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  1. Thank you for the suggestion,guys! Would you see any issue with wiping the pads down with clorox wipes or any of those other disenfecting wipes? The pads are pictured below
  2. Hey guys looked for a thread but couldn’t find one. Is there any particular or safe way to wash your mask pads without damaging the integrity of the pads? Just bought some used two tone wrap arounds and wanted to see what the best way to wash them would be thanks!
  3. “Looks” nice.. perhaps they could have made the straps much longer,considering the new harnesses out on the market.
  4. It would be nice if that throat guard came in black
  5. sgvump

    Mask Porn?

    I agree! Works quite nicely.
  6. sgvump

    Mask Porn?

    Top to bottom, left to right. Top - All star fm4000 frame w/ Team Wendy’s pads. Wilson WTA3010 catcher’s mask frame w/ Wilson visor and Rawlings Pwmx pads and Rawlings harness. Bottom - F3 v2 defender wih no logo throat guard (works well with this mask). Rawlings Pwmx frame w/ Wilson WTA3010 mask pads and Wilson harness. (Switched the padding and harness on the Rawlings and Wilson mask frames. Works nicely) Bottom picture - Wilson dynalite steel mask w/fm4000 pads and Champion throat guard.
  7. This Champion 6” seems to be my favorite.. seems a bit wider than most throat guards...I swapped out the laces for some heavy duty zip ties..looks nice on the v2 defender.
  8. Thanks guys! Did indeed fix that. Overall these pads seems to have a nice feel, took me a while them to try them out but glad i did!
  9. Any idea on what brand that skull cap/helmet may be? Or anything close? Perhaps one with a shorter bill than a standard helmet.
  10. Thanks for touching on this topic guys! As always a lot of great information. I’m considering getting the f3 hockey style mask. I have the v2 defender, but this new development of the hsm seems to be a great option. Seems like you can’t go wrong with a skull cap as well.
  11. For whatever reason I also have difficulty finding some topics and end up double threading.
  12. Hey it looks nice, I’m sure it can serve more than one purpose!
  13. BT Blue thank you! I apologize for the double threads. I search before posting these things, but perhaps I’m not searching correctly.. thanks for the guidance!
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