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  1. It sounds trite and tired, too, but there really is no sense in dwelling on a failure, or failures. :)
  2. Did anyone else get this email recently? ********************************** Good morning. This email is to inform you that an update to the NFHS exam site will be done today between 2PM and 8PM this evening. Normally we would not apply an update during a peak usage time but the circumstances require that we make this change a priority. Please be assured that there is no risk of data loss or results being lost during this time. When the update is applied, anyone currently taking an exam will be forced to login again and resume the exam at the same point they left. We will attempt to
  3. WTH??!?? Are you saying that coaches choose the umpire(s) are going to be? Please telll me that I'm mistaken in what I'm understanding here.... :D
  4. Digging up an old thread here, but the reason Congress is involved is because MLB was granted an exemption from anti-trust laws years ago, and part of that agreement was that Congress would provide oversight of MLB.
  5. I agree with this. At a recent clinic I attended, we were instructed (when in 'C') to 'sneak a peek' if the runner moves way up toward 3B - just a quick glance over the right shoulder is all it takes. This gives you a quick indication if the runner is going to attempt a steal. Just as information, I've taken to moving closer to the Deep C position when there is a runner on 2nd only. I don't go all the way to the cutout the way I would when working a 3-man crew, but a step or two back from the usual 'C' spot. Yes, I have farther to move (2 steps, maybe 3?) but that quick peek makes u
  6. Cubs fan(s) mostly, getting their excuses ready. :D
  7. You'd think that with only 9 players that they'd realize they need to be choir boys. Some guys really don't get it. I'd have dumped the "Dad" for that sort of BS, and let them whine all the way to the parking lot. Why put up with it?
  8. I don't know, I think would have ejected her for that sort of comment. ;)
  9. Adventures in "Men's Little League". I actually got paid $100 for doing an MSBL game. Once. Just once. Never wanted to have that sort of babysitting gig again. Wasn't worth it.
  10. I must have "off the rack" feet. Both of my NB's are size 10, and both fit fine. Now, the 350s (base) fit a tad looser than the plate shoes, but that's fine by me, I'd rather have the plate shoes a touch on the snug side, rather than loose. Interestingly, I have several other pair of NB (trail runners, cross trainers) and those are all size 9.5, but same width. :D
  11. Well, thanks very much for the kind words. I suppose the other thing about D-1 games (for someone in my location) is that a great deal of travel would be required, as there are very few D-1 schools here that have baseball. But, we'll see - I plan to take it as far as I can.
  12. Can you tell me where a J/R manual can be obtained? (Or at least it's official title)? Thanks.
  13. I'm pretty sure that all D-1 games require 3-man; even D-II games in my area are 3-man.
  14. Well, thanks to Big Dog up there ^^^, I have already seen the 2009 FED rules changes, which he linked in another thread on this forum, so I'm working those into my 2008 book. Starting in September I'll enroll in a fitness class at our neighborhood rec. center (I could stand to lose 10-15 pounds, which would get me down to 165-170 where I belong). This off-season I will attend either Jim Evan's Desert Classic in October/November, or the Arizona Umpiring Academy in January. (By the way, any tips/recommendations on either of those clinics would be appreciated).
  15. I'm also a plate hog, however, I always contact my partners for the upcoming week and discuss it with them well in advance of each game. I always ask the question in this way: "Do you want me to do the plate?" I usually get 'sure, you go ahead' answer, so I'm happy with that. If I sense any hesitation on their part in response to the question, I simply state that I'd prefer to work the dish. If it's a double header, I typically want to do the first plate, then I'll take the field. My association is big on working the dish, and grabbing as many as I can behind the plate has se
  16. NCAA DII is my goal; I'd be happy getting games at that level. That's about it - I can't imagine getting beyond that level, due to my age (50) and I'd be pushing 60 in order to get the experience necessary to go beyond DII.
  17. Lifetime Packer fan here (since the days of Starr, Hornung, Taylor, Nitschke, Kramer, Thurston, Gregg, Davis, et. al.) My message to Brett: Thanks for the incredible games, and the great memories. But you should have stayed retired, and you embarrassed yourself by forcing your weak hand. Goodbye, Brett.
  18. Don't buy a mesh hat. Please, just don't.
  19. New Balance 450, no question in my mind. My feet are still thanking for me this past season. :rolleyes:
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