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  1. hey all this is umpire 08 have not posted for a long while hope all is well but i wanted to know if the i guess you could call it the default color used by MLB is ever used in youth baseball I do not wish to offend anyone i just wish to know because I am considering purchasing that color sometime soon and i would just like to know thanks and i will look forward to the replies
  2. I found this post on "any Lou Pinella's out there" interesting and have nominated it accordingly for "Post Of The Month July, 2010"
  3. hello there i hope that this is the place for this question but this has really been knawing at me there certain things that stand in the way of me getting a Texas DL and i was wanting to know if a umpire could perhaps arrange a driver to get him to and from those games i know that is not the same thing would that be something that Umpire Directors would accept, but my question stands i do wish to know if have a License is a absolute must and i must express my regrets for asking this i would just like a answer on this matter thanks again
  4. hey all this is umpire 08 i wanted to know if there was a test i mean does the NJCAA conduct a test for getting into JUCO baseball and if i wanted to get into to Div I JUCO baseball who would i get into contact with from NJCAA Region 14 in Texas, i hope this is the place for this question thanks and happy new year. :)
  5. hey there this is umpire08 and here is the revised version of my question i don't know why the ncaa does not hold for (ex ) since the big 12 Admin Offices are in Texas why is there not a camp held at somewhere like College Station at Olsen fleld home of aggie baseball thanks hope this helps
  6. hey guys any of you have a coach/player go absolutley nuts over a call i have have not been a part of any of those but i want to know if any of you vets or newbie's have had anyway coach/player kick dirt on your shoes or or anything like that those kind of outbursts are not fun but maybe you guys have some expericences that you would like to share thanks umpire
  7. I am refering to baseball usa the yard this is not in anyway associated w usa baseball but it is select baseball I would to know not about this the general attiude of my fellow umps who done select ball this place is in Houston Texas and if they could just maybe give some feedback to younger umpire who is just trying to find his place in umpiring thanks
  8. hey guys umpire 08 can anyone here give me some more of a background into baseball usa i am seriously considering attending a basic ump school at baseball usa anybody who has anytime doing that kind of play i would like to get some insight about this level of play thank you.
  9. i think it is great that you guys have the rule book in your car that way if something werid comes up you can refer to that and check your work so to speak thanks
  10. is there a general test for just getting into college baseball and not just playoffs but a entry exam i know there will be a background check and that is i know a must but just wanted to know about just getting into college baseball. I also want to know why the NCAA Umpire Camps like maybe the big 12 umpire camp i just do not know how that would work but i hope this is better and i can get a answer but i wanted those two questions answered if possible and hopefully i will get answer.
  11. hey all just wanted to ask why all the ncaa umpire camps are held where they are the Big 12 Conf Admin Offices are in Texas and there are some conferences that are in Texas i just don't understand why these camps are not held locally like in Houston or some place that i did not have to pay for a plane ticket can someone help oh how many times can you take the ncaa test and the evaul someone help on this topic please hope this is in the right area i mean it is college thanks bunches
  12. hello there this is umpire 08 do any of you know what the regional umpire camp will be like in waco i know some of you are out west but any help on this would help and also is there going to be a chance to work on base and plate mechanics thanks again anything would help umpire 08 peace out
  13. can this mask be purchased at honigs
  14. hey all how many of you guys umpire JUCO and what basicially would i need to be able to get into JUCO baseball is there a test or does anyone know if there are any JUCO baseball umpires Camps locally i am hoping to hear from a gentlemen at the NJCAA and very possbily could point me in the direction of the em address for the director of Region 14 Athletics so any help that you could maybe give me about a JUCO umpire camp held in texas or you don't know that is okay too really the purpose of this is to just get my name in the hat and when i get into the private sector out in the country then may
  15. hello all this is umpire 08 i have to mention that ejecting a coach is a last resort for the umpire however some umpires will give the coach enough rope to hang himself but if the HC goes too far then you must give the heave-ho but if the coach calms down then we are okay for the moment but in talking about ejections my partner can do it with the best of them and i am starting to learn how to do it but i think sometimes we as officials are too quick on the trigger my point is i guess don't eject unless you have no other recourse my partner says that it is not really the umpires who eject it is
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