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  1. I'm very excited to be doing my first pro game in an independent league tonight. I've been doing various collegiate leagues all summer and when asked yesterday, I hopped right on it. I can't wait to work this level tonight.
  2. I thought he ran at the fielder to get the obstruction cal. On a different angle he looks right at the fielder that ran out of the way and went straight towards him. Just my opinion.
  3. Nothing but Shock Doctor.
  4. I was just strolling through Amazon for baseball gear because it is finally above zero today and I got excited. I've never seen anything like this. You'll be the envy of every official.... http://www.amazon.com/Blue-Plate-Special/dp/B00N13CVNM/ref=sr_1_43?ie=UTF8&qid=1421262933&sr=8-43&keywords=umpire+indicators
  5. A new hip next Monday. Perfect match for my other one I got 14 years ago. That's both by the age of 52. Football and powerlifting have paid dividends. Do umps get music when they go out to the plate too? If so, I want Iron Man (technically titanium and zirconia). I did get new McDavids with the hip spica. It simulates a hip wrap. Nice and tight. That should hold everything tight this spring. I just hope I don't rust...
  6. The new two year baseball rule book is available for free downloads and purchase for $7.80 each. I picked up two and as soon as I get them I'll take them down to Staples to have them laminated and spiral bound. It costs about $6 per book but well worth it. They're protected and a lot easier to read because they lay flat. I've also included the download attachment. 2015-2016 NCAA Baseball Rules.pdf www.ncaapublications.com/c-66-baseball.aspx 11/26/2014 Just got them in the mail today and to my surprise they already came spiral bound. That will save a trip to Staples The NCAA's high shipping prices are now offset because that's just about what I would have had to pay Staples.
  7. celt62


    Viagra makes socks? Yes. But they only come in blue...
  8. celt62


    I've always worn the Thor-lo combat boot socks. Great padding in the toe and heel and the front of the shin. Up to $20 a pair. I love them and they don't get hot and always stay up.
  9. If you are a member or know of a member of US Standard Issue (law enforcement/military) you will receive very substantial savings on all things Oakley and you will automatically become a member of the ESS site as well. I get all of my Oakleys thru them and have probably saved hundreds over the years. You can also order sunglasses with your prescription as well if needed.
  10. State Corrections Officer. 165 weeks (oh yeah, definitely counting after 22 years) from Friday until retirement, :notworthy:
  11. With so many canceled games due to wonderful northern weather my shortened collegiate season is finally over with my last regional yesterday. Time to inventory my stuff and heal up before the summer college season starts in only 17 days. Maybe I'll have a Sam Adams or two. Yeah, yeah. That's the ticket!
  12. Doing a low level D-3 DH yesterday and one of the parents was in fine voice for me and my partner. I had to smile on the bases though when I banged their kid out (by about 3 feet) and one said "get some help" and our buddy chimed in with pure deadpan... "he doesn't need help, (slight pause) he knows everything!".. Now that's funny.... Sorry, should have gone under funny stories tag.
  13. I was doing an indoor scrimmage the other day and this happened while I was working the dish. A rundown ensued between home and third. The third baseman put a bare handed tag on the runners back while both were still moving. A step after the tag, the runner's foot came up and knocked the ball out of his hand again both were moving. I called him safe even though it was after the tag but because I thought about control and voluntary release issues. Any thoughts before I see this in the regular season?
  14. I still think it's a little muddy. I'm good.
  15. Do you know the real reason behind rubbing the balls. I know why baseballs are rubbed. I don't know why umpires were chosen to do it. I also know that MLB umpires don't rub the baseballs anymore. True, in MLB the clubhouse guys do it. But the umps kick in money for him also so they don't have to do it. Great video on YouTube about a clubhouse guy doing it (I wish I could remember the link) and a whole episode of Dirty Jobs how they get the mud. A real Mom and Pop organization. Fun to watch as they blindfolded Mike Rowe so he wouldn't know about the "secret location". Good stuff.
  16. Love the Team Wendys! Yesterday I had some cage work up here in the FROZEN TUNDRA and took a direct shot to the mask at about 86mph. Felt it for about 3 seconds and not again. With my old wrap around padding my jaw would have been aching the rest of the day. Can't say enough good about them. They're in both my TI and Dyna Lite masks. Next year I'm going to pull the trigger and get my Gold and Platinum retrofitted.
  17. Now a different Lena Blackburne website is up with a new, working phone number and I actually spoke with them. They apologized for not getting back to me sooner but they explained they had site issues and a back log because of spring training. My previous order will be shipped out today. All is forgiven.
  18. I ordered it from Honig's today and it is Lena Blackburne. I checked if they had it in stock before I ordered it and got an email that it shipped out a couple of hours later. Good job Honig;s. I'm really surprised that Ump-Attire doesn't sell it.
  19. They must be offline or restructuring or who knows what? I can't see bankruptcy when they supply all levels of pro ball with this. It definitely is a redesigned website from when I ordered three weeks ago. Maybe they don't have the kinks out yet but that's no excuse for poor customer service.
  20. It is for college (D1-D3, juco) and summer college ball. Actually I go through quite a bit. Is it required you provided this? If so, glad I don't and won't ever work those levels. Sounds like something teams should provide. Yeah, it's required. At least a dozen for a single game and two dozen for a DH. Once you get it down it only takes about 5-10 minutes doing it with your partners. Show up an hour before game time and introduce yourselves. The home team gives you the balls which you take back and while you rub them up you do your pregame and return 10 minutes prior to the start. Some summer leagues will give you as many as three dozen and that's a pain in the a#%! Just another expense to write off on your taxes.
  21. It is for college (D1-D3, juco) and summer college ball. Actually I go through quite a bit.
  22. Great tip about Honig's I forgot they carried it and saved 10% with my NASO discount. I'll definitely contact my bank. Thanks.
  23. Has anyone else had this problem? I ordered my mud for the year about a month ago from Lena Blackburne and they took my money but no mud, no communications whatsoever. I've emailed several times and it's bounced back and their phone number is not in service. The website is even different than the one it was ordered from now and it's not functional either. I give up. I even googled "out of business" and nothing. Any thoughts?
  24. Does a Geisha come with it?
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