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  1. Great experience buying from @Stk004 Fast shipping and good communication, 5 stars
  2. Yea - the LUCs were lighter but they're only so big because they compress so easy. I feel like the two-tone pads I have on it protect better, and look better.
  3. Good exchange with @acpar72 - quick shipping, good price. Thanks!
  4. They are a lighter material than the Smitty, and they fit WAY better in the thigh and knee. Smitty's feel like parachute pants. With the Davis, the look and feel is just way better. I don't know about being worth the price (at $90) but with the 10% discount that almost every association in the country has, they are good for the money - especially if you work at a level that you are graded on appearance.
  5. The CCA graphics for reference
  6. I don't think he's wanting to start doing it regularly but my point is that if you know someone who does tig welding (and does it well) it's possible - and doesn't have to cost you $250!
  7. I use a Rawlings Ti, and had 2 welds break on a foul ball last month. I talked to Tony at Mask-It and he unfortunately said he couldn't weld it and that it would cost me upwards of $250 to repair it properly. I figured I was out of luck, but talked to my brother who does some tig welding, and while not perfect he was able to fix the welds. There was some minor brown-blue contamination, which realistcally won't affect the strength of the mask significantly. And if the welds break again, well, I was out a $200 mask anyway before the repair. I understand a professional shop not willing to take on a job like this - They don't want to attach their name to something if they're not 100% and cant do it without contamination. But, my brother is an engineer, not a welder - if he can do it this well on a first try, I'm sure it can be done even better in the future. I'm happy with the results- looks pretty good after buffing off the top layer.
  8. I don't think so.. I can check but they haven't been on since I bought it.
  9. This is indeed mine - I posted it a few years ago when I made the mod. I picked up a Douglas West Vest for $70 so I'm moving on
  10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/wilson-a3210l-xl-umpire-chest-protector/132584091814?hash=item1edea0b0a6:g:b44AAOSw8xFa081N $65 or best offer... West Vest Gold
  11. I can vouch for this clinic. They do a great job, and it's highly organized.
  12. Brand new West Vest Gold for 110 http://www.ebay.com/itm/361759093072
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