 guys use it. They also offer the extensions and bicep protectors. But here's the thing... I'll use it for L.L., Babe Ruth and low level J.V. games but if I'm doing Varsity, Legion, or adult/college leagues I'll use my WV platinum. Confidence is everything and if your gun shy because of an upper level fast ball opt for the better protection. It's a lot of money up front but what's the price for safety? Hope this helps.
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