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  1. Yes, it is still for sale. Sorry for the slow response time. I have been out of town. I have and will be responding to all offers as soon as I can
  2. Selling a Wilson West Vest Gold size S/M (12 inches). I bought this CP thinking I would use it as a backup for my Douglas WV, however I just do not like how tight it is on my large neck. This CP has never been game used and shows no signs of wear and tear. I am asking $100 plus shipping through PayPal. PM me with offers.
  3. Honig's is definitely pulling out all the stops with some killer deals
  4. I bought the Feichheimer by GD plate pants to replace my old Honigs PW's that finally wore out on me. I also bought a new pair of Honigs PW's as well. I like how the GD pants feel and as others have noted, the new Honigs pants are made from a noticeably lighter material than the original Honigs PW's. In in my personal opinion, I would rank the Fechheimer by GD pants above the new Honigs PW's, but the original Honig's PW's trump both.
  5. Has anyone else had a problem with the Wilson memory foam bottom pad riding up? I just placed a set on my +Pos ZRO G mask and they do not sit on the bottom rung of the mask very well. I'm thinking about using zip ties on the two side straps to hold the pad down.
  6. Watch the ball ... Glance at the runners
  7. Majestic no longer sells the "pro" black with the white piping as seen in my profile photo. I have several majestic shirts as well as the honigs version and I much prefer the Honigs because of the collar that stays down and the buttons that do not turn purple. Obviously the new all black Majestic shirts have not been well received by the pro guys because they can still be seen wearing the old majestic (white piping) on a regular basis. If you are looking to size up, my advice to you is to invest in the Honigs shirt. Besides the logo on the back of the neck there is no noticeable difference b
  8. Here are photos of my 13 inch original Douglas that was just recently refurbished by Jeff at Douglas. He added the grey gap caps and freshened up the padding and then I equipped it with a Delta Flex harness for a more snug fit! Again it's only 13 inches
  9. Too bad they are no longer in business, plus no one wants to sell them because they work so great!
  10. The initial price of $120 can be enough to make many look elsewhere, but I can assure you that the money will be well spent. Pros: These shin guards are extremely light weight (barely know I'm wearing them) They are also very protective at the same time. I have taken about 20 hits off these shin guards and have never felt any sort of pain whatsoever. The insides are machine washable which makes cleaning them very easy. They use buckles instead of metal clasps, which prevents rust and frankly looks better! They come with a storage bag which I still use after every game.Cons: The straps will ru
  11. Best $120 you will ever spend!
  12. I would not recommend whizzing on your gear to keep it clean.
  13. Then a half size or even no change at all will likely work best for you! My feet may also continue to grow, so sizing up will also benefit me if that is the case!
  14. Yes an entire size, and I'm glad I did. They fit perfect! My feet are wider than the standard foot however
  15. Yes, I sized up from a 12 to a 13! I have wide feet so I felt the size 12's would not fit properly.
  16. https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Shin-Guards/F3-LG_Force3-Ultimate-Umpire-Shin-Guards
  17. But those are not the two I specified in the OP! I found what I wanted from Joel! @Thunderheads please lock it up
  18. I am looking for a new mask harness. I was hoping for either an All-Star Harness or the harness with the MLB logo on it as I do not like the Diamond harness that many retailers sell! After talking to others on this site, they too are having trouble finding mask harnesses and after talking to All-Star today they will not receive another shipment until mid November! PM me if you have any available!
  19. You won't find a Wilson Aluminum mask that comes with tan pads. The Aluminum mask comes with memory foam pads which are only made in black!
  20. I have some Tan Wilson doe skins that I am willing to part with, PM me if you are interested
  21. I cup my hands behind the back of my thighs. This not only protects my hands but it also helps to protect most of my lower arm as well!
  22. Spend an extra $20 to $30 upfront and purchase the Poly Wools from Honigs! They will last much longer, they won't fade, and they look professional!
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