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  1. The wings on the Gold were the biggest reason I didn't buy it, and opted instead for the Platinum. But that puffy pillow at the neckline on the Platinum could surely be deleted.
  2. U3 = the rabbit. It shouldbe understood that if U1 goes out, you simply revert to 2-man mechanics with HPU.
  3. I will echo the comments about the harness for the Platinum, as stated by @MadMax. I recently purchased a flexible harness from @Razzer, and it is fantastic. The concept of the Platinum is there, but that foam has got to go. Kudos to guys like @MadMax, @Razzer, and @JimKirk for moving things forward.
  4. "Oh yeah, don't drive on the railroad tracks!" "Uh, that's one I happen to agree with, Phil."
  5. "I'm a god, I'm not the God." - Bill Murray as Phil Connors in Groundhog Day
  6. Yeah, let these things go. What could go wrong? Here's one idea:
  7. See reply from @UADirOps, just above.
  8. Just installed and adjusted.... the fit is a huge improvement over the original (which featured that circular plastic gizmo). Outstanding creation, Ray @Razzer. Thanks very much!
  9. Just received the harness to replace the original on my Platinum CP. Mere words aren't enough. This. Harness. Is. Beyond. AWESOME. An added feature is that it has been personalized, which is icing on the cake ! Woo hoo ! Thanks @Razzer for the fantastic work, and thanks also to @MadMax for the referral !
  10. http://theofficialschoice.com/MLBReplica_3_Texas_Orange_2015.aspx
  11. Ha! Yesterday my (base) partner almost walked to short right field (closer to being in the way of F4 and F3 doing the warm ups), pulled his phone out of his back pocket, and engaged in some furious text messaging.
  12. Unless it is something local they've adopted, I think the standard is to place yourself along the baseline opposite of the team that is coming to bat. Did he do this every inning?
  13. Oh come on. He's a good 8 feet off the bag. If Holliday is 10 years old that might be an excuse, but what MLB player takes 2, 3, 4 steps off to make a throw 90 feet away?
  14. Still shaking my head that NFHS required us to check "hats & bats" some years' back.
  15. I agree with you, it's a mistake of rules interpretation. Since this is a tournament, (and post game? ) then his best bet would be to speak to the TD about it.
  16. Well that's a Baloney Sandwich.
  17. Not even a show up fee?
  18. BrianC14


    Foul territory is where I would want them to be.
  19. Suddenly we factor in runners being unaware? He knew what he was doing.
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