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  1. You'd think, right? It's pandemic here. And it's a real circus when F1 is joined by the on-deck batter and a runner (or runners) who just scored. "Who the heck called this meeting, anyway?"
  2. HS varsity, jr. varsity.... 5A schools to the smallest of 1A schools.
  3. Yep, have had that a number of times as well; it makes things nice and cozy. On a couple of occasions I've had one or the other actually get between myself and the plate.
  4. Why not just reach out to Joe himself at his website?  Maybe he's got some old stock lying around?



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      yeah ..no biggie .....  heck , if Joe doesn't have any,...geeeez ....

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      Well I see that his website says "Get ready for the 2016 season".    LOL    

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  5. Does this happen in other areas of the country? In my neck of the woods, I have seen countless times where F1 comes racing in to back up a developing play at the plate. The problem comes when F1 decides to camp out right on 3BLX. Never mind the direction from which the throw is coming, that's where they all go. A bigger problem is that they want to share the dirt circle with HPU. Clearly, coaches aren't doing much teaching on where F1 should be when backing up home. Tactically, it makes little sense for F1 to back up F2 by being 6 to 8 feet away from the plate.
  6. And yet you provided us with a detailed analysis of the score and the impact that was made when a couple of extra runs were scored against your team.
  7. I thought you said you didn't care if your team won or lost?
  8. Yeah, I checked the Vegas lines and they weren't that great.
  9. BrianC14


    Sunflower seeds. Who has them when working the bases? (Indulge me.... it's the end of summer season and I'm bored).
  10. Why do you suppose an "experienced" umpire of that age would be working 8 & under games?
  11. I used these for just one game this year. They are in 'as new' condition. Size: 10.5 D width Price: $125, includes shipping in the original box. Regular retail price is $149.
  12. LOL - - not often you see a hitting coach being so involved as to be ejected. Maybe it was his turn in the bucket. On the other hand, that ball was not a strike.
  13. BrianC14


    R2 scores, there should be no issue there based on what the OP said. But what your post doesn't say is what happened with the ball at first base? It could have been that his foot was off the bag at the time of the train wreck there (thus the no-call and subsequent conference with the plate umpire). I don't what to make of the claim that the base umpire told the first baseman to either "get up" or "stay down". When in these events did that (allegedly) occur?
  14. Allow me to echo the sentiments on the harness supplied by @Razzer. Everything about the transaction was fantastic, including, of course, the customized /personalized harness for my Platinum CP.
  15. And to think that the last tournament I worked, the TD almost fell off his chair when I asked if he wanted me to rub up a dozen baseballs prior to the start. "You guys still do that?" And now we're supposed to be groundskeepers? Hell, I don't get my own lawn mowed as much as I would like due to the summer season. Maybe I could contract out for cutting the grass at the local fields...... hmmmm..... Like the man said, "NWIH."
  16. Home run. Outta the park. And I also like cheese. The only thing better than cheese is more cheese. And bacon. Lots of bacon. (Hey, that could be a dip application...) PS: Go Packers.
  17. BrianC14

    Tag at 1st

    The last four words are the key.
  18. BrianC14


    I love this part....
  19. I thought it was funny, too. Maybe Beltre thought he was being funny as well (that appears to be his reputation). But who's the one that's laughing last? Not Beltre.
  20. There have been a few times.... that I was tempted, but no way would I walk out early.
  21. You deal with parents often? (As an umpire?) WTH? The point is (to reiterate, since you clearly missed it) is that umpires need to be better before they laugh at some coach - who may or may not be a volunteer. That "standard" is only so much higher. It's not rocket science, but the difference could probably be measured with a micrometer.
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