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  1. Do the shoulder caps on CPU26 have internal plates also, or are they padded only?
  2. I've had this item for about a year, and it has never been worn except in my house (really!). I have an older gloss finish one that I wear on some occasions, but I just don't wear an HSM enough to warrant keeping two of them. This item currently lists at $164.99 on the All-Star site. The matte (dull) finish is more expensive than the gloss (why, I don't know, but it's a pretty good look I think). I will sell and ship to continental US for $125 total. (also includes the All-Star string carrying bag it came with) Let me try this dropbox link below for pictures. If you have trouble seeing them, let me know. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hy9ey2iqggpkitm/AADoyXZC_b8FjfV0DFclehI4a?dl=0
  3. Yeah, right under your chin..if you use a dangling throat protector, I’d take it off so you can easily get it up there. I think straps not really over the shoulders. Put your arms through, then arms down, and up again in front of your body so that your hands are in front of and tight to your chest. Grab balloon handle with left hand (indicator there too). If the straps are the right length, the bottom of the straps will rest on both your forearms to support the balloon in addition to just holding the handle. I’m trying to remember taking off the mask...I believe it’s: get right arm out of strap, remove mask with right hand, and then stick it in your left hand (yes, with balloon handle and indicator) so that your right arm and hand are free for all the other stuff we do with it!
  4. When you say “regular” LUC, do you men the LUC pads that would come with an FM25, or ones that would come with a regular (steel) FM4000? (Embedded in that question is whether the pads for the steel and mag 4000 are identical or not.)
  5. After trying a bunch of pads in my Wilson Aluminum Dynalite over the past couple of years, without ever being 100% happy (I was an old steel Dynalite owner, and was comfortable with the shape), I spent a lot of time thinking about something different...I'll spare for now most of my perceived pluses and minuses, but in the midst of my indecision I discovered you could get (still) a new FM2000 directly from All-Star for $69 and change. So I pulled trigger on that. At least in my house, I'm very pleased...it's plenty light (hollow-steel, which is less brittle than high strength aluminum), I like the fit, and can't wait to test it out. I know it's not the newest and not on a lot of people's radars, but people might consider it if you're in the market. Related: A lot of us (myself included) are fans of Ump-Attire...why do they carry so few All-Star masks and helmets (just the super-pricey version of their HSM)? I know, you can't stock everything, but this seems like a missing target area from a good company.
  6. umptwo


    Ok, because I posted earlier about not anyone answering their phone, I feel I should follow up. Called again recently, phone answered, quick and professional order taking (including availability check on one item), with order received perfectly two days later.
  7. Gerry Davis...you can get them with or without pockets.
  8. Well, this might not be *that* bad a throw just because it's on the fair side. If it's catchable without some extraordinary effort, isn't that "quality enough"? (I'm imagining it coming from just a couple of feet on foul side of home plate.) If so, I'd still be inclined to call interference unless the runner was so near the bag he had to come into fair territory to touch at the end, which we'd allow in all cases anyway. (Somebody can tell me I'm wrong). I certainly don't think I'd coach a runner to run in fair territory if F3 is waiting for a throw from foul ground...it seems wiser to stay in the lane and let the defense deal with it; if you get hit in the lane, you're covered for sure.
  9. umptwo


    Well, if someone knows a trick to get them to actually answer an email or phone call, please let me know.
  10. Long story short, among the several hard shells that I've tried, the Champion fits my frame (small) the best (also use an old Honigs K1 when I don't mind looking like I'm wearing football shoulder pads). Anyway, I have one with all rivets in the front, not Velcro like the really older ones. Judging by photos and descriptions on websites, it looks like these are now made with Velcro again (?). Can anybody comment on whether they see any substantial difference in practice? Wasn't real big on the rivets intitially but have gotten over it. Haha, maybe I'm looking for some justification to get a second one.
  11. I've actually thus far avoided the Force 3 because of the Kevlar, which was mentioned above. The high strength and stiffness of those fibers come into play when they get stretched (like, when a projectile tries to penetrate the weave in a bullet-proof vest). Amazing stuff, but alas, that's not going to happen one bit in a shinguard fabric, especially when it's hiding behind the hard shell front of the guard. It's a gimmick, pure and simple. (Or, if the designers really think it does somethIng, then that bothers me on a different level.) Granted, it sounds from folks' reviews that there are some nice design things they've done in other areas. The scientist part of me however just can't bring myself to reward this with a purchase.
  12. In actual high school softball I've only ever seen players with hockey-style mask/helmet and yes, the extended throat on those "counts", and no additional dangling protector is required. Think it applies to traditional mask extension too, but again, that has been a moot point. Rule could be worded better.
  13. Ive had this mask for a couple of years, and seem to use it a little more each year (as opposed to regular mask and hat). Might not be totally necessary, but I like to use a throat protector. I've tried a couple, not thrilled with how they hang off of this. AllStar,TG3 is passable, but still maybe not perfect. Didn't care for the gold logo so painted over it. Interested to hear if others chime in. http://all-starsports.com/tg3.html
  14. SOLD: Brand new: 1 set of tan Team Wendy mask pads, and 1 set of black Wilson memory foam mask pads. These came with frames that I bought new within the last 18 months. Extent of use amounted to me putting on the mask, hitting myself in the face and jaw with the heel of my hand a few times, and deciding that I like leather better in each case. Some folks really like these pads though as you know, so no sense just having them sit in my house. Pictures (front and back) attached I'll ship for free to continental US by from my Post Office. TW: $33 Wilson: $23 Both at once: $50
  15. Right result. Simpler explanation would be that it is obstruction--and after the play the runner gets placed where the umpire thinks he would have gotten had there been no obstruction. In this case, he gets placed in the dugout to get his glove because there are three outs.
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