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  1. @wolfe_man is a pleasure to deal with. Quick shipping, tracking number, and the chest protector is in great shape. The next time he retires, but his stuff! :)
  2. I work the slot and rarely get hit in the mask. However, my beautiful +POS with gray wrap-arounds took a direct shot from a horsehide sphere and bent the bar just above my right eye. No pain whatsoever, but as usual, it took a second to figure out what hit me. The good folks at umpattire.com were having a sale, so I decided it was time to pull the trigger on a F3. Unlike most who have to wait several games to get smoked in the face, I put it on last Friday for a postseason game and took some shrapnel from a fouled bunt attempt in nearly the same place as my other mask. No pain whatsoever
  3. Yes sir! The problem with the shoulder on the Cobra was the gap protection plate. It was riveted solidly to the underside of the shoulder plate and extended over the top of the shoulder cap. This wouldn't allow me to raise my arms enough to adjust my mask. I drilled out the rivets and reattached the plate on top with Chicago screws and a piece of vinyl strap. Our high school season wraps up after next week's state tournaments. After that, I plan to buy wide elastic straps to replace the vinyl straps I used. As far as the irritation around the neck area, the padding is secured by velcro, s
  4. I've got a dremel tool and am not afraid to use it. I've "customized" pretty much every chest protector I've owned. If I can find a remedy to this padding issue, I'll give this thing another go. I said in my original post I'd get rid of this thing for shipping cost. I've had a couple of offers and apologize for not taking you guys up on the offer. I now consider this thing a challenge!
  5. Hopefully these pictures load correctly. You can see the small neck opening. The plates aren't the problem. The padding that is nearest the neck is rough. In this closeup, the small, white things you see that have pierced the outer layer is what irritated me so badly. They protruded from inside the padding. Upon further review, the straps that secure the shoulder caps are made of a terrycloth-type material. This should be an easy fix.
  6. I'm in Arkansas. I've been brainstorming solutions to the neck opening issue myself. I'd take any ideas/suggestions.
  7. I bought a Cobra on the cheap this winter. After spending a lot of time to get this thing to fit, I took it out for a test drive last night. I had replaced the original harness with a Delta Flex and heated the shoulders for contour. Here's my review: Positives I like the look. It's slim and looked good under a long sleeve black shirt. I felt very comfortable with the protection. I was only hit with a glancing blow on the shoulder, so no testimonials on hard shots, but I was confident in how it felt. Negatives The first couple of innings were good, but then a problem developed.
  8. I'll rival @MadMax for long post of the day : I bought a +POS Cobra off facebook marketplace a few weeks ago. I've been wanting to try one for a while but was, like everyone else, afraid of how long it would take to arrive. I'm 6',2" and 190, so I need a protector for a tall and slender build. In my 20+ years of umpiring, I've worn a 15" black Douglas (that I wish I had back), a Honigs K2, a Wilson Gold, a 15" All Star System 7, and a 15" Champion. I started with a ribbed Wilson, but that doesn't count! As far as protection and comfort for my build, I'd rank them: * All Star (Very und
  9. So you pretty much just bought a frame. (For the record, I'm cool with that, as I hang my preferred pads and harness on every mask I buy!)
  10. Nice collection. So which is your "go to", or in what order do you like them?
  11. The gray/black pads are back in stock at Ump Attire. They have one less set in stock than they did this morning!
  12. I use one of those Easton frames in a backup mask. I replaced the pads with a set of black/tan Wilsons before I wore it. The mask has a good look, and performed well in a recent high school state tournament game as a fouled bunt attempt got me.
  13. Received my mask order today. I surely can’t complain about the service on this order.
  14. The chest protector, Wilson shin guards, and plate coat are headed to OH. All Star shin guards are still available.
  15. I have a few things I need to clean out of the closet. Picture quality is bad. Message me and I'll text something better: L/XL Wilson Gold CP. Pectoral pads were gone when I got it. Hasn't been used much in the last few years. Harness has been upgraded to System Seven CPU4000. $75 shipped. Black Wilson Triple Knee Shin Guards. I wore these for about 5 seasons but haven't used them in a few years. Size 18/19. Like the CP, they show some wear but are in good shape. $50 shipped. Grey All Star Low Profile Shin Guards. Size 17. Wore these twice. They are light and very low profile. $
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