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  1. why don't they just make the same style shoe as the od pos ones....lighter sole and leather material....best looking shoes and lasted....the new ones are all ugly and lucky to last 3 years
  2. I know this site hypes ump attire all the time...however some of us love and prefer honigs ....and honigs is having a big sale with huge savings on shirts jackets masks shoes leg guards and other gear
  3. I just got an order from terry this afternoon to Toronto Canada was vest Virginia...8.2 pounds 225 dollar order and shipping was 23.14...if I order on umpire shirt from the official supplier for baseball Canada and softball Canada...the shirt is 49.95 plus 13%tax and 15 dollars shipping which is 45 miles from my business....overall terry ringer to me by far has been the best retailer and second is dick honig in ann arbor....I wish terry was in canada
  4. they all rip u off on shipping to Canada....its not the shipping or the dollar that kills u....its the duty and taxes...80 dollars worth of gear from usa sent to Canada is 46 Canadian in import taxes hst and clearance on top of the shipping.....5 oz team wendy pads shipped to my aunts place in port huron from ump attire was 8.90. I didn't buy them from ump attire...a week later I got 7.8 pounds of umpire stuff from terry ringer official call in west Virginia and shipping was 21.90 American and I got it in three days....from ump attire probably would cost me triple . Also bought a pair of umpi
  5. i bought 2 harnesses from razzer and they are better than my DF. I love the extra 3 inches it gives me over my previous DF. and the fit is perfect. Cant go wrong with razzes harness
  6. ur joking dan....I tried calling u ....20 times....left messages and got nothing back....don't waste my time anymore with pos ...a lot of retailers out there that give u good service and fight for ur dollars
  7. I have one too....the lightweight version.....I think 23oz....bought it back in 91 from honigs....still have original harness and tan pads....the actual mask is in very good shape...used it from 91 to 95 and it was on hiatus for 14 years before it was used again for one year in 2009. at the time it was the lightest mask on the market. Back in 91 they were selling for 79 and the pos leather lightweight mask was selling for 69
  8. I don't know if its a catcher or whatever harness...I have that on my douglas and love it...have no probs whatsoever with slipping....and I bought it last year and paid 18 bucks and change when they were on sale
  9. epic sports has the delta flex harness and its 30% cheaper than ump attire...20.99
  10. jim joyce and one other mlb umpire wear the k-1 honigs cp
  11. I bought the schutt cp . the new black version from sports unlimited 69 bucks plus 15%off and free shipping. ordered it nov 24 and delievered to my cousin in Indiana on November 29. my cousin came to Canada to visit parents and I love it. will post pics soon
  12. rulekeep could be worse...could be ruled by Obama lol
  13. 25 ounces is very heavy...lightweight mask today is 18-19.5 ounces and super lightweight mask like the champro and diamond are 15.5 to 17.5 ounces. Wilson is behind todays technology..like their heavy chest protectors that fit 5-9 and shorter umps. mind u they are excellent chest protectors but they are heavy at 3.5 pounds for 12 inch cp. but for umpires 5-11ft plus they don't protect ur ribs
  14. honigs sell their mask in silver with team wendy pads for 75
  15. how did u get a hold of dan on the phone...I have called at least 5 times and left messages and have left at least 5 messages in his pm box where it says leave a message via email and we will get back to u as soon as possible...have never got any response from him...wow u must know him
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