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  1. I want hi cuts but take whatever hopefully someone can find some hopefully been trying to find a pair for a while now
  2. Looking to buy a pair of these shoes please anyone let me know
  3. I am interested in it can you give me some details and send me a photo
  4. nah thanks buddy just got one refurbished for way cheaper
  5. so you already sold the west vest co correct?
  6. how do I contact him I really want to buy it if it's for sale I would by the 13" too I really want one fellas bad how do I contact this guy I will buy the 15" for 250
  7. Yea those are really nice but I am looking to buy a west vest by Douglas it's a older cp hard to find
  8. Looking to buy a Douglas west vest 15" if anyone can help me out please let me know thank you
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