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  1. Thank you all for your timely input. I am glad that I didn't give the coach bad advice. Maven, your pic was very apropos for our UIC. This misapplication was one of his "finer" moments, including talking on a cell phone during live action, which I think is a little -y. We all have had bad days, but I think this went above and beyond that.
  2. We play in a 10U league (one-man umpire) that uses NFHS rules. I don't know Fed rules nor have a Fed rule book. I tried to look up catcher's interference for Fed games online, but I think it is called catcher's obstruction for this level. Not 100% sure, though. Situation: R3, no outs. Batter swings and makes contact with catcher's glove, ball goes to RF for a base hit. R3 scores. Umpire rules catcher's interference, so he puts R3 back at third and awards BR first base. R3 was not trying to steal. Final ruling. I tell one of our coaches that this is not correct, because we should have the opportunity to take the result of the play or the enforcement of the CI/CB, whichever benefits us more. Umpire was adamant that the award is BR to first and move R3 back to third. In my overzealousness, I tried to get our coach to appeal to the umpire about the incorrect ruling, but the umpire would not have anything to do with the coach. I thought I was right, but since the UIC was very vocal about him being right, I started to question myself. Maybe Fed CI/CB is different than OBR. Please tell me whether I'm right or wrong. -Illump
  3. Thank you all for your input. Blueranger, great post. Always a fan of sarcasm. Wolfe-man, thank you for the link. -Illump
  4. Does anybody know of any retailers that sell retro or throwback umpire uniforms? We're thinking white shirts, black bow ties, and black driving/golf caps with black pants. I don't think most current umpire equipment websites carry black pants, but if they do, please let me know. If umpire black pants are not available, does anyone have any suggestions to other website options? Thanks for your help. Illump
  5. Thanks everyone for your advice. I remember using the balloon as a shield to ward off all of the poorly thrown pitches from the 8- and 9-year olds, in particular keeping it right under my chin. I like being in the slot now, so I was worried that I would have to go high directly behind the catcher's head to call balls and strikes. Not a big fan of routinely getting blown up on foul balls hit straight back. I may try to wear the straps over my shoulders to leave my hands free (left to take off the mask). I don't know how many times i will drop my hat if I try to take it off with my right. Yikes.
  6. Next year, I will be the plate umpire for a charity game. The organizers are supplying the umpire with old school-style umpire uniforms from the 1950s or so. I suggested the 1970s AL uniforms with the powder blue turtle necks and the burgundy coats, but was told "no". They want me to use a balloon when I work the plate. Anyway, i have not used one in over 30 years and was never taught the proper way to use it (stance, head height, etc.). When I did use it umpteen years ago, it was for 8- and 9-year olds. This time it is with adult men. Since the kids were so short, I just used the knee directly behind the catcher. Some of the adult catchers don't get down too low, so I may be high setting up directly behind them. Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks.
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