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  1. 2B wasn't the issue. The retired runner went back to 1B and interfered with F3 fielding a throw from 2B.
  2. I AM the blast at parties.
  3. Normal my eye. "Abby Normal."
  4. He was thinking "mission accomplished". F3 was six feet off the bag on a 1-hopper. R1 was looking toward home as the play developed. He knew exactly what was going on. This isn't a 10U game, it's MLB.
  5. Here's the video. I call Baloney Sandwich on R1. https://mediadownloads.mlb.com/mlbam/mp4/2017/07/16/1609029383/1500166647799/asset_1800K.mp4
  6. Here's the video. Don't even try to tell me R1 didn't do this intentionally. https://mediadownloads.mlb.com/mlbam/mp4/2017/07/16/1609029383/1500166647799/asset_1800K.mp4
  7. I'm recalling Reggie Jackson throwing his hip into a throw from 2B to 1B. Remember that one?
  8. Thank you. It certainly looks pre-arranged.
  9. Except that he wasn't advancing, he was retreating. And aren't we supposed to apply the adage that a player is supposed to know the situation? If he thought Moreland had already touched 1B, why not continue advancing to 2B?
  10. He was out by a mile at 2B, ran back to 1B and got in the way there. See my post in "Professional" category.
  11. My approach is that life is too short to suffer fools.
  12. http://m.redsox.mlb.com/news/article/242309064/red-sox-protest-after-holliday-baserunning/?topicId=27118144
  13. My $.02 is that the cited recitation is about 66 words too long. The "ignore" is all a coach's first whine is worth. Unless, of course, he jumps the shark on his first outburst.
  14. Tip of the cap to @noumpere for the very generous donation of the 2016 CCA Manual.
  15. Oh one more thing: get a Fenway Frank and a Narragansett.
  16. BrianC14


    Joe Maddon - wants to bake the cake and eat it, too.
  17. BrianC14


    Mavenopoly. Dry cleaners used to offer a treatment called "Martinized" (or Martinizing). It's no longer necessary after Maven started using dry cleaners. Now they offer Mavenized. Any ballpark he has worked in is now located in Mavenopolis.
  18. How many umpires does it take to change a light bulb? None. Because the GOAT has already taken care of it. Heheheheee
  19. Fenway: get there really early. Parking will be (slightly) easier, and it will give you the opportunity to experience Yawkey Way and the party atmosphere. If you're lucky, you might run into Luis Tiante selling sandwiches and his own cigars. Call ahead and see if you can get a tour (definitely worth it, the Red Sox Ambassadors are steeped in history of the Park and events. Ask about the single red seat in the right-center stands). Even the Pavillion high above right field is historic... check out the bar top up there... if they don't tell you where it's from, ask them. Pretty coo
  20. Yep. Anything he says beyond that one word answer is 99.999% of the time going to be nothing but a repeated comment, which will lead to a place he doesn't want to go.
  21. Yep. Along with 'Look at the ball, glance at the runner.' This would include both umpires. If there are less than two, HPU should be reading R2's actions. If he's tagging up, what else is there for him to do? Since BU would have catch/no-catch responsibility, HPU can / should take a glance to B/R to watch the touch at first. BU's primary responsibility is catch/no-catch, but if he has taken care of P/R/R, then even he could get a glance to 1B for the touch, and there shouldn't be a problem with HPU being the backup for the touch in this situation.
  22. Holy moly. Guess they won't need to run the sprinklers for.... a week or two ?
  23. LOL This might be universal. We have at least two attorneys in our HS association, and at meetings where we are discussing rules interpretations, you can hear the collective groan when one (or both) of them begin to expound on this rule or that. Of course it might also be that the Directors usually wait until near the end of the meetings to put rules interps on the agenda.
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