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  1. You have to understand that, if a coach, AD or other other "hey, the storm is way over THERE!" loudmouth convinces you to keep the game going and the worst happens, they will be the first in line at the Courthouse suing your ass with the excuse "hey it's the UMPIRE'S responsibility to keep us safe!"
  2. Let me try: Ball hits the batter out of the strike zone and he doesn't swing: Dead Ball, HBP, award 1st Ball hits batter while the ball is in the strike zone: Dead Ball Strike Ball hits the batter while he's swinging at it, (and it don't matter where the ball is): Dead Ball Strike Note, it's not a foul ball, and where the ball ends up doesn't matter. Dead Ball, nobody advances, and if it's strike three, he's out. Better?
  3. jjb


    At the Coach's Meeting I always told the coach's "Gentlemen, you are not protesting enough". I hear over and over that "well, they're not going to change the call, what's the point?" Here's the point: When you protest, no matter how it comes out, someone is going to learn something. Sometimes it's you, and sometimes it's the Umpires. It may happen again with the same Umpires, and, if they've learned, they get the call right, ok?
  4. I always told my rookie Umpires, “Look; suppose you suspend a game for lightning but you didn’t have to. What happens next? They re-schedule the game (something they do all the time.) Now, what if you DIDN’T suspend a game, but should have? What can happen? Something life-changing….When in doubt, get ‘em off the field…..
  5. Adult championship game: LA vs Detroit. I’m BU. Close play at 1st, I bang it safe. SS starts on me: ”Blue, we got him by a half step” I ignore. Same SS “Oh, Blue, he was out by a full step” I ignore. Same SS: “Oh Blue that wasn’t even close”. I had enough: ” “Y’know, the more you talk, the stupider you sound”. His own Team broke out into laughter and yelled “You got him, Blue”. Had to chuckle…
  6. personally, if it's not distracting to me or the batter, and he can throw strikes, he can strap a live chicken to his arm...
  7. Wow,I haven't seen this in years. Easy fix; when you see the kid crouch down, call "time" and walk around to the front of the plate. Tell the batter, "step back", and clean the plate, while watching him out of the corner of your eye. He will most likely take a practice swing. There's your zone....
  8. I believe the proper mechanic here is to turn to the HC and ask "do you want to handle this or should I?"
  9. Seen a few of his videos. Pretty spot on and entertaining.
  10. Softball Rules are "nearly" identical to baseball. So, you had Offensive Interference. So, (1). the play is dead. (2). The person who interfered (R2 in this case) is Out. (3). The B/R is awarded 1st. (he didn't interfere and you have to put him somewhere (4). All runners return to their last touched at the time of the interference. So, you've got 1 out and the bases are still loaded.
  11. Female Umpire story; I trained a number of females, and nearly all of them did a fine job. One girl (about 17) worked her first game on a Coach Pitch field. I watched from behind the fence. The ball rolled to her and she picked it up. The Coach Pitcher, about 25 feet away, held his glove hand up and said “throw the ball here, HONEY”………she was the CF for her Varsity Softball Team. She nearly took his hand off….. I almost chewed through my lower lip….
  12. jjb

    Losing Count

    Happens more than you'd think. Shoot, it happens in MLB. Usually, it's after something goofy happens and then you think "did I click over the indicator?". Best way, is to play ball and hope the batter puts the ball in play. Otherwise, you call "ball" or "strike" and let the batter show you what it was. Then, you've got to eat it, go to a scorer/coach/fan/make a phone call and ask "OK, what's the count?"
  13. jjb

    Home Run?

    Absolute nonsense. Score the run, brush the plate, throw out another ball. The coach should have protested the out call. I guarantee you someone would have learned something.
  14. jjb


    You watch where the ball was when it was touched. If it was in fair territory when touched, it's fair. If it was in foul territory when touched, it's foul. The feet don't matter.
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