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  1. https://maxxsunglasses.com/collections/maxx-classic-collection/products/domain-classic $20. I used to use the Oakley Flak Jacket ($130) until they broke. Now, these are the only ones I'll wear.
  2. Health: good to excellent overall, though more recently, it takes longer to recuperate from what used to be aches and pains that I could ignore. This past season I was finding myself reaching for the ibuprofen before AND after games. I incurred an injury to my toe that I got during a clinic, and it still hasn't healed after two weeks. Age: Not getting any younger; next one is the big 6-Oh. (But I hear some folks saying that 60 is the new 40... or was that the other way around)? Interest: I don't think I'd ever not be interested. The problem is the political atmospher
  3. I was looking for a decent-sized crater on Mars. Not on this map.
  4. Ken: question for you: when you were hit and the cage bent above the eyebrow.... what were the results? Concussion or no ?
  5. The original Shock in titanium was $250. Re: the bend in @KenBAZ's cage: interesting.... exactly where the cage on mine bent, some years ago. Wilson sent a replacement (first steel, which I questioned them about, and they followed with the titanium, and let me keep the steel). This was circa 2008. Nice look on the repair / refinish job. Is that titanium or steel ?
  6. Almost no mosquitoes or black flies where I am. Haven't used bug spray in years.
  7. Do what the Maine lumberjacks did: eat a lot of garlic.
  8. @Thunderheads lock it, please. My thanks to @Varsity07.
  9. Looking to buy 2017/2018 NCAA rule book - hard copy. Yes, I know I could order one directly from NCAA, but the only shipping choices they offer start at nearly $13.... and up to $56 ( ) , via Fedex. Not sure why they don't offer reasonable rates via USPS. PM me if you would, please.
  10. Re: boldface highlight: agreed, though he stayed in and finished the inning (one more batter, I believe), but that may also be due to the fact that concussion symptoms are often a bit delayed. He may have felt good to go after the trainer made his check on him, and then within a few more minutes,.... not so much. But yes, no sense hanging around and adding to the risk. And just my $0.02 on this, describing the warm up pitch as "errant".... I didn't think it was all that far off the mark (that's why they get warm-up pitches, right?) but check out how late F2 gets his mitt up there.
  11. With a winning (and only) bid of $9.99 ! In size XXXL. Hmmm.... the same seller has an older black version as well.
  12. Includes GIF of the warmup pitch. http://www.masslive.com/redsox/index.ssf/2017/08/umpire_hunter_wendelstedt_leav.html
  13. There it is !!! I love the expression of the kid in the background. Great stuff.
  14. BrianC14


    "With all due respect sir, you're beginning to bore the hell out of me." - Clint Eastwood as Gunny Tom Highway in "Heartbreak Ridge"
  15. [Yes, he WOULD have been legal, but the issue arose for BR when he was never in the lane.
  16. The throw in the OP was right to F3, and catchable. That is, until BR ran into F3 (first contact was with his mitt).
  17. Pic 1: Up close and personal with Earl Weaver. Pic 2: Check out that mask! Somewhere I have a pic of Ken Kaiser picking up a fan in Boston who had fallen over the fence near home plate while trying to grab a foul ball. Has anyone else seen that ?
  18. And the emphasis I made in red makes the OP a wholly different situation from the Sit. 19 here.
  19. The throw that F2 made was most certainly catchable. Interps also mention "quality". I would expect a higher level of quality at MLB than at LL.
  20. I'm not sure comparing LL to MLB is the appropriate way to be judging this, especially when judging the quality of the throw. Aren't we umpires supposed to be officiating to the level of the game? It's not as though the throw was air mailed or in the dirt.... Just my $0.02.
  21. I agree. That's the kind of statement that a guy like Joe West can put in chapter four of his memoirs after he retires.
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