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  1. You can't put a number on a per day bases IMHO, it really all depends. I'll give you a quick math situation. No camp goes into business to lose money. However, no camp owner does a camp to make money/living by any means. Camper tuition $500 x 30 campers = 15k not bad right. ok now for camp cost - 6 staff members and 2 coordinators come to the camp. Staff fee $250 per day (d1 game fee average) 4 days = 1k. Staff air and lodging double occupancy = $400 staff perdiem/parking/bag fee/gas = $100. So 1.5k per staff = 9k. So 6k left. 2 coordinators lodging/air/perdiem = 600 per = 1.2k no stipend is given. 10.2k total so far... then you have camp shirts/stickers/hats/lanyards/thumb drives, etc... $20 per camper = $600. Conference room rental space = $400 as well as tech cost $800 (projectors, screen, video, gopros, camera, either rented or bought and chopped over 5 year cycle). 12k now. Staff shirts/hats/pull overs. 2 shirts 1 pull over 1 hat every 3 years.. with embrodery is 150 per staff. $900/3 = $300 per year. 12.3 then website hosting/ webdesign/llc cost = $800. So 13.1k and then we have paypals fee of 3% on the 15k = 450 + 20 per month service fee = $690. Giving us a grand total of 13.8k in cost. total net profit is 1.2k for a camp. So the question is would you run a camp for this much $$$? I'm surprised more camp owners don't charge a hell of alot more. But they want to cover cost to give back for the passion. So the real question should be what are you willing to give to gain the knowledge/skills/evaluations/network that they provide? If you want cheaper camps they are out there and they can be extremely good. I know when I went to my last camp I took 10 days off work went to both camps provided paid for a single room and the two day layover plus my airfare. Food all in was around $2k minus the ppl I lost out of my bank. But it changed my life and my career. Camps are an amazing vehicle to showcase both good and bad. They can give you honest feedback and make you look in a mirror really quickly. I come on here and I see guys talk about a $500 nike mask or 1k power, but no one invests. CEU are needed in every profession and even more so in ours. Good enough is not good enough! Put your foot on the gas and go get what you want. If its not at your local association then go outside of that. Go outside of your region, state, hell country if it means getting what you want and loving/learning the game. Expand the brotherhood and dont' put a pricetag on it! Ok I'll get off my soapbox now. So.... Yea.... it all depends. Your mileage may very.
  2. can i get a pic or 2 of the douglas if its still available...

    1. JDavis225


      Sure. DM me your number to text. 

  3. it was last year shooter, gas king = hiler
  4. Just think, you could go to a camp and pay the same amount as a shovel..... Get better, get more games from the Gas King and get a shovel all in one swoop..... oh wait that offer has expired!
  5. BT_Blue you would have to contact that association. We don't publicize those clinics since we don't sponsor them. We only provide a service, we don't do registration, money, get the field or classroom. Sorry I can't be more helpful. I can however be more helpful in the full camps info.
  6. It does really come down to where you live and what you want. Give a little bit more detail and we can guide you a bit better. If you're on the west coast PM me.
  7. Gerry hinted to this at Black & Blue last fall. And here they are boys! I will be getting my hands on a pair tomorrow and once I get them hemmed and able to test them out I'll give a full report! But I'm excited to have a much better tailored poly spandex. Enjoy! https://www.gerrydavis.com/mm5/category/new/product/B08PTMLB001PL
  8. This is so the powers that be can have more flexibility from year to year. There are very good/ great amateur umpires out there. However, the committee has to see them in big games and they must meet the criteria for d1 post season. Then have to be put up by a coordinator and selected (no easy feat). Then once you've made post season work your way up and become trusted through years of consistent excellence and beating out some of the best in our field. If you can shine that bright for that long and brand yourself you will make it up there. But I can't blame the committee for wanting flex and stacking the field if they deem it needed.
  9. Alot of people have had this issue today. When your in eligibility tab do the system requirements check. If you are running a browser that brain shark doesn't like or an older version on adobe then you will have issues. This has fixed the problem for everyone that I've talked with today. I hope this helps. Also, the NAIA has its own arbiter that most NAIA conference require for registration and passing both the NCAA and NAIA tests. Just an FYI.
  10. 1. Continue to master the rules. I'm good but I'm not the best yet at my level. 2. 4-man maximization and making it second nature like 3-man. 3. PPP - pre pitch preparedness - continue to play the game of chess to know what could happen before it does, so my surprises are minimalized. 4. I agree with paying it forward. I believe if we don't then we are not doing our job. 5. Continue to build my brand (networking) to get to the next step. Best is 2018 boys!
  11. https://magnetuck.com/products/magnetuck This is what I use and they work perfectly for both umpiring and for my professional life. They don't mark up your shirt and its not a stupid guarder!
  12. So how was your BBUC experience this year?
  13. If only I knew what was expected....... Slacks, dress shoes and a polo/button down shirt w/ no tie. Sports coat and note pad ready if you want to impress and are going for a job (hint coordinators will be there). Also I'd suggest shooting BBUC an email about the 3man camp.... Or maybe talk to this Mike Blinci feller that Stu was talking about... He may or may not be at this "local clinic" in Santa Barbra. Just my $0.02
  14. I have had a conference coordinator tell us. He has sent out an email to all of the coaches and admins in our conference. And to remind the coaches at the plate meeting. If someone takes a knee they will be ejected from the contest. He sees it in the same light at the national anthem stand off. If you want to protest then by all means do so. But just like protest around this country you can and may have consequences that you need to be ready to live with. i.e. jail time, fines, ridicule etc... I believe that there are better ways to protest injustice in this world and athletes do have multiple avenues and media outlets to help spread the word and fight for their cause. They also have the financial and PR resources to do it as well. A millionaire kneeling on the ground to help build a home in the inner city when no cameras are around speaks more then anything someone can do on Sunday to me. There are thousands of programs out there. Each person who has taken a knee should pick one and give a games salary to that program. And the NFL should fine the players and have 100% of the proceeds go to programs in their given city. Lets try to work together and all stand for this country instead of bringing a new "trend" to the public. Which can further tear into this country and make all of us go to our knees hopefully in prayer for the country in which we live.
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