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  1. I agree that a bit of a downturn is a good thing from time to time. It keeps businesses and organizations honest, and filters out the bad ones. For example, Khoury League is the oldest youth baseball league in the country ( 2 years before LL). It used to be all over the country and now we are down to about 12 leagues in the metro east St. Louis. This is the same as weeding out businesses such as GM. Its a lovely thing we call in Econ 101 capitalism. I highly doubt we will make it and I think another organization is in our not to distant future.
  2. In our league, if it is an adult cussing it is automatic EJ. If it is a player, that player gets a warning, and the next time its an EJ. No ifs, ands, or buts.
  3. JohnT


    Thanks for the comments guys. I am looking forward to a better season this year!
  4. JohnT


    The situation I remember most was an 11u game during fall ball. The whole coaching staff was a bunch of jerks, and ended up getting kicked out of the league at the end. (Not for this specific incident, just everything added up until something broke the camel's back.) The manager came out to argue balls and strikes with the home plate umpire. (Yea, thats a no-no.) So while the PU was occupied with that, the coaches in the dugout started to head towards home plate to join the manager. I cut off the coaches, told them to go back to their dugouts, and to "not start." Well, the one smart mouth s
  5. JohnT


    As I am preparing for the upcoming season, I have begin to wonder about all the past opportunities I have had to eject, and haven't. Probably the most frequent opportunities, is age. I hear couple times a year, "Listen kid, your 17 and im 35, you don't tell me what to do!" I am assuming bringing up age like that would be grounds for an EJ?
  6. Oh, that would make a difference. B)
  7. JohnT

    Rule sets

    If you are talking about Khoury League, we go under ASA, and have our own subset of rules which are mainly special rules for the younger divisions.
  8. If it was routine to F6, isn't it an IFF? And if I understand it correctly, if the fly is caught, the runners have to tag; if it is not caught they can advance at their own discretion. So, since R2 collided with F6 and prevented him from catching the ball, I would call interference on R2, and call him out. Or, am I way off? :wave:
  9. JohnT

    Transition to SB

    The chanting doesn't bother me as much as the coach's tirade.
  10. I have been told that every umpire, despite of his experience or lack thereof, should have goals as they continue to umpire in order to improve. Some goals will probably be minor things, and others (like myself) will have more major goals in order to improve. What are your '09 goals? Mine are: - Officiate at least fifty games this year. Before, I had burned out way to quick and ended up not doing many at all. Only way to improve is to keep doing it. - Become more efficient is softball. Even though BB umpires seem to look down on SB umpires, it seems like it would be a good fit for me. -
  11. JohnT

    Transition to SB

    As someone accustomed to baseball, what are some major differences in softball? I am not only talking about rules, but game demeanor, game management, umpiring, etc. I am thinking of doing a lot more softball this year... it probably has less chatter and will be a good way to get back on my feet. Is this "less chatter" thing true?
  12. I, personally, do not like the HSM. I think that it is too bulky on my head, too hot, and too loud. I was forced to wear one as a catcher, and I did not like it at all. Traditional style for me.
  13. Well, I am a Warner fan... so I'm gonna have to go with Arizona.
  14. I am looking into getting another color or two to add to the shirt inventory. All I have now is the navy with white and red stripes, and the powder blue with the white and navy stripes. What colors do you have in your inventory, and which do you recommend for a "fun" color? Im thinking of getting a black one, but there are many options. :shrug:
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