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  1. Here's one where it's crossing the plate. That's the problem with still pictures.
  2. Holy cow, another Maineiac. I know what you mean about the service. Before they moved to the 'state of the art' warehouse, they closed for what they claimed was for inventory purposes. For four (+) days!
  3. BrianC14


    I read that as "through the webbing of the glove" being all the way through and then the ball hit the ground. If it were stuck in the webbing and he was able to pull it out, then I'd have a catch.
  4. BrianC14


    No catch. He needs to demonstrate control / possession of the ball and then voluntary release.
  5. This could be filed under "Young kid messes with the bull, gets the horns" http://www.thewildcard.com/24-years-ago-nolan-ryan-punched-out-robin-ventura/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=sheriffjoe&utm_content=2017-08-04&utm_campaign=can
  6. Pregame that situation would (obviously) have helped.... maybe a postgame where he buys the beer for performing that feat, thereby putting you in the gutter. I had that happen to me a couple of times this summer, it's pretty aggravating.
  7. BrianC14

    Walk off walk

    That situation you describe is too far different to try and compare. In the OP, the winning run had just scored. "Immediate" is in the rule. What did you mean by "other examples"? The one you provided doesn't fit the bill.
  8. BrianC14

    Walk off walk

    Hmmm.... interesting question... 7.01 (g)(3) reads: (g) (4.11) The score of a regulation game is the total number of runs scored by each team at the moment the game ends. (1) The game ends when the visiting team completes its half of the ninth inning if the home team is ahead. (2) The game ends when the ninth inning is completed, if the visiting team is ahead. (3) If the home team scores the winning run in its half of the ninth inning (or its half of an extra inning after a tie), the game ends immediately when the winning run is scored. Based on that, I'd say that the game ha
  9. "Replays indicate the pitch was located over the inner edge of home plate and thigh-high ..." Wha-a-a-a-t?
  10. BrianC14

    Walk off walk

    That's good information to have, but it isn't anything close to the OP.
  11. BrianC14

    Rawling's NC HC

    Not allowed, or does step three the one that ends the role of DH?
  12. BrianC14


    A video example, from last night's Indians v. Red Sox game: http://m.indians.mlb.com/news/article/245757708/indians-austin-jackson-makes-amazing-catch/
  13. Probably from playing too much beer league softball.
  14. Rest in peace, Thurman Munson. To see just a snippet of his abilities.
  15. @acpar72, what is the condition of the all leather pads? Pics, please? Thanks,
  16. On top of the incorrect rotation by the BU, he was still moving into position as he signals the call. In addition to that, he would have been completely hosed if BR had attempted 2B and had to get a call there.... which is the reason for this rotation. What a mess.
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