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  1. Thanks guys! I really had no idea and was just trying to bluff my way out of it and had to pull something out of my rear without making any official type statements which could be used against me later.
  2. Due to the record amount of rain so far this year I had a Double Header last night. One of the good 5/5 DH's. In the first game, my partner had the dish. R3 1 out. The batter hits a pop-fly to shallow LF. The runner tags up and the fielder guns the ball in to the catcher who is now waiting for the runner. There is a collision, I may actually classify it as solid contact. My partner gets the out and then tosses R3 for malicious contact. We get a small eruption. Would I have gotten MC ... , ehhh, probably not. There was contact but nothing I would consider malicious, but this isn't the point
  3. Which ever you use have a few I must own a dozen indicators and know where 3 or 4 are. Between lending them and not getting them back, the kids, breaking them, etc.. you should always make sure you have a few.
  4. ... your strike 3 mechanic has 16 steps!
  5. You mean like, coach why don't you come over here so we can discuss balls & strikes. While I've never laid this trap, ohh how I've wanted to...
  6. I was just told today was Chinese New Year and that it will be year of the Rat. I think that means it’s going to be a long one for umpires.;)
  7. About 2 years ago I had a game which was the worse mismatch I've ever been unfortunate to call. This was middle school ball in a private school confrence. The home team is really a baseball powerhouse Their Varsity team has won many state titles, and they have had many guys drafted, and a 2 are in MLB. Their JV team is better than many Varsity teams and their Middle School team is better than a few Varsity teams and most JV teams. The field they play on is absolutely stunning. I've been to Minor League games where the field is not kept as well. I had never even heard of the opposing scho
  8. I love situations like this. It can be a welcome relief. I haven't seen anything like this at the JV level but I have in Rec ball. I had a 11 y/o kid (Pony game) hit an easy single, possibly a double into the gap who stayed in the box while the whole world was telling him to run. Well he ran back to the dug out. My partner correctly declared him out when he got there. Just to make sure the pitcher stepped off had F3 touch the base just the same.
  9. What do you think of the McDavid line of Hexpad items? I think the pants seem seem like a good idea, but the padded shirt seem a bit too much. Would you use it? And if you have I'd love to hear about it.
  10. Big Dog, I primarily do HS and I hope to break into college (D-III or JUCO) well before the life of my next CP ends. I currently use an older +POS traditional ribbed protector which I honestly think does a good job, but it is starting to fall apart due to age. Yes, it hurts more when I get hit with it than the guys with the platinum or othe hard shells, but even the worse of the foul balls I'm able to keep going with out delay. But I've never fealt that I was not or under protected, even in summer league games with college kids.
  11. I'm in the market for a new CP. I've been eyeing the Honig's K1 for a long time. I also see ones by Champion and Pro Nine which are far less expensive and look similar to the K1. I have never seen in person either the K1 or the Pro Nine. I recently had the chance to take a close look at the Champion and was impressed with its lightness, but thought is was a bit bulkier than I wanted. They all advertise that the foam is over the hard plastic, opposite to the Platinum & Gold, but are they all that bulky?
  12. You are very correct. However, the pitcher was both on the pitchers plate and his double set was definitely not a quick pitch. Therefore the pitches were not illegal. Baiting... An assistant coach leaving position to involve himself in a discussion, not at all. Assistants are meant to be seen not heard. The Head Coach, when he went from a discussion to a temper tantrum accusing me of being biased, thats a no brainier too. Had he kept it at a discussion level he would have been around.
  13. I find I have to deal with this or my partners have to deal with this with lower level coaches. There are a couple of things I've done that help me they are to 1. Call more strikes and 2. Inform or remind coaches it is against the rules to argue balls and strikes. Sent from my SM-N910T using Tapatalk
  14. After the huge wait about this report, what a disappointment. They only hit the tip of the iceberg. With a few notable exceptions (Clemons, Pettit, Roberts...) they decided to focus on career journeymen. Where are the others who you know were on the juice. I laughed when I saw the list and Sammy Sosa wasn't there. This was supposed to be a thurogh and indepth report. No disrespect but who cares about Gary Bennett Jr. I did not even know the man existed until the report. Speaks alot about his 12 year career. I want steroids out of baseball, so don't give me a list of has-beens and never-will-be
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